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C1435 circle the key points

Blue words and beautiful eyes suddenly surprised, opened a circle and looked at Ling Mo Feng: "do you doubt that she has something to do with the old president?"

"Well!" "The time of the election is getting closer and closer, and his voice is far less than mine. Of course, he has to make the final plan. Even if he is going to fight for the death of both sides, he will not tolerate me."

"My God!" LAN Yanxi felt cold all over when he heard this. He immediately stood up and walked quickly to the man's face. Mei Mou was full of concern and worry: "Ling Mo Feng, isn't that a fierce battle? You must be careful. I don't want to see anything happen to you. We haven't got married yet. "

Ling Mo Feng knew that she was really concerned about herself, but when he heard the last sentence, how could he feel the impulse to laugh?

"You mean, when I get married, I can have an accident?" The man can't help but catch her language disease again, smiling to dye handsome face.

"I I don't mean that. You misunderstood me! " LAN Yanxi stamped his feet angrily and blushed: "no matter before or after marriage, you can't have an accident. Our future life is still long, and I will give you two children!"

"Oh!" Ling Mo Feng nodded with a charming smile and looked at her excited face meaningfully: "giving birth to children is the key. Do you want to circle it?"

"You..." LAN Yanxi is almost stunned by this man. She cares about him so seriously that he always makes fun of her. He really wants to kick him.

Seeing that she was completely angry, Ling Mo Feng quickly reached out his arm to comfort her in his arms and said in a low and gentle voice: "well, I'm joking with you. Of course, I'll be fine. What you said just now is my dream that I'm pursuing. I'm not willing to die because I haven't completed my dream. You said that I have a long life and a long way to go. I'm not allowed to have anything else but me A man will accompany you. "

LAN Yanxi's half dead heart was finally saved by his words, and he said gently: "that's what you said. If you dare to throw me alone, I will blame you!"

"Well, no!" Ling Mo Feng patted her bulging face: "go out, I have to work."

LAN Yanxi nodded, took the medicine, turned around and walked out two steps. Then he thought of something. He looked back at the man and asked, "if blue fiber really colludes with the old president, would I tell my grandfather?"

"If you want him to enjoy his old age, don't say it at last!" Ling Mo Feng also has a special respect for the old blue man. He is also a close relative of LAN Yanxi. He really doesn't want something to happen to him.

"Yes, my grandfather is not in good health and can't be angry. I I dare not say it! " LAN Yanxi's chest is very stuffy, heavy and painful.

"Yan Xi, don't worry. I will help you in this matter. If your uncle really colludes with the old president secretly, they can't be blamed for making such a choice. When I promise to marry you, I will force them into enemies. If they just stand in the old president's line and don't hurt or harm people, I can ignore them, but once they do something wrong I will not let it go. " Ling Mo Feng knew that she must be in a bad mood, so he comforted her.

"OK, I see. Ling Mo Feng, thank you. I don't seem to be so afraid with you around." Blue Yan Xi chuckles, inexplicably reassured.

"No matter what happens, I will be by your side. Don't be afraid!" Ling Mo Feng smiles.

LAN Yanxi chuckled, and then turned away.

However, as soon as she opened Ling Mo Feng's door, she immediately blocked her face with her hands and put the medicine in her pocket so that no one could see it.

As expected, there were still some people gathered outside the door to watch the scene. They saw that Lan Yanxi had not been out for a long time, and everyone was watching a good show. At this moment, when she came out, everyone broke up.

LAN Yanxi lowered his head, said nothing, covered it with his hand, and trotted forward.

Vaguely, she seemed to hear some people laughing.

Even in the storm, she is not afraid, because she knows that someone is protecting herself from the wind and rain, and the eyes of outsiders are not hurting people. She just ignores them.

LAN Yanxi trotted back to the office. Before he sat down, he saw that Lan Xianxian had come to look for her again.

However, before blue fibril's feet even stepped in, Wang Xinyi's face sank and shouted: "blue fibril, do you think the general office is your backyard? No more work? "

LAN Xianxian also just came back from the clinic after taking medicine. Her boss gave her a leave, but she was not willing to. She just wanted to come to see LAN Yanxi's bloody face scolded by Ling Mo Feng.

But unexpectedly, as soon as he met Wang Xinyi, he put a bad face on her.

"Dead woman, true nosiness!" Blue fibril can only turn around and leave with a dull face. She has heard about Wang Xinyi for a long time. She has a good ability. Besides, she has a back seat. She is a person who dare not offend easily, because she takes the middle position now, which makes people dare not offend easily.

LAN Yanxi saw that Lan Xianxian had been driven away by Wang Xinyi. He immediately stood up and said to her gratefully, "sister Xinyi, thank you for helping me!"

Wang Xinyi turned to look at her and sighed: "how is it? Did he scold you?"

LAN Yanxi is stunned. For a while, Wang Xinyi is so kind to her. She really can't cheat again. It's hard.

"Didn't scold me, just let me not make such a low-level mistake again!" LAN Yanxi had to answer softly.

Wang Xinyi knows that lanyanxi wants to calm down, but she doesn't want to mention Lingmo Feng's mistakes. She can only hate iron but not steel and look at her: "since you are injured, don't work. Go home and have a rest."

"Sister Xinyi, I just asked for sick leave two days ago!" Lanyanxi would be moved to death. If she had a sister who loved her as much as Wang Xinyi, how happy she would be.

"I'll let you go home. You can't finish your work!" Wang Xinyi loves her.

"OK, sister Xinyi, I I'll go back first! " Lanyanxi didn't want to brush her kindness, so she took the bag and left. Anyway, she can't work here, and her colleagues can stare at her.

LAN Yanxi didn't know where to go for a while. In fact, she wanted to go home to see her grandfather, but she was afraid of meeting blue fiber. At last, she could only call her grandfather and invite him out for dinner.

The old blue man refused to come out, but lanyanxi had to stop. He was going to talk to his mother again.

Lanyanxi drove to her mother's community, took the elevator up the stairs, and reached for the door.

Mom broke up with the man before. She must be in a bad mood. As a child, she should care more.

LAN Yanxi just knocked on the door, and the door opened. A man stood in front of the door.

"You Who are you? " LAN Yanxi has some silly eyes. Later, he feels familiar.

The man immediately raised a smile and introduced himself: "my name is Wang Rong. You are Yan Xi. I heard your mother mention you. How are you when I first meet you!"

LAN Yanxi thought of the last time she saw her mother get along with a man. That man was Wang Rong.

"My mother!" Inexplicably, lanyanxi didn't like the man in front of him. Last time, he was far away from him and didn't see his face clearly. This time, he saw his face. His eyes were full of peach blossoms. He really didn't want to print the three words of small white face on him, but he always exuded the feeling of cream.

"Your mother just went downstairs to buy vegetables. I believe she will come back in a moment. Come in and sit down!" Wang Rong regards himself as the master of the family completely, smiles to LAN Yanxi, and invites.

"No, I'll wait downstairs and say something!" Lanyanxi is not the careless girl before. She has experienced many things and people have become vigilant.

Wang Rong shrugged his shoulders and smiled, "I know you are a little repulsive to me, but I really love your mother. Please give me a chance and give us some space, OK?"

LAN Yanxi found out that this man can speak with a mouth, and what he said is what he listened to.

"It's about you and my mother. I won't comment, but I won't say anything if you're good to her. If you're sorry for her or hurt her, I won't let it go." Since LAN Yanxi met this man, he would like to say a few words for his mother.

"You're too defensive for me, Yan Xi. You look like your mother. You can see how beautiful your mother was when she was young." As Wang Rong spoke, he stared at LAN Yanxi with burning eyes and joked.

LAN Yanxi sneers in his heart. This man can really talk nonsense. Her face is scarred. Where can it be associated with beauty.