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C1686 major decisions

Mu Weicheng left school completely. Ling's warm heart seemed empty.

Although said many times goodbye, but when he really left, she still very miss.

Maybe, she really should read the book carefully, and when she has become excellent, she can stand beside him in a reasonable way, instead of secretly liking him as she is now, and nobody dares to tell.

Zhang Luyao also looks lovelorn. Looking at Ling Nuan, her eyes are full of anger.

She firmly believed that the departure of Mu Weicheng must have something to do with her identity and background.

His eldest uncle died in prison less than a month after he was put in prison. Now many rumors say that this is the black hand behind Ling Mo Feng. Mu Weicheng must be upset, so he chose to leave.

Zhang Luyao wants to get angry more and more. At lunch time, she directly blocks Ling's warm road.

"What do you want to do?" Ling wennuan is also tired of seeing her, and it's the kind that she's tired of.

Zhang Luyao's eyes stared at her like knives, wishing they could pierce her clear eyes.

"You forced him away. You're happy now, aren't you? Ling wennuan, when you come, nothing good has happened. Everything goes wrong with me. We must be enemies in our last life. Otherwise, why do you come? I'm in such a bad mood. " Zhang Luyao attributes all the bad mood at the moment to Ling warm.

Ling warms up and doesn't want to gang ran to turn a corner of the mouth: "your matter, have what relation with me."

Xia ninglan stood by, her face white with fear. She could not help but flinch back a few steps. Then, she said in a hurry: "warm, I seem to forget my wallet. I have to go back to the classroom to get it."

Xianinglan doesn't wait for lingnuan to answer her, she turns around and runs away.

Ling warm side head to see, beautiful eyes flash a trace of confusion.

Zhang Luyao immediately took the opportunity to ridicule her: "see, your only friend is not willing to help you, Ling Nuan, you are a real failure."

Ling warm frowned, some angry: "you said no, I am what kind of life, not to you."

"Yes, it's not the turn, but I just want to say it. If I don't say it again, I just don't have a chance. I applied for suspension. I'm going to a place, Ling wennuan. Guess where I'm going?" Zhang Luyao's face flashed with a satisfied smile.

Ling doesn't want to guess at all, because no matter what new development Zhang Luyao has, she doesn't care at all.

"Well, I'll keep it secret." Zhang Luyao immediately laughed.

Ling wennuan feels that she is really bored. She can't find any other fun except bullying others every day?

"Zhang Luyao, what are you doing?" Suddenly, Mu Yun's voice came from the side. As a teacher, she couldn't really feel good for Zhang Luyao, a student with poor grades.

"Oh, it's Mr. mu. I didn't do anything but chat." Zhang Luyao is very polite to Mu Yun. He smiles at once, then turns around and leaves.

Ling wennuan looked at Mu Yun gratefully. "Thank you for helping me out."

Mu Yun looks at Ling Nuan's eyes, which are complicated, but at last they turn to indifference: "you should avoid her as much as possible in the future, and she loves to find someone with soft disposition like you."

"Thank you for reminding me, sister Moyun." Ling warm is still sincere together.

Moyun sighed and turned to go to the canteen with the staff.

Ling wennuan breathed out a breath and looked back to see the direction of Xia ninglan's disappearance. Her heart suddenly flashed a self mockery.

Maybe she can't make true friends in this school. Does she have to transfer back to school?

It's not impossible for lingnuan to have a smoke in her head. Now she wants to focus on her studies, so she can only go back to the previous school to study. The atmosphere there is much better than here.

"Well, it seems that I have to talk to grandpa again." Ling wennuan is ashamed of her behavior. Her grandfather is a very old man, but she always troubles him.

Ling wennuan went back to the classroom after having lunch, and found that Xia ninglan turned away when she saw her. She didn't want to take care of her.

Ling wennuan froze and asked her, "what's wrong with you, Ning Lan? Why don't you talk to me all of a sudden? "

"What is this?" All of a sudden, she turned out a diary she had written.

Ling warm saw that diary, a pair of eyes suddenly surprised: "how can you turn over my things?"

"You said before that you have someone you like, but you never said who you like. It's the drillmaster mu."

Ling wennuan's face was stiff. He quickly put the diary into his backpack: "Ning Lan, when I think you are a friend, I have no defense against you. But that doesn't mean that you can read my diary without my consent. It's my privacy."

"I'm stupid. I should have guessed that what you like is instructor mu." Xia ninglan's tone of self pity.

Lingnuan heard her saying this, and her expression was startled: "Ning Lan, do you like him, too? When did it happen? How could you like him? "

"What? If you only like him, I'm not qualified to pursue a better man than me, am I? " Xia ninglan immediately stared at her angrily. Her voice was loud. Several students in the class were reading books. When they heard her, they were surprised to see her.

Ling wennuan blushed for a while and went out with her backpack.

Xia ninglan's eyes were filled with resentment, which made her more sad.

Ling wennuan walked out of the classroom and looked up at the sky. Mu Weicheng could really provoke peach blossom. However, after a few days of teaching here, there were so many peach blossoms blooming for him.

How can this make people feel at ease?

Ling Nuan's warm air bites his teeth. No way. Since Mu Weicheng is so popular, how can she let him live far away alone?

Ling wennuan suddenly made a very amazing decision. She wanted to find Mu Weicheng. No matter what, she had to stay with him and not let other peach blossom have a chance.

Ling wennuan was shocked by her decision. She couldn't help but caress the position of her heart. As expected, her heart beat faster.

If she wants to leave the school and go to the remote base to find Mu Weicheng, whose consent is required?

Big brother!

Ling warm moment has a kind of beaten back to the original feeling of powerlessness, big brother will allow her to go?

She felt that she went to grandpa to ask for help. Maybe the chance was even greater.

No matter what, Ling decided to get rid of all difficulties and find Mu Weicheng. Two people who love each other and two sincere hearts should not be blocked by external factors. Their lives are short and they can't be found without a day. She loves him for a day.

As if she had found a new road of life, she tightened her backpack and walked forward firmly.

Mu Yun, with a cup of tea, stood in front of the glass window of the office, and happened to see Ling warm figure passing through the main road of the school. Her brow twisted.

In fact, she has no malice to Ling Nuan, but she is the daughter of Ling's family, which always seems to have a thorn in her heart. She only hopes that she will be safe and well. There will be no more intersections in the future, just like strangers, who will never hurt even if they do not bless.

"Miss mu, your cell phone rings." Suddenly, someone was shouting at her.

Mu Yun is stunned for a moment, put down the tea cup, walk around the desk quickly, pick up the mobile phone, a strange call.

Mu Yun pastes her mobile phone to her ear and hears a deep male voice: "Mu teacher? I don't know if you will take the job of tutor. "

"Who are you? I don't know you. " Moyun frowned and said lightly.

"I was introduced to you by a friend who said that you are majoring in English education abroad. My sister is going to study abroad. At present, she wants to find a tutor. I don't know where you are free. We can meet and talk." The man's voice sounds polite.

Mu Yun thought for a moment: "I'm not going to take this kind of job at present, sorry."

"Don't you think about it? I can pay a lot of money. " Men seem to be digging holes.

Mu Yun smiled lightly: "if you really know me from my friend, you will know that I am not short of money."

After a few seconds of silence, the other side said lightly, "excuse me!"