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C1937 objects of suspicion

It's hard to believe that Ji Mucheng's eyes are open, but they are really sweet.

Xia Xinnian dare not be too presumptuous, only touched for a few seconds, and she let go of her hands. Her shy ears were red through, and her beautiful eyes were like children who made mistakes, with long eyelashes hanging down and flashing constantly.

"I I'll go first. I have to go back to the public Uh! Xia Xinnian's pretty face was held up by both hands. Next second, the man deepened her tentative kiss.

Xia Xinnian breathes too late to exchange. Her beautiful eyes quiver. Finally, she closes them and immerses herself in them.

It wasn't until the phone rang on the desk that the men and women on the sofa were interrupted.

Xia Xinnian pushed him away powerlessly, his voice was small and urgent: "you You're busy. I'll go first. "

Jimucheng is a little annoyed. Youmou takes a look at the landline phone on the desk, arranges her breath, and looks at the pretty figure of the woman who has fled. Her mood is both happy and empty.

Xia Xinnian escapes from the office. The whole person is still unable to calm down. She leans against the wall of the elevator and closes her eyes. She feels that she is really trapped and can't escape any more.

Liu Mei won a second prize. She was not happy. However, her plan today is very successful.

She sat on the sofa, fingered the prize beside her, took out her mobile phone and made a phone call to Xia shuran.

She thought Xia shuran would be very happy with what she had done, but a gloomy female voice came from the other end of the phone: "Liu Mei, I'll give you a sum of money now, you go abroad immediately, don't let anyone find you."

Liu Mei stood up with a stiff body: "why? I just won the prize... "

"Is your prize important, or your life important?" Xia shuran sneered.

"What does this have to do with my life? Xia shuran, what are you doing? How can you not be happy that I helped you beat Xia Xinnian? " Liu Mei is so angry that she feels cheated.

"Liu Mei, you can't blame me. If you don't have any greed in your heart, will you be used by me? After all, you are going to get on my boat. Now, the boat is going to capsize. Don't you want to escape? " Xia shuran sneers even more. In fact, she set the timing at the beginning, regardless of the consequences, but she didn't find out how stupid she had done until a phone call from he Jiaxuan.

"Xia shuran, why do you want to hurt me? I'm kind enough to help you, but you want my life? " Liu Mei is cold and her scalp is numb.

"It's not that I want your life. You know that jimucheng will want your life. Xia Xinnian is the person in his heart now. Will he let you go if you frame her?" Xia shuran mercilessly smashes the reality to her.

"Season Ji Mu Cheng? But didn't you say that he really liked Xia Xinnian? " At this moment, Liu Mei becomes a dog in a hurry. She really didn't expect that things would change to this extent.

"As long as you stay away and don't let him find you, don't tell me that I ordered you. Give me a week's time, and I will let you return safely. This week, I will let Xia Xinnian lose his reputation and let Ji Mucheng abandon her completely. Liu Mei, I need your cooperation, which is the only way for us to save ourselves." Xia shuran is afraid now, but things have come to this point. She is not willing to give up like this. She has to gamble again.

"Tell me what you are going to do. Don't hide it from me. I'll consider whether I can help you again." Liu Mei is also a shrewd woman. Although she is afraid, she will not miss if there is a way to save herself.

Xia shuran then told her his next plan completely, and Liu Mei was shocked again.

Xia Xinnian has a son or was born with another man. Xia shuran wants the whole country to know that she has promiscuity with other men?

"Are you sure this method is feasible?" Liu Mei can't believe her that much.

"Don't worry, I've found all the actors. Next, it's time to play a good play. After your construction, Xia Xinnian has made many people know her shameless in front of the camera. Next, I'll find a man to record a video so that everyone can understand her more clearly. What face does she have to marry into Ji's family?" The more Xia shuran thinks about it, the more satisfied he is. This plan must be foolproof.

"Well, I'll trust you one more time. I'll leave now. You call me two million yuan for living expenses." Liu Mei made an immediate request.

"I'll give you a million dollars in cash. You come downstairs and I'll have it delivered." Xia shuran doesn't want to transfer money to her now, for fear of leaving evidence.

"A million? It's too few. It's not enough for me to buy two bags. " Liu Mei said angrily.

"Love or not, that's all." Xia shuran didn't want to be generous, so he hung up.

Liu Meiqi's face was green, but at this point, she had no choice but to throw down the trophy and hurry home.

Xia shuran also asked someone to send her cash. Next, she made another phone call.

A man answered the phone, and Xia shuran immediately asked, "record the video and send it to me. Remember, you must make clear what happened to Xia Xinnian and you abroad, and you must admit that the child is yours."

"Don't worry, I'm a born actor." The man's face is full of confidence.

When Xia Xinnian returned to the company, the whole company was dead. Obviously, she was doubted.

A few people who were dissatisfied with her were even more cynical and loud at the moment.

Xia Xinnian is ashamed to know that she broke the company's signboard this time, but things still need to be well adjusted. She can't carry the pot in a muddle.

Xia Xinnian went to see Liu Chengtian first, and then transferred the company's monitoring.

Xia Xinnian stood in front of the monitor and looked at the monitoring in and out of his office for the most time. Obviously, there were many people. Suddenly, Xia Xinnian saw Xia shuran come out of his office, holding her cell phone tightly in his hand, and his face also showed several obvious flusters. He looked left and right, and then left quickly.

Xia Xinnian remembered that. That day Xia shuran came over, didn't quarrel with her, just sat in her office for a while and left directly.

"Is it her?" Xia Xinnian can be sure. There must be a reason for Xia shuran's hurry that day.

"Xinnian, isn't this your cousin?" Liu Chengtian also looked at it and asked with a frown.

"Yes, she is my cousin, but she also hates me deeply. Mr. Liu, I suspect that she did it. On that day, my design manuscript was on my desk, and she, the most suspect, I had to call her to ask." Xia Xinnian's pretty face was angry. She turned around and went back to the office to call Xia shuran.