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"That won't happen, you can rest assured. Your face is the same as your son's, I'm already sick of it!" Tang You You also told him with absolute certainty.

Ji Xiao Han's entire body froze, he stared at her in disbelief, so tired of looking at him this quickly?

"Let me be clear with you. Actually, I've liked someone before. In my heart, I've always treated him well!" In order to show that he was indeed not moved by his beauty, Tang You You directly moved out of the room.

Tang You You didn't expect him to bring up such a shameful topic. Her small face was flushed red as she said in embarrassment and anger, "What nonsense are you spouting? If you hadn't destroyed me, I wouldn't be living my current life."

Looking at her angry expression and hearing her words, Ji Xiao Han was secretly happy in his heart.

Was it her first time that he wanted her five years ago? If that was really the case, then he was in a slightly better mood.

"What kind of life is it now? You're not satisfied? " Ji Xiao Han raised his eyebrow.

Tang You You was stunned again, she simply did not want to speak.

"You have two lovely children now. They bring you more happiness than any happiness, don't they?" Ji Xiao Han answered for her.

Tang You You could not deny that his words were what she was currently thinking in her heart.

"I'm not talking to you anymore. I still have work to do." Tang You You felt that he had said all that he needed to say, and continuing the conversation was just some rubbish.

When Ji Xiao Han saw that she was about to turn around and leave, he didn't know which part of his body went into chaos. He mysteriously reached out and grabbed her slender arm: "I hope you can promise me that you won't take your child to see your first love."

Tang You You looked at the big palm that was tightly grabbing onto her arm. The temperature of his palm was extremely hot, and through her clothes, it directly burned into her arm, causing her to feel uncomfortable.

"Don't worry, I don't want to expose my child's secret. Let me go quickly." Tang You You was a little annoyed as she shook her hand, shaking off the man's big palm.

Ji Xiao Han saw that she had regained his cold and unapproachable temperament. His pair of beautiful eyebrows were knitted together into a rope.

The Tang Family was some sort of family, he had already investigated Tang Xue Rou before, and only knew that Tang Xue Rou had a younger sister that was a different mother.

At that time, he did not know who Tang Xue Rou's sister was, nor did he know what she looked like. Now, looking at it, although Tang You You was in an incomplete family, she still retained her bottom line and pride.

Tang Xue Rou was immediately angered by Tang You You, and when she returned home, she flew into a rage.

Her mother, Meng Xiu Juan, quickly walked down from the stairs. Looking at her daughter's face filled with anger, she was shocked.

"Xue Rou, what happened? Why was he so angry when he came back? Who pissed you off? " Meng Xiu Juan immediately asked with concern.

Tang Xue Rou covered her face and cried: "Mom, that bitch Tang You You, she told Ji Xiao Han about what happened five years ago. Now, Ji Xiao Han is extremely angry at me, saying that I tricked him, that he has withdrawn all of my endorsements, and still doesn't know what he will do to me next. Mom, I'm done for, I'm almost done for."

Meng Xiu Juan knew everything about his daughter, and was also aware of Ji Xiao Han's important role in his daughter's entertainment.

Now that she suddenly heard her daughter's despairing words, her face turned white.

"Did Tang You You, that chatty woman, really report you?" The moment Meng Xiu Juan heard that it was Tang You You who destroyed her daughter's business, she immediately became angry, and wished that she could scrape that damned girl a thousand times.

"Mom, I personally heard her say that she was taking revenge on me. This is too vicious. She deliberately waited for me to succeed and then wanted me to fiercely fall off." Tang Xue Rou was also very unreconciled and was extremely angry.

Meng Xiu Juan's face was also deathly pale, she was at a loss of what to do for the moment. Seeing her daughter's dejected look, she couldn't think of any way to help her.

"She must be because of that piece of jade. If I find the jade she wants … "It's useless. It's too late. I really regret not taking this matter seriously." Tang Xue Rou was so regretful that she was about to die. If she had given Tang You You the jade and money back then, Tang You You would have already brought the money and left the country a long time ago.

"What jade?" My daughter, can't you go beg Ji Xiao Han? At least you followed him for so long... It's impossible for him to not remember his old friendship at all. " Meng Xiu Juan hurriedly tried to think of a way for her.

Hearing his mother's words, Tang Xue Rou's face froze, and after that, she cried in despair: "Mom, there's one thing I lied to you about, nothing happened between Ji Xiao Han and I, everyone is saying that I'm his girlfriend, but in reality … He hasn't even touched my fingers. "

"What?" Meng Xiu Juan was heavily shocked. Until that moment, she had still been dreaming of her daughter marrying Ji Xiao Han, and she had become the richest mother-in-law in history.

But now, her daughter's words had shattered all of her beautiful dreams.

"Ji Xiao Han has never touched you? That's impossible. You've been spreading rumors with him for almost five years, and in that time, he hasn't fallen for you? "But you clearly said before that you and him already …" Meng Xiu Juan still did not believe this fact. She felt that her daughter was so beautiful and charming, and Ji Xiao Han was a mature man. It was impossible for him to not show respect to his daughter.

"Mom, when I said that, I just... There are many people outside who say that we are related, and I hope it's like that as well. If Ji Xiao Han really did exist with me, I can definitely find him to reason with right now, but in reality, he is only giving me endless resources behind his back. For others to respect me, it's also because of his relationship with me. " The more Tang Xue Rou thought about it, the more sad she felt, and the more she despaired.