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Tang youyou has already attended several courses. In the evening, he needs to watch a show. The schedule of the day is full. Although he is tired, he is also full. Moreover, master level lectures can really benefit people and are worth listening to.

The next day's trip has already begun. Tang youyou starts from the hotel, escorted by a bodyguard, and goes to the university where she attends the lecture. The whole process is very secure, and Tang youyou feels very secure. There is a half hour tea break in the afternoon. Tang youyou and several designers from all over the world are talking. Suddenly, her bodyguard comes over and whispers in her ear, "Miss Tang, there is a girl named Lanmei Xi outside who wants to see you." "

Ramsey? I don't know the man by the name. " Tang youyou immediately felt alert. "

she said that she knows you, and that she has a very urgent thing to ask you for help, and that you must help her once, she will be grateful." The bodyguard continued.

"Does she have a problem?" Tang youyou asks.

The bodyguard replied, "she checked her papers for us. Besides, she is still an overseas student here, not like a terrorist."

Don youyou wonder, is it really her friend? But she has a good memory. I don't remember that she has a friend named Lanmei Xi.

"There is a teahouse nearby. Please ask her to come there and talk." Tang youyou heard that there was something urgent, so she had to plan to meet this person. In case of something urgent, she might be able to help others.

Tang youyou said goodbye to his friend and walked to the teahouse. He saw a girl who was timid. She tightly grasped the strap of her backpack. After seeing her, she tried to squeeze out a smile and beckoned to her. Then he introduced himself: "Miss Tang, I dare to disturb you, but I can't find anyone else to help me."

"Is Miss blue? Have we met? " Tang youyou still looks at her defensively.

"No, it's the first time we've met. By the way, my name is Ramsey. I'd like to ask you something. I hope you can help me. It may be a chore for you, but for me, it's about my happiness all my life. If you help me, I'll repay the kindness later." On the beautiful and delicate little face of Ramsey, there was nervousness. "

Oh, what can I do for you?" Tang youyou looks at her and finds that her eyes are clear and sincere, not like a bad person. "

that I heard that your husband Mr. Ji has contacts with Vice President Ling Mo Feng. Then he must have his contact information. I I was pointed out by my grandfather to be married to him, but I don't want to marry him. Can you tell him that he must give up the marriage? Let's not worry about each other's happiness. He hasn't seen me, and certainly won't like me. Miss Tang, please help me. I escaped from marriage now. My grandfather is sending someone to catch me. If I catch me, I will dare again Run, he'll break my leg. " Lanmeixi's eyes were red as she said it. It can be seen that she was really helpless. She explained the causes and consequences in one breath. Next, she could only blink her tearful eyes like a helpless rabbit, looking at Tang youyou for help.

Tang youyou looks at her in amazement, but she asks for it. "

that I'm not sure if my husband and the vice president have personal relations. Otherwise, I'll ask for you. You can leave a contact information for me. When I say hello, I'll call you. " Tang youyou really wants to refuse cruelly, because she doesn't want to interfere with Ji Xiaohan's communication with others. However, the little face with tears in front of her is hard to refuse. OK, she is still a soft hearted person. "

really? Thank you so much, Miss Tang. It's very kind of you. This is my contact number. Please help me to deliver the news and ask Ling Mo Feng to propose to withdraw. " Ramsey said as she reached out to wipe the tears from the corner of her eyes, looking relieved. Don

youyou takes her contact number and looks at her tearful face again, wondering: "the other party is the vice president, how can you not want to marry him? A man of high position and weight should give a woman more sense of security. " "

I'm not as good as Miss Tang. I've heard about your love story with Mr. Ji. Unfortunately, I'm such a person. I don't like being forced to do things I don't want." Ramsey laughed bitterly at herself. "

don't you like Ling Mo Feng's appearance? I think he is very handsome! " Tang youyou saw Ling Mo Feng on TV. Although he wore a rigorous suit every time he appeared, his handsome young face attracted a large number of women's attention.

"What's the use of handsome men? They can't serve as food. What I pay more attention to is spiritual food!" Lanmeixi shrugged helplessly, and then thanked again: "Miss Tang, thank you for your help. I won't disturb you. Go first!" "

OK, I'll get in touch with you if you have any news!" Tang youjue's girl is very polite, and she knows what she wants. She is a very character person.

Tang youyou takes out his mobile phone and calls Ji Xiaohan. Because

is the relationship of time difference, at this time, season owl cold should no longer rest time.

"Miss me?" The man is busy in the bathroom with the razor while turning on the handsfree mobile phone. Ji Xiaohan just got up. With the razor falling, the clean and elegant male face is full of charm and spirit.

"No, I have something to ask you!" Tang youyou said with a smile.

"I don't like to hear anything but think of me!" The man played a domineering nature. "

OK, I miss you!" Tang youyou had to follow the tiger's fur to talk, so as not to make him unhappy. "

really perfunctory." The man is dissatisfied. Don

youyou giggles all the time. I don't know why, the ability to make Jixiao angry is getting better and better. Of course, it's also because this man has too much character and can easily step on his boundary. "

come on, what's up!" Ji Xiaohan is not joking with her now. Ask seriously. "

just now, a girl named Gao Meixi came to me. She called herself the fiancee of vice president Ling Mo Feng. She wanted to ask Ling Mo Feng to cancel the wedding ceremony. Can you ask him for help?" Tang youyou also felt that he was a bit nosy, but just now, he agreed with others in a soft heart, and he couldn't talk about it without help. "

it seems that you are very idle in your study this time. You are also in charge of other people's business!" Ji Yueze couldn't help laughing. "

can you help me Tang youyou asked helplessly.

"Let others deal with their own affairs. Just in time, Ling Mo Feng may visit your country tomorrow and let them deal with it by themselves." Said the season owl lazily.