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C634 unexpected visitors

Ji Yueze sees her a lukewarm tone, so he has to ask no more questions. He drives a sports car and arrives at Ji's villa.

Ji Xiaohan also came back at six o'clock. Although his face was as gentle as usual, there was a storm in his heart.

Just on the way home, Lu Qing called him and reported his findings.

It turns out that on the day of his return, his brother stayed in the hotel. Moreover, his room is on the same floor as Tang youyou's room, only a few rooms away.

This amount of information, like a basin of cold water, has watered out most of the fiery heart of jixiaohan.

He really can't accept the fact that his brother and don youyou?

How is this possible?

How long have they known each other? How many times have you met?

Ji Xiaohan's heart can't believe that all this is true. Maybe he is too sensitive. Maybe he cares too much about Tang youyou. So, the men who are closer to her are all wrong with her.

It's getting dark!

Mrs. Ji and the old man are very happy, because we can get together again today.

It's just that Mrs. Ji is a little bit early. At this time, the security office of Ji's manor suddenly calls for instructions.

"Mr. Ji, a Mr. Xia and a wife who claims to be your mother want to come in. Can you let me go?"

After Ji Xiaohan received the call, his face suddenly changed.

The old lady stood beside him and saw that his face was suddenly stiff. She immediately asked with concern, "what's the matter, Xiao Han? What happened? "

"Javier and my mother are here. They want to come in!" Ji Xiaohan didn't hide it from his grandmother either, he said directly.

The old lady's face soon turned ugly, and she said angrily, "what are they doing here?" "Maybe because I know about youyou's accident, I want to see her." Ji Xiaohan kept Tang youyou in the dark about the accident, so Xia Weiwen didn't know about it until Tang Youkang called him and counted Tang youyou's multiple charges on the phone. He wanted his biological father to come and educate her. Xia Weiwen knew that his daughter had a car accident and was being treated in the hospital. So he booked a ticket with LAN Yue and flew back to China. He went to the hospital. Because Tang Youkang told him the address, but it turned out that Tang youyou had left the hospital to go home, so they drove here.

The old lady's face was livid, and Ji Xiaohan immediately said, "grandma, don't be angry. If you don't want to see them, I'll let the guards not let you go."

"Forget it, let them in!" After a few seconds of silence, the old lady opened her mouth.

Ji Xiaohan was a little surprised and looked at his grandmother: "grandma, don't you want to see them?"

"Yes, I don't want to see Xia Weiwen or your mother, but after all, Tang youyou is his daughter. It's not a crime for her to come to visit as a father when she has a car accident." The old lady seems to be beginning to make a point.

Season owl cold nodded: "OK, let them in."

Ji Xiaohan orders the guards to let him go. Then he goes upstairs quickly.

Tang youyou sits in the bedroom, dazed. She doesn't know what she's thinking, but she always has a little uneasiness and worry.

Bedroom door, open it!

Tang youyou looks back quickly and sees a tall figure coming in.

"Why didn't the light go on?" Ji Xiaohan steps in and finds that the bedroom is still dark. He immediately asks in a low voice.

Tang youyou stood up and whispered, "I'll turn on the light now!"

Before she could get to the switch, the man's slender fingers filled the room with light.

Tang youyou stood in the same place, a pair of clear eyes, a flash of panic.

"Come on, your father and my mother are here!" Ji Xiaohan feels that she is a little absent-minded, and he seems to know why she has this mood, so his heart is more stuffy.

Tang youyou suddenly surprised: "how did they come?"

"I should have heard about your accident!" Season owl cold light answer.

Tang Youmei glanced at his gloomy expression secretly: "if you don't want us to meet here, otherwise, I'll go out for dinner with my father. You can eat at home!"

This is no better. Anyway, she wants to lie down and avoid meeting Ji Yueze as much as possible.

"No, if you have anything to say, just sit down at home and say it." Ji Xiaohan immediately refused to let her out.

Tang youyou asked uneasily, "do your grandparents have any opinions? If they have any questions, I'll let my dad and them go to the seaside villa to have a talk. "

"Even if my grandma asked me to let them in, you should not go anywhere, just here!" Ji Xiaohan can feel that she wants to escape.

What is she running for?

Tang youyou bit his lips, nodded, and then said gratefully, "thank you for letting our father and daughter meet."

"He's your father, anyway. He'll come to care for you and prove that he's a qualified father." Ji Xiaohan's tone is not very good. After that, he turns around and goes out first.

Tang youyou saw that he was not very happy. Was it because his father came?

Tang youyou hurriedly went downstairs and saw a black car parked at the entrance of the hall. Xia Weiwen and LAN Yue, who had come down from the car, were not very natural.

"Dad..." Tang youyou is still very happy to see Xia Weiwen. Although their father and daughter are always separated in the two countries for various reasons, their feelings are constantly cut.

Xia Weiwen looked at his daughter's head wrapped with gauze. He was very sad. He hurried forward and asked, "you are OK, I heard that you had a car accident, which scared me."

Tang youyou shook his head: "I'm ok. Look, I'm really OK. Don't worry."

LAN Yue follows Xia Weiwen. Tang youyou nods to her in a complicated way. LAN Yue also smiles.

"Talk to your father and daughter. I'm in!" LAN Yue said, and stepped into the gate of Ji's house. In the living room, the old lady saw her and gave a light snort. However, she didn't hate her as much as before.

Ji Xiaohan is also sitting on the sofa. Seeing LAN Yue, his face is a little stiff.

"Old lady! I've come to disturb you again. I heard that youyou had a car accident. We're all worried. Now I see that she's OK. We're relieved. " LAN Yue said directly, regardless of the old lady's cold face. "I'll take care of her. Don't worry!" Said season owl with a cold face.