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LAN Yanxi hears Ling's mother's words. Her face is hot without any reason. She lowers her head shyly and says vaguely: "actually We've been thinking about it. "

"It's one thing to think about it. It's another to have any practical action. Yan Xi, you and Mo Feng are married. We are also women. Don't be shy. It's normal to talk about this topic." LAN's mother can see that Lan Yanxi is frightened by her words, and she quickly smiles to comfort her.

LAN Yanxi then raised his head, blushed and smiled two times: "Mom, don't worry, we will seriously consider this matter, we all like children."

"Since you are working hard, I won't rush you." Ling's mother is not a nagging person either. She knows that young people have young people's ideas and lifestyles, and she doesn't want to interfere too much. She just needs a few occasional reminders.

"OK, mom, don't worry. We're really thinking about our children." Lanyanxi can understand her mother-in-law's mood and the arrival of her little life. For a family, it's really a great joy to look forward to. The child represents the future. She has made up her mind. She must give Ling Mo Feng two more children. It's better to have a little lover. In this way, she can know what kind of scene Ling Mo Feng will love her daughter.

Lingmu and lanyanxi had dinner. Before leaving, she gave lanyanxi some supplements and some gifts.

LAN Yanxi looks at some supplements on the tea table, some of which are crying and laughing. There are several bottles of nutrition prepared before pregnancy. She can't help reaching out and stroking her forehead. It seems that she can't live without thinking. Her mother-in-law is looking forward to it.

At about 10 o'clock in the evening, Ling Mo Feng came back. Jun's face was tired. LAN Yanxi had just taken a bath. His hair was still half wet. Pushing open the door of the bathroom, he saw that the man was sitting on the sofa beside the bed. He was holding his head on one side with one hand, and his eyes were deep towards her.

"You're back?" LAN Yanxi saw him appear suddenly, with a smile on his face.

Ling Mo Feng made a sign to her lazily, and LAN Yanxi immediately walked obediently and sat down in his arms.

Ling Mo Feng reached out and touched her long, half wet hair: "why didn't you dry it? It's easy to catch cold. "

"Wait for you to dry it for me." LAN Yanxi's reply was deliberately coquettish.

Ling Mo Feng gave a silent smile and pushed her away. His tall body stood up and pressed her to sit on the sofa. Then he found a hair dryer.

"Lean on!" Ling Mo Feng is also very considerate to let her lean on him. His fingers gently rub her long black hair. The strong hot wind blows through, and the water evaporates. Soon, her long hair dries out. The whole person looks like a fresh lotus. LAN Yanxi looked up at him embarrassed. "Did your mother call you?"

"No, did she come back from dinner here?" The man suddenly put his hands on her two chairs, and the tall body half leaned towards her. The deep eyes locked her pretty face. At this moment, looking at her shining eyes, the weariness seemed to disappear.

LAN Yanxi nodded: "she left after supper and gave me a lot of things."

"Oh!" The man Mou bottom dye smile: "my mother regards you as a daughter, my son has confiscated her gift."

LAN Yanxi heard his sour answer and couldn't help chuckling: "really? That's my pleasure. "

"Did my mother say anything else? What are you talking about? " Ling Mo Feng couldn't help being curious.

LAN Yanxi's face is very ashamed: "I didn't talk about anything, but I talked about things that are common in my family. By the way, she seems to want us to have a baby soon."

Ling Mo Feng's quiet eyes were surprised: "as expected, I guessed it. She must be saying this. How do you answer her?"

"How can I answer that? Of course, I said yes, and I promised to do it as soon as possible." LAN Yanxi replied with a straight face.

"Oh?" The man's ending goes up, one face means not clear: "you dare to guarantee as soon as possible."

LAN Yanxi didn't understand his hint. Mei Mou blinked at him twice: "yes, of course, we have to hurry up. I can see that your mother really hopes to hold her grandson."

"OK, wait for me!" The man straightened up.

"What are you waiting for?" LAN Yanxi asked with a puzzled face.

The man reached for the collar and said, "of course, do something that will make you have a baby as soon as possible." LAN Yanxi understood, and her pretty face suddenly turned red: "I don't mean that."

"That's what I mean." The man's eyes are a little more dangerous, then he turns around and enters the bathroom. LAN Yanxi can't laugh or cry. It seems that she has nowhere to escape.

Of course, she will not escape, no matter what kind of future she will face, as long as she is with Ling Mo Feng, she will not be afraid.

In the morning, rain and dew meet. After a spring rain, everything is more alive.

LAN Yanxi rubbed his back, turned over and sat up.

After a look at the time, it was more than nine o'clock, and she was sleepy again.

Ling Mo Feng has left. After washing, LAN Yanxi suddenly feels that he doesn't know what to do today.

Then, while eating breakfast, she glanced at the newspaper beside her.

This is Ling Mo Feng's morning paper, which she used to read every morning for breakfast. She also flipped around and saw a page, which was all about the development history of Jijia company. Blue words and blue eyes suddenly seemed to know what she was going to do today.

She took out her mobile phone and dialed Tang youyou.

"Hello?" A soft and sweet voice came.

"Sister you, I'm LAN Yanxi. Are you at home? I want to come and see you. " LAN Yanxi asked directly with a smile.

"It's you. If you are free, you can come here. I'm at home." Tang youyou hears her voice. Something unexpected.

"Will you not be disturbed?" LAN yanxijue's decision is too impulsive.

"No, I'm bored, too." Tang youyou replied with a smile.

LAN Yanxi prepared several gifts and asked the driver to take her to Ji's house.

At the gate of Jijia villa, lanyanxi was really amazed. Unexpectedly, Jijia villa would be so big, just like a giant Park, beautiful and picturesque.

Tang youyou asked people to prepare fruit cakes, and she also sat outside the garden waiting for LAN Yanxi to come.

LAN Yanxi's car stopped, and Tang youyou came to meet him with a smile.

"Sister youyou!" LAN Yanxi sees her, only feels incomparably cordial, perhaps because of the gentleness between each other's eyebrows and eyes, which makes her want to get close to her.

"Come here, Yanxi. I've prepared some delicious food." Tang youyou immediately proposed with a smile.

LAN Yanxi brought the gift down: "I came in a hurry and didn't prepare anything. I bought these two toys on the way and sent them to your little princess and Prince."

Tang youyou immediately chuckled: "the visitor is a guest. You will see the outside when you buy such a thing. Don't buy it again later. Children can't get used to it."

LAN Yanxi immediately opened his mouth and giggled twice: "have they all gone to school? I really want to see them. "

"Yes, or you'll stay for dinner." Tang youyou immediately asked.

"Well, I have to ask Ling Mo Feng. If he will come tonight, I will stay here for dinner." LAN Yanxi is very discerning. She came to play with Tang youyou. In the evening, Xiao Han will come back. If she is alone, it's really hard to disturb their warm family life.

After hearing this, Tang youyou immediately said happily, "don't worry. I asked Ji Xiaohan to call him, and he said that he would keep your wife at home, and see if he would come and take you home."

LAN Yanxi listened and nodded playfully: "well, that's a good idea. You'll let Ji Zong say that to him. I also want to know if he will come to pick me up."

"Surely he will!" Tang youyou is full of confidence in this young president. She is a past person. A man loves a woman and doesn't say anything, but his eyes must give the real answer. At his party that day, Tang youYou can see that Ling Mo Feng's eyes and heart are filled with blue Yan Xi. Wherever she is, he will go to her side regardless of him Keep busy.

"Well, let's make a bet!" LAN Yan Xili is like a child who believes and has interest.

"Bet what?" Tang youyou is also a mischievous person.