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Yang Chu Chu was curled up on the front passenger seat, her small body trembling in fear. She did not expect Luo Jin Yu to be so angry, just because she had hidden the distant relationship between them?

However, Yang Chu Chu felt that their emotions were already enough to overcome the age difference, so why couldn't they overcome the relationship between distant relatives?

Now, even without Yang Chu Chu reporting the address, Luo Jin Yu was still able to find the address for her.

"Luo Jin Yu..."

"You should call me uncle!"

"Don't …"

Yang Chu Chu suddenly regretted and told her her mother's name.

Luo Jin Yu had a cold and composed face. He stopped the car in front of her house and scolded her in a low tone, "Get off!"

Yang Chu Chu looked at his cold and heartless appearance and instantly felt very sad. She cried and asked: "Will we meet again?"

"It can't be!" Luo Jin Yu replied coldly.

Yang Chu Chu was about to go crazy, her tears falling even more fiercely, "Why do you care so much about our status as distant relatives?"

"This is a matter of reputation and morality!" After Luo Jin Yu finished, he saw that she was still sitting inside the carriage, and spoke coldly: "Are you still not getting out of the car?"

Yang Chu Chu then cried out and pushed the door open. Just as she closed the door, the car quickly disappeared into the darkness.

Yang Chu Chu stood dumbstruck under the street light, her entire body crumbling.

Inside the carriage, Luo Jin Yu tightly gripped the steering wheel and also fiercely punched out.

Damn it, it wasn't easy to find a girl who was interested in him. She was actually his cousin. God must have played a joke on him.

Under the deep night sky, Tang You You coaxed her daughter to sleep, and she also prepared to talk to Ji Xiao Han about her biological parents.

Pushing open the bedroom door, Tang You You gently put his hand on the door to Ji Xiao Han's room.

Pushing it open, he saw Tang Xiao Rui's small body, which was fast asleep on the bed, biting his lower lip, and directly went in.

Seeing the sound of water in the bathroom, she guessed that Ji Xiao Han was probably bathing.

What should he do?

Should she wait here for him to come out?

Or come back in later?

Just as Tang You You was hesitating, the door to the bathroom opened, and Ji Xiao Han walked out with a white towel tied around his waist.

"Still awake?" The moment Ji Xiao Han walked out, he saw the lady standing by the door nervously, pinching her fingers together. He took a towel and casually wiped his short hair, his entire body still reeking of water, looking at it, it looked like his skin was even shinier and healthier.

Tang You You's gaze fell upon a place she did not know where to look at and she nodded slightly nervously: "Yes, I have something that I want you to help me with!"

"Wait for me in the study room, I'll be right there!" Ji Xiao Han said with a very low voice.

Tang You You secretly heaved a sigh of relief, nodded his head, opened the door and walked out.

Upon coming out, she felt that her breathing had become smoother, and when she turned around to look at the door, Tang You You could not help but laugh at herself.

She was obviously attracted by his body, but she still had to pretend that she had no desire for him. This was too difficult.

Sitting on the study room's sofa, Tang You You quietly waited for Ji Xiao Han to arrive.

A few minutes later, the man was wearing a gray robe, which made him look even more tall and wild.

His short hair still had a moisture to it, and there was a masculine charm to it amidst the chaos.

Seeing him enter, Tang You You suddenly felt that the air in the study was somewhat frozen.

"What is it?" Ji Xiao Han's gaze swept across her body. Seeing that her snow-white skin was similar to the white robe she wore, his heart started to palpitate. Unconsciously, he walked to her side and sat down.

Tang You You smelt the cold and pungent fragrance that he had just received after his bath, and her entire body felt a little dizzy.

He almost forgot why he had come to find him.

His entire body was enveloped by his Qi, Tang You You could only forcefully calm herself down, and then said: "I found some clues for my parents, but it's stopped, and I want you to help me find them."

"Sure!" Ji Xiao Han wouldn't reject any of her requests now. As his low voice fell, Tang You You's heart warmed and he raised his head, only to see that the man's handsome face had enlarged. In the next moment, her lips were firmly kissed by the man.

Like an electric current, it swept through the deepest part of his heart, and Tang You You's tensed body slowly weakened as well.

Ji Xiao Han let her off just in time. Looking at her blushing face, he pinched her cheeks: "What kind of clues have you found?"

Tang You You quickly took out her phone and opened the photo she had taken of herself, "I found a jade pendant in the museum that matches my jade pendant. I asked the curator, and he said that someone deposited it there, I suspect that this has a lot to do with my biological parents, and below is the address of the person who was previously there. But now that that that place has been developed into a park, can you use your contacts to find this person for me?"

Ji Xiao Han understood and nodded his head: "Okay, send these two photos to me, I will get someone to help you investigate them tomorrow."

"Alright!" Tang You You lowered his head and sent a picture seriously.

Ji Xiao Han's thoughts were currently not on these photographs at all. They were unwillingly looking at her little face, and fiddling with her long hair with their fingers.

"If you have time tomorrow, go to the psychiatrist!" Ji Xiao Han still felt that he had to quickly cure her mental state. Otherwise, if he still wasn't allowed to touch her on the day of their marriage, he would definitely go crazy.

Tang You You raised her gaze and looked at him in astonishment. After that, her lips curled up: "Don't worry, I'll definitely go see a doctor tomorrow!"

"Do you feel that your doctor has any effect on your treatment? Do I need to see a doctor again? " Ji Xiao Han was worried about the effects of the treatment now.

Tang You You nodded his head, "I feel that it's quite useful!"

"Alright, since you feel that it's useful, then continue to visit her." Ji Xiao Han couldn't help but pull her chin up, and take back her lips once again.

Tang You You's entire person felt a tingling sensation, and she wanted to take the initiative as well. However, for some reason, she just didn't seem to dare to take the initiative and go further down, as fear would always rise in her heart.

"I'm going to sleep!" Tang You You gently pushed him away, stood up, and said with concern: "You should also rest early!"

"Good!" "Go on!" Ji Xiao Han's gaze was dark and obscure. As he watched her quickly disappear into the distance, he couldn't help but lean against the sofa.

His body that had just taken a bath, was once again burned with passion from the kiss just now.

Pei Zaixin arrived at the company early in the morning and just as he stepped into the office, he heard a group of people talking.

"Our new boss is so young!"

"That's right, he's so handsome. Just looking at him a moment ago really made one's heart pound!"