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"I want to come out and breathe!" Bai Yiyan gave a pale reason. Unfortunately, her cold, white face was more convincing. In addition, she was only wearing a white turtleneck and even a coat. At the moment, she was frozen to cold hands and feet.

Ji Yueze walked right behind her, with deep eyes, locking her pale and colorless face. The next second, with his iron chip like arm, he felt that he had put an ice in her arms. This woman, from head to foot, was stained with cold air. Isn't she going to die?

"You..." Bai Yiyan didn't expect that he would suddenly hug herself into her arms, but she couldn't say what she wanted to say for a while, so she had to stay quiet in her arms and didn't move at all.

Two seconds later, the man took her directly into the hall and closed the cold door. Jun's face was covered with ice: "do you want to die?"

Bai Yiyan was shocked for a moment and shook her head: "of course not, I am..."

"Don't think you are ill, I won't force you to find Bai Zhenzhen!" Ji Yueze understood her words directly as he thought.

Bai Yiyan: "..." Well, she really didn't think so much. She just felt upset. She took the mobile phone and opened the recording twice. The more she listened, the more she realized that the aunt had really overdone it. Because when she heard that the day of Ji Yueze's death was Ji Yueze's birthday, her heart was like being stabbed by a knife. It hurt so much that she couldn't breathe. At last, she had to run out and let her son Cold will attack in, don't let oneself be tormented by that dull pain.

Ji Yueze's words just finished, Bai Yiyan can't help sneezing three times in a row, one louder than the other.

Bai Yiyan looks embarrassed, covers her lips, and looks at Ji Yueze with a pair of beautiful eyes. She is afraid that he will get angry again.

Ji Yueze stares at her with red eyes, which frightens her. She is afraid of his eyes.

"Why are you a true niece?" The man's tall body stepped forward and approached her a few steps. His voice was hoarse and painful.

Bai Yiyan took a step back and shook her head. She said pitifully, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

"What's the use of your apology?" Ji Yueze sneers.

"I I also think my aunt did a very wrong thing, Ji Yueze. If you find her, what would you do? " Bai Yiyan's voice was trembling and scared.

"I'll make her die!" Ji Yueze thought of today's attacks and said coldly.

Bai Yiyan's heart leaped with fear. Although she didn't know what Ji Yueze meant, she was still afraid. After all, aunt is her own family. How could she bear to see her tortured?

See her face white, silent, Ji Yueze can not help sneer: "you are not to help her plead."

Bai Yiyan looks sad and shakes her head: "no, besides, even if I ask you, you will not let her go." "You know, I hope my hatred of her will not affect our feelings!" Between Ji Yueze's words, Jianshi approaches another step and stares at her from a high position. Seeing that the light at the bottom of her eyes is broken and sad, he is inexplicably upset. He holds her directly in his arms and blocks her beautiful eyes with thin lips


Bai Yiyan was shocked, and quickly closed her eyes. She felt the man's lips move down again.

When she kissed her cold lips, it seemed to deepen, but Bai Yiyan pushed him away and quickly covered her mouth: "don't kiss, I may have a cold, don't infect you!"

At the moment when Ji Yueze was pushed away by her, her face changed for a while. After hearing her explanation again, it looked better.

"I'm not afraid. I'm in good health!" Once again, the man pulled her into his arms. At this moment, it seems that only her soft lips can comfort his injured heart.

Yes, only she can!

The more Ji Yueze is greedy for this mouth, the more he can't distinguish his inner feelings.

Bai Yiyan closes her eyes and lets him do anything to herself. At the moment, she is also powerless. She doesn't know how to share the pain for him. Maybe, she can only care for him more gently and take care of him so as to make up for his inner hurt.


It's dark in the night, and Ji Xiaohan has put forward his own ideas with LAN Yue to let her move in.

Of course, LAN Yue is very happy, happily agrees, and decides to move in a few days.

LAN Yuezhi didn't promise to move tomorrow, because she knew that Xia Weiwen would come to her tomorrow at noon. They were husband and wife before, and they were not afraid of the eyes of others. But now, they get along with each other, but they are not so easy.

Even when we met, we didn't dare to be fair. Although LAN Yue didn't tell Ji Xiaohan and Tang Youyou, she knew that she would only keep a distance with Xia Weiwen in the future.

At about 10 p.m., the lights of Jijia's house went out. There were only soft lights in the bedroom on the second floor.

Tang youyou coaxes the two little guys to sleep. They heard that they have had a holiday. They jumped on the bed excitedly for a long time before they went to sleep. Tang youYou can't understand how simple and happy children's minds are.

Back in the room, I saw the man sitting on the sofa, reading with his cell phone. It seemed to be something related to work.

Tang youyou walked behind him, reached around his neck, and leaned close to him.

Ji Xiaohan reaches out and touches her wrist. The relationship between the two people is not as passionate as before. They are back to the warmest time between husband and wife.

"Ji Shangqing's eyes are getting more and more confused. I really want to find someone to teach him a lesson." The man turns off the mobile phone, Jun's face is stained with a thick unhappiness, and his voice is cold.

Tang youyou chuckled, "how did you find out?"

"Don't you feel his bad intention to see you?" Season owl cold a little dissatisfied stare at her to ask.

"Of course, I found out. I just ignore him!" Tang youyou is also very upset. Although it's a proud thing to have a pursuer, this man only makes her feel sick.

"In the future, you should stay away from him and never see him again, understand?" Ji Xiaohan seems to have told her before, but at the moment, he still doesn't trust to remind her again. "By the way, let me tell you something. Tang Youkang called me and invited me to have a meal in those days when you went abroad." Tang youyou didn't mention it all the time, because he didn't think it was necessary to mention it. But since he cared so much about her meeting with Ji Shangqing, she should be honest and frank. In case he found out later, she was afraid of misunderstanding.