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Tang You You stared at the live broadcast, his mind was about to explode. His face was green and ruthless, the phone in his hands, he wished that he could smash it on Tang You You's head and turn her into a fool.

Tang You You actually hooked up with Ji Xiao Han? This was intolerable.

She knew that Ji Xiao Han was a cold and restrained man. Once he got the taste of a woman, he might lose his head for a moment.

When the call connected, Tang Xue Rou ridiculed: "Lu Xuan Chen, didn't you not believe that Tang You You was a woman that coveted vanity? And now? How does it feel to be slapped in the face? She is already Ji Xiao Han's girlfriend, how dirty is she? Don't think that you need me to remind you. "

"Xue Rou, what do you want to say?" Lu Xuan Chen's heart was in pain enough, and it was unbearable enough, yet Tang Xue Rou still had to ruthlessly stomp on it a few more times.

"What don't I want to say? Your love for her is too deep. All these years, you carefully protected that pitiful little bit of love, yet in the end, she married into power, she must have despised you for lacking money, right? Tang You You might seem noble, but she is actually not stupid, she is not a fool, so it is impossible for her to not feel your feelings for her. She thinks you have no money. " Tang Xue Rou laughed sarcastically, her face looking like someone who had just cut a hole in the well.

"Tang Xue Rou, no matter what kind of person you are, you shouldn't have come to laugh at me. Lu Xuan Chen was angry, the fire burning in his heart directly landed on Tang Xue Rou's body.

"Lu Xuan Chen, I initially said that I would give myself to you, but you rejected me. Do you know what it's like to be in pain? Tang You You is a lowly son of a b * tch, the b * tch roots in her body will not be removed just because she climbed onto Ji Xiao Han. " Tang Xue Rou scolded him resentfully.

"Tang Xue Rou, shut up, don't forget what I used to be like. If you anger me, don't let me ruin your reputation." Lu Xuan Chen warned her coldly.

Tang Xue Rou realized that she had lost control way too much, and she immediately calmed down a little: "Xuan Chen, my apologies, I was too angry, you know how much I love Ji Xiao Han, and now that Tang You You had snatched him away, she must definitely be taking revenge on me. Xuan Chen, how about we make a deal here?"

"What kind of deal?" Lu Xuan Chen sneered.

"Aren't you in urgent need of a chance to rise up? It just so happens that when we spread the news of the scandal and show our love in front of the public, our popularity will rise, and the thing I want you to do will only benefit you, it won't hurt you at all. You just need to get Tang You You to sleep, and then we will win together. " Tang Xue Rou very straightforwardly told Lu Xuan Chen her shameful motive. She believed that if Lu Xuan Chen still loved Tang You You, he definitely would not reject such a good condition.

"I don't want to be in cahoots with you. My leisurely feelings are serious." Lu Xuan Chen rejected her almost without thinking.

"Lu Xuan Chen, you're still not awake? Tang You You is not worth your love, she has hurt your self-esteem and trampled on your sincerity. You should take revenge on her, why are you still protecting her? You are such a fool. " Tang Xue Rou was so mad, she felt that Lu Xuan Chen's infatuation for his was just stupid.

However, the reply she got was the cold and detached look of the other party as he hung up the phone.

Tang Xue Rou was so angry that she fiercely threw the phone on the table. Both of her arms were crossed over her chest as a pair of venomous eyes flashed wildly.

Lu Xuan Chen actually dared to reject her suggestion. He actually didn't even consider such an attractive deal.

The moment he thought about how Tang You You actually had such an infatuated pursuer, the roots of his teeth began to itch from his hatred.

Honestly speaking, her feelings towards Lu Xuan Chen had always been complicated. If one were to say that she liked him, she could give him up for a higher benefit. But if one were to say that she didn't like him, she couldn't bear to see him treating other women well either.

Tang Xue Rou also didn't know what kind of thoughts she had towards Lu Xuan Chen. If she was the queen, she would not hesitate to keep Lu Xuan Chen in the harem.

No, she must rise to the top.

Tang Xue Rou glanced at the golden jade ornament on the table, then narrowed her beautiful eyes. She laughed coldly: "Lu Xuan Chen, Tang You You, just you wait, I will let the show take place, at that time … "Don't blame me for being merciless."

When Mu Shi Ye found out that his first girlfriend had become a mother, he became a peeping Tom.

A black sports car drove to an intersection with a low profile.

Mu Shi Ye disguised himself, wearing a pair of sunglasses as he hid behind the driver's seat of the sportscar. Through the window, he looked at Pei An Xin, who was strolling with his friends while pushing a baby carriage.

She was wearing a loose beige long skirt and a dark gray scarf. Her long hair was tied around her head and her hair was a bit fluffy. It made her look like a young girl.

Mu Shi Ye stared at her figure like crazy. When he saw her and his friends enter a café, he stepped on the brakes and the sports car quickly came to a stop by the side of the road.

Then, he quickly got out of the car and walked towards the coffee shop.

Pei An Xin's baby carriage was parked beside the stairs on the first floor. She carried a little milk baby and followed his friends upstairs.

"Mister... Are you looking for someone? " The waiter raised his head and saw a young man with a devilishly handsome appearance wearing a casual suit. He was momentarily stunned before shyly stepping forward to ask him.

"Where are the two ladies who just went upstairs sitting?" Mu Shi Ye asked in a low voice.

"Oh, they're in room number 1!"

"Then I want room number 2!" Mu Shi Ye immediately said.

"Teacher, I'm sorry, there's a guest in room number 2. Why don't you choose a different room?"

"Go and discuss it with the guest in room number 2. I'm willing to pay for them and have them change their seats, okay?" Mu Shi Ye asked politely.