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She cares a lot about

Tang You You was so anxious that he was about to go crazy, how could the jade that was just kept in the drawer disappear?

She remembered that the old lady mentioned the jade pendant to her a while ago and she saw it then. It was just a few days and it was gone.

Ji Xiao Han suddenly said in a low voice: "You long, don't worry, I'll ask Uncle Yuan and see if he knows where the jade pendant went."

Only then did Tang You You calm down, and her beautiful eyes became a little moist: "Okay, help me ask around, to see if you helped me put it somewhere else when you were cleaning it."

Ji Xiao Han walked towards the Walk Outside with exceptionally heavy footsteps.

He didn't know how to wrap this matter up properly, because he could see that Tang You You had a very deep feeling towards that jade pendant.

Indeed, that was the only thing her parents had left her. Even if it wasn't precious, it still represented a very important matter.

Ji Xiao Han went down to the living room in a daze. Seeing him like this, Uncle Yuan immediately felt that something was wrong. He went up and asked: "Young Master, what's wrong? Is something wrong? "

Ji Xiao Han's gaze swept across the hall, seeing that no one was around, he said in a low voice: "I noticed that the jade pendant was missing!"

"Ah …" Uncle Yuan was shocked, he looked at Ji Xiao Han with a guilty conscience: "Young Master, what should we do? Would she discover … "

"Did the servant you sent away the last time leave already?" Ji Xiao Han asked with a solemn face.

"She left a few days ago, I gave her quite a bit of money!" Uncle Yuan quickly replied.

"Then let's put on a good act. We must not let her see any flaws." Ji Xiao Han said seriously.

Not long later, Tang You You appeared in front of them. Her long hair was in a mess, and she had an anxious look on her face: "Uncle Yuan, did you see my jade pendant?"

Although he was nervous for a moment, he quickly recovered. "Miss Tang, I did not see it, but a few days ago I had a servant clean your room."

"Is that so? Will you speak to the servant as soon as possible? "Maybe she left my jade pendant somewhere else." Hearing that, Tang You You immediately revealed a happy expression.

However, Uncle Yuan was confused: "I'm really sorry Miss Tang, that servant already left his service a few days ago. I'm afraid I can't find her now."

"What?" Tang You You's expression instantly froze.

Ji Xiao Han immediately walked to her side and wrapped his arm around her tottering body, consoling her in a soft voice, "Sans, don't be sad. Uncle Yuan and I felt your pendant, it's very possible that it was stolen by that servant."

"Why did she take the jade pendant? It's not worth much. " Tang You You was furious.

Uncle Yuan hurriedly tried to explain, "That servant is a bit old. Maybe because he hasn't seen any diamond or jewelry, he felt that gold and jade were worth a lot of money, so he chose your jade pendant and took it."

When Tang You You heard it, he crumbled even more!

Ji Xiao Han secretly looked at Uncle Yuan closely, showing that his act was not bad.

Uncle Yuan was covered in cold sweat. He was really afraid that his poor performance would be blamed by Young Master.

"Ji Xiao Han, can you help me find that servant? I can give her money and ask her to give me back what my parents left me, please. "

Tang You You's eyes were filled with pleading, "I really don't want to lose that jade pendant. You know that it has a different meaning to me, I can give it to her, I only request that she give it back to me!"

Uncle Yuan's expression froze, Finished, is Miss Tang going to pursue the matter?

Ji Xiao Han's handsome face stiffened for a few seconds, then recovered back to normal, his tone became as gentle as before: "Okay, I will have someone go find her, but, I cannot guarantee whether she sold her jade pendant or not, can he bring it back?"

The moment she heard about selling it, despair flashed across Tang You You's face. She closed her eyes and nodded: "Alright, help me look around first."

"I will, don't be sad, I will take you upstairs to rest!" Ji Xiao Han held her hand and led her upstairs.

Uncle Yuan wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. Sigh, why is Young Master doing this? Why did he hide the jade pendant?

Ji Xiao Han brought Tang You You back to his bedroom. Tang Xiao Nai was still rummaging on the bed, but when he saw Tang You You come in, she immediately said with a face full of disappointment, "Mummy, I've searched the entire bed, but I haven't been able to find him."

Tang You You forced a smile: "Xiao Nai, go and play with your brother, there's no need to find him."

"Can't find it?" Tang Xiao Nai immediately blinked her eyes.

Ji Xiao Han didn't want his daughter to bring up this topic anymore, so he pushed the little guy's small body towards the Walk Outside: "Go play with Big Brother for a while. Mom is tired, she wants to rest!"

"Alright father, take good care of Mummy!" With that said, Tang Xiao Nai ran off.

Tang Xiao Nai ran to Toy Room on the third floor and saw Tang Xiao Rui holding onto a small plane.

"Big brother, what are you doing?" Tang Xiao Nai asked curiously.

Tang Xiao Rui pointed to the osmanthus tree outside the window. "Idiot Xiao Nai, can I pick some flowers for you?"

"What flower?" "Does it smell good?" Tang Xiao Nai immediately looked out the window.

"It's very fragrant. It's the osmanthus flower!" As Tang Xiao Rui spoke, he slowly maneuvered the small plane over.

However, Tang Xiao Nai was not interested, and sighed: "Mummy's things are gone, Mummy is crying! So sad! "

Hearing that, the moment Tang Xiao Rui lost control of the controller, the small plane flew out and landed on the grass downstairs.

"What did the Mummy lose?" Indeed, what Tang Xiao Rui cared about the most was the Mummy.

"It seems to be a very important piece of jade in Mummy. I have seen it before, to be honest, it is not pretty. It is ugly, I wonder why Mummy cares about it so much." Tang Xiao Nai propped her chin up with a depressed expression.

Tang Xiao Rui tapped her little head with his finger: "Idiot, that's what Grandfather and Grandmother left for Mummy, Mummy will definitely be hurt, let's go, we'll help her look for it."

"I've already searched through it, but I can't find it!" Tang Xiao Nai shook his head, "Daddy is comforting Mummy right now, let's not go!"

Hearing that, Tang Xiao Rui could only nod his head: "Alright then, my plane broke. I have to go down and fix it."

"I'll go with you!" Tang Xiao Nai screamed and ran out after her.

In the bedroom on the second floor, Tang You You sat on the bed with a sorrowful expression.

Ji Xiao Han sat by her side and held her small hand tightly: "From now on, we are your most important family members. Don't be sad anymore, okay?"

Tang You You closed his eyes and bit his lips: "Without that jade pendant, do I really have no fate with my parents at all?"

"It's just a thing." Ji Xiao Han comforted her.

"I know, but, thinking about that jade pendant my parents left for me, I feel that it's worth it for me to cherish." Tang You You sighed.