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Ji Xiaohan doesn't have much patience with Gao Yue, so when Gao Yue comes to invite him, he agrees to see what the woman's purpose is.

However, when he came back to Ji's house, he was not only a grandson but also a son and a couple of cute dads. Therefore, when he came back to his house, Ji Xiaohan, who was cold and merciless outside, recovered his original face, showing his tenderness.

Tang youyou is too busy recently, so she is forced to learn flower arrangement and tea art from the old lady at home. Fortunately, she has some art cells, so she doesn't want to get angry with the old lady. The old lady is idle and always tells her to practice more skills. There will be many occasions for her to deal with before coming. Don't lose face to Ji's family.

At the thought of Ji's face, how dare Tang youyou not study hard.

Ji Xiaohan invited two teachers to teach them their lessons. One of them was Ji xiaonai's piano teacher, a young woman, who was hired by a high salary. The three teachers' food and accommodation were arranged in the villa's rooms to ensure the safety of children and prevent teachers from going in and out every day.

The time of Tang youyou's mother and son is clearly arranged, and the life is full.

At night, it is early spring time, some flowers in the garden are unwilling to be lonely and open bud and buds.

Several black cars drove into the living room door on the broad avenue. Ji Xiaohan pushed the door to get off. Hearing the sound of the piano, he could not help lifting his thin lips. His daughter's piano was getting better and better.

According to the Convention, Ji Xiaohan usually wants to see his daughter first. There's no way. Who makes him love this pearl in his hand?

Ji Xiaohan steps into the side hall and the woman on the sofa suddenly stands up nervously. Just about to open her mouth, Ji Xiaohan reaches for his thin lip and signals her to silence.

This is Ji xiaonai's piano teacher. Her name is Wang Hanxue. She is young and professional. She was hired years ago and has taught her lessons for several days.

It's not the first time to see Ji Xiaohan, but he was amazed by the grace and gentleness of his finger just now. Such a noble man, however, because he didn't want to disturb his daughter playing the piano, let go of his steps, and his pretty face was full of doting.

Wang Hanxue can't be heartless. Although she knows that she is shameless like this, she has some emotions that she can't control. Her face is blushing with shame.

"Miss Wang..." Just as Ji Xiaohan was about to walk behind his daughter, the little guy suddenly turned his head and was startled by the daddy in front of him. He said angrily, "Daddy, are you scaring me?"

Ji Xiaohan immediately crouches down with a warm smile, and points to his daughter's lovely flowing sea: "daddy wants to see how you play the piano. He doesn't scare you."

"Really? Then I'll play one for you, but I can't play it well! " When the little guy heard that Daddy wanted to hear it, he immediately wanted to show it.

Season owl cold nods: "good, listen to Daddy!"

Ji xiaonai made a pose immediately. Ten green, white and tender fingers were walking up the piano keys. A piece of music was played in disorder. Ji xiaonai could hear some tunes.

"Do you like it? Daddy? " The little guy blinked his big black and clear eyes immediately for praise.

Wang Hanxue's face was even more embarrassed. Ji xiaonai felt like this. It was her mistake.

"There's progress!" Of course, Ji Xiaohan dare not tell the truth, only smile to comfort his daughter.

"Mr. Ji, this is a new song that I asked Xiao Nai to learn. She is not skilled yet. She will play better after a few days!" Wang Hanxue immediately explained in a soft voice.

Ji Xiaohan then turned to smile at her and said, "it's hard. Xiao Nai has just touched the piano. Please teach me more patiently."

"Mr. Ji is very kind. I will teach Xiao Nai well!" Wang Hanxue immediately bowed his head and replied with shame.

"I went to see your mommy. You and Miss Wang have a good practice!" Ji Xiaohan doesn't pay too much attention to Wang Hanxue. He kisses his daughter's head and turns away.

Wang Hanxue is the first time that she has come into contact with the world of the rich. She always thinks that the rich in the rich are cold and thin. But Ji Xiaohan has changed her idea. It turns out that no matter what the door is, the father still dotes on his children like that, or even more.

Wang Hanxue is really moved by some excellent temperament emanating from Ji Xiaohan, which makes her involuntarily produce some fantasies.

Ji Xiaohan takes off his coat and puts it on his arm. He only wears a silver vest and a dark shirt. He looks powerful and oppressive.

He walked to the bedroom on the second floor and saw that Tang youyou was sitting on the sofa, holding a cup of tea in his hand, moving his fingers on the computer and studying hard.

"What are you looking at?" Season owl cold pushes the door to come in, she also didn't give him a look, make the man tiny sense to lose, immediately actively leaned over.

"Tea art?" When Ji Xiaohan saw the dense explanations above, he almost didn't burst out laughing.

"Your grandmother introduced me to watch, I have been learning how to be a lady in the upper class for the most time." Tang youyou laughed at himself as he watched.

"My grandma is also for you. She certainly hopes you will be more elegant in the future." Ji Xiaohan put his hands on her shoulder and kneaded her gently. However, soon, he was not serious. The more he kneaded it, the lower it was. The woman laughed and pushed him away.

"Do you think grandma will think that I still don't deserve you?" Tang youyou's not confident?

Ji Xiaohan raises his eyebrows in disapproval. The tall body falls directly to her side. The two people are huddled on the narrow sofa. This picture still makes people blush and heartbeat.

"Why do you still have this idea? Since my grandmother admitted you, of course she was sure of you. " Season owl cold fingers reach over, grab her a small hand, in the palm of the hand playing: "grandma is to hope you change a little better."

"Well, I know." Tang youyou leaned over to him and rubbed like a kitten.

"You long, I promised Gao Yue to have dinner tomorrow. Do you have any idea?" Ji Xiaohan finally asked her.

"So fast?" Tang youyou immediately sat up straight, a pair of beautiful eyes angry stare at him: "what are you anxious about?"

"It's not that I'm in a hurry, it's that she's in a hurry. I can't keep a cancer nearby. After all, it's a hidden danger. I need to find out what her purpose is so that I can cure her." Ji Xiaohan immediately explained to her patiently.

"And what do you think her purpose is?" Tang youyou is a little better, but his eyes are still full of resentment.

"Maybe it's to steal our company's secrets, or it's to threaten my personal safety, or it's more likely that it's just to seduce me and ruin my reputation."

Hearing this, Tang youyou turned white and said angrily, "her purpose is so impure?"

"Don't worry, I'm sure I won't let her succeed. This kind of woman who is willing to be taken advantage of must have a problem with her character. She is upright and kind-hearted, and doesn't care to do this insidious business." Season owl cold sneer ridicule.

"Maybe she could not help being used? If you knew she was pitiful, would you sympathize with her? " Tang youyou once again leans on the man's shoulder, imagining another possibility.

"Do you think she will be bitter loyal? Either for name or for profit, it's always good. " Ji Xiaohan's eyes are sharp and accurate. He can't see Gao Yue's suspicion of being forced.

"Well, you have to control it. If you dare to mess around, I'll learn a pair of scissors!" Tang youyou threatens him with breath.

"Why buy scissors?" Men haven't thought about something for a while.

"Of course, I cut some dirty things." Tang youyou said gnashing his teeth.

Season owl cold handsome Mou opened a little bigger, then, he suddenly guessed what she said is something, hurriedly put out his hand to block: "long, civilized a bit, do not come disorderly."

"Who wants to be civilized with you? If it's not clean, it's useless for me to keep it." Tang youyou immediately stared at him with hate.

"Don't worry, no! Don't think about it! " Although Ji Xiaohan knows that she is joking, he still feels cold somewhere.