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Tang youyou finds that there is something wrong with the old lady's expression. It seems that it suddenly becomes complicated and dignified. Her nerves are also strained. She opens her mouth and asks the old lady about the result. Unfortunately, the old lady hands back her mobile phone with some heavy movements.

Turn around without saying a word and leave.

Tang youyou looks at the old lady's reflection in surprise. What's the matter? Why does the old lady seem to change her face in an instant? Besides, she seems to be indifferent to her.

Tang youyou wants to catch up and ask what happened. Suddenly, behind him, comes the voice of Ji Xiaohan.


Tang youyou steps forward and looks back at Ji Xiaohan anxiously. "Did your grandma really see my jade plate? Did she know about my parents?"

Ji Xiaohan looked at her anxious expression, and Jun's face changed a little. Then, he came quickly: "how do you know my grandma knows this?"

Tang youyou pointed to his mobile phone: "I just showed her the picture of the jade pendant. She seemed to know something. Her face changed a little bit."

"What?" Ji Xiaohan's whole body was trembling. A trace of coldness came out of his heart. He opened his mouth difficultly: "do you have a picture in your cell phone?"

Tang youyou nodded: "yes, when I went to the museum, I took all the photos of the jade pendant."

Ji Xiao's cold face suddenly became desperate. He leaned against the wall nearby, as if only in this way could he stand still.

"Ji Xiaohan, what's wrong with you? Why do you look so ugly? You... Is there something I'm not telling you? " Tang youyou looks at him in astonishment.

"Yo, I'll go upstairs and change!" Season owl cold didn't answer her what, only when the quick step turned to go upstairs.

A few minutes later, he had come down in a suit.

Tang youyou sits on the sofa, dazed, and sees him go downstairs. She hurries to meet him. Ji Xiaohan hurries to the door, saying, "suddenly something urgent happened in our company. I need to deal with it. The children will give it to you!"

"Ah..." Tang youyou wants to stop him and ask him a few words, but Ji Xiaohan doesn't give her a chance. He opens the door and sits in. The next second, the black car is far away.

Tang youyou is a little discontented and shouts: "it's really fast to go. No matter what you are worried about, don't worry about these one or two minutes."

Ji Xiaohan's car did not leave his manor, but drove from the seaside villa to the villa halfway up the mountain.

When he got out of the car, he rushed upstairs. In the corridor, he saw the old lady sitting on the sofa on the balcony alone, holding her father's image. She had a clean towel in her hand. Although the picture frame was spotless, the old lady had to wipe it every two days. Every time, tears were in her eyes. It was the most sad thing for the white haired to send the black haired.

Season owl cold heart, also inexplicably feel heavy, his footsteps like pouring lead, step by step to the old lady.

When he came to the door of the balcony, the old lady suddenly said, "kneel down!"

Ji Xiaohan looked at his grandmother with tears in his eyes. He knew the seriousness of the matter. He knelt silently in front of her and her father.

"Have you known Tang youyou's life long ago?" How smart the old lady is! Her eyes, like Li Ren, stare at Ji Xiaohan and force him to tell the truth.

Ji Xiaohan is silent. He lowers his head slightly. He dare not look into Grandma's eyes, let alone his father's face. His father smiles so gently in the picture. He only feels like a sinful man. He even dare not hope for tolerance. "Xiao Han, you are Grandma's pride from childhood. You were the closest to grandma when you were a child. You said that you would never lie to grandma in your life. Grandma believes you. Now, should you also tell Grandma the truth?" The tears in the old lady's eyes suddenly fell down. Her heart was really sad.

She was also disappointed. Unexpectedly, her grandson concealed such a big secret.

Ji Xiaohan stared at the ground, then he bit his thin lips and opened his mouth in a deep voice: "yes, grandma, I already knew her life experience." "You bastard!" The old lady suddenly got angry and scolded: "you are really an unfilial child. How can you continue to be with Xia Weiwen when you know she is Xia Weiwen's daughter? You still want to have a wedding with her, don't you? It's ridiculous. Your mother is Xia Weiwen's wife, and you married his daughter again. This relationship is so confusing. How do you let the children face it in the future? This is a shame. " Ji Xiaohan knows that grandma's words are reasonable. He really should scold. When he knows it's the abyss, he still wants to jump down with Tang youyou. He doesn't have time to imagine the consequences. He doesn't dare to think. He only knows that he wants to marry this woman and give his children a complete family.

that's all.

However, now that the truth of the matter is exposed, his only hope, I'm afraid, will not be fulfilled.

"I'm sorry, grandma!" Season owl cold low apology.

But the old lady cried out, "don't say sorry to me. What you're sorry for is your father, Xiao Han. How can you do this? You do this, grandma is really sad and disappointed, you know? "

"But I love her. I really love her. " Season owl cold voice, also full of sadness.

"You have the guts to love your enemy's daughter." The old lady snorted angrily, "didn't you ever swear that you would never see Xia family again in your life? What about your oath? "

The cold eyes of the season owl suddenly froze into a piece, as if even his breath had stopped. He felt only the chest and the pain.


"Don't say anything. You want to marry Tang youyou. Unless your grandfather and I are not in the world, I will go to heaven instead of you and ask your father to forgive you, the unfilial son." The old lady said in a flash that she was firmly opposed to his marriage with Tang youyou.

Ji Xiaohan shivered all over again. He looked up and his eyes were full of entreaties: "grandma, you should consider youyou as a person who is not Xia family. She has never been related to Xia family. You should consider her parents dead, OK? Don't let her leave me or the children. " The old lady didn't expect this. Her grandson insisted on marrying Tang youyou. She was also very sad and angry. "Are you ready to be angry with your grandfather and me? As I said, you are going to marry her. Unless we are all dead, you can't have any relationship with her Season owl cold heart completely lost hope, his whole person is a little sluggish.