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Around nine o'clock in the evening, a black car stopped at the door of a big villa.

"Just wait here, don't drive in!" The old lady gave the driver a call, and then took out a card. After the access control was identified, she opened the door on her own initiative.

The old lady waddled in from the gate, and now the light in the villa's living room was dim.

"Are you all asleep?" The old lady frowned because it was too quiet in the villa to let her think it was inappropriate for her to come so late.

She looked up at the villa and found that there were lights in the bedrooms on the second floor and the third floor of the villa. The old lady couldn't help but be shocked. Her grandson and Siyu asked only two servants. How could they turn on so many lights now? Did you hire more servants? The old lady walked quickly to the living room. At this moment, Liu Xiaoxing came down the stairs, wearing a set of cartoon conservative pajamas, and suddenly saw the old lady standing at the door of the living room. She was shaking all over, and then she woke up. "

Ji Lao ma'am? How did you come so late? " Liu Xiaoxing couldn't believe it. After rubbing his eyes, he finally saw clearly. It's not eyesight. "

is Ozawa and Siyu upstairs?" Old lady Ji frowned when she saw Liu Xiaoxing dressed like this. Liu

Xiao Xing's heart was thumping. The matter was not good. The old lady came to check the post.

Liu Xiaoxing immediately raised the volume: "old lady, are you thirsty? I'll pour you a glass of water! " "

I'm not thirsty. I just want to see how they get along!" When the old lady had finished, she was going upstairs at once.

At the moment, Leng Fei's agility is different from that of ordinary people, which makes her instantly understand the reason why Liu Xiaoxing talks loudly. She rushes to Ji Yueze's room and Yang Siyu's room and knocks on the high door. Then she tells the old lady about her coming. "

my mother!" Yang Siyu and Chen Jiajia are just about to enter the dream. Suddenly, when he heard that the old lady came, the whole person was in a mess. Season

Yueze didn't expect grandma's spirit to come to check the post in the evening, and she became nervous. "

Xiaoyan, go to the thinking room first!" Ji Yueze hugs Bai Yiyan, who has been sleeping in a daze. She takes the quilt with her and walks quickly to Yang Siyu's door. Fortunately,

it's not far away. It's only one room away. "

hurry up, be careful. Xiaoyan is pregnant. Hold it firmly!" Yang Siyu sees that Ji Yueze is wearing a disordered pajama. He holds Bai Yiyan in his arms and comes to help. White

Yiyan wakes up directly, blinks her beautiful eyes and asks, "is your grandma here?" "

Shh, don't speak, think, come here and cooperate!" Ji Yueze is a little flustered at the moment. Yang took a conservative Pajama and put it on quickly. Then he tore his long hair. He comforted Ji Yueze, who had a slightly white face: "don't panic!" Fortunately, the steps of a good old lady are not fast. By the time she goes upstairs, Ji Yueze and Yang Siyu have entered the master bedroom.

"Where do I sleep?" Yang Siyu is still a little shy. After all, she has never been in touch with a man since she was a child.

"In bed, of course. Hurry up!" At this time, Ji Yueze has ignored the suspicion of men and women, and quickly pushes Yang Siyu to the bed. Yang Siyu's whole body is full of gooseflesh. This is a wild man!

When Yang Siyu really wanted to get up, suddenly there was a knock on the door outside the room.

Ji Yueze winked at her, and Yang Siyu was stunned, pointing to himself, "shall I open the door?" "

you go!" Ji Yueze lay still in bed and let her go. Yang had to give up his life to get out of bed, then he tore his long hair out of order, and pulled the collar off one shoulder, pretending to be lazy just getting up from the bed.

"Grandma? How can you come? It's so late! " Yang Siyu immediately pulled his collar, with a shy and embarrassed expression on his face.

The old lady has come here too. Of course, she can see the life of the young people at a glance. The old lady asked smilingly, "thinking and talking, you and Ozawa Did you go to bed so early? " "

Yes, we are tired from work recently. We want to have a rest earlier. Grandma, do you have any business coming so late?" Yang Siyu asked curiously. Season

Yueze also came over with an expression of just waking up. She propped one hand on the doorknob and covered Yang Siyu in her arms, showing a friendly look. The old lady was more happy when she saw it.

"Grandma, you don't come to check the post, do you?" Ji Yueze asked directly.

The old lady quickly explained, "of course not. How could I come to check the post? I just had a meal outside and wanted to go back, so I stopped by to see you. " "

will grandma go downstairs for a cup of tea and go back? I'll talk to you... " "

No, since you are all ready to go to bed, don't come down, I should go back!" The old lady was very happy to see them get along so well.

"Grandma, let me take you downstairs!" Ji Yueze hurried out and reached for the old lady's arm.

The old lady sighed contentedly: "Xiao Ze, you can get along with Si Yu so well. Grandma is really happy. I'm looking forward to your giving birth to my great grandson."

Ji yuezejun's face is a little tense. He is really going to give birth to a great grandson for his grandmother. However, the mother of the child is not Yang Siyu. "

grandma, don't worry about us any more!" Ji Yueze whispered.

"Of course, I don't worry about your good development! By the way, did you hire another servant? Why did I just see that the lights in many rooms of your building are on? " The old lady asked suddenly.

"No, we didn't hire another servant, just the two before!" Ji Yueze was shocked. The old lady noticed that there was a light in the room beside her. She suddenly reached out to open the door of the room. "

hey, grandma..." Season

it's too late for the old lady to stop her shrinking heart, because she's not slow. Li

Chen Jiajia and Bai Yiyan, who are chatting with each other, have been listening to the news outside. When they heard the old lady tightening the door lock, Chen Jiajia directly put the quilt on Bai Yiyan's body, and she stood up nervously.

The old lady thought that there was no one living in it, but when she saw a beautiful woman in a beige nightdress, her expression suddenly went blank. "

this What's going on? Who is she? " The old lady didn't expect that there was such a graceful beauty in her grandson's house, so she immediately doubted it. Chen

Jiajia also stayed for a while, and Ji Yueze quickly pointed to each other and said, "grandma, she is my friend. Just after she came back from abroad, she has no place to live for a while, so I will let her stay at home for a few days!"