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In fact, it's not the hot water, but the man's body.

LAN Yanxi frowned and pulled out the water with her fingers: "no, I usually have to put it hotter."

"I'm a man. Men and women have different physiques. Of course, I can adapt to different temperatures." Ling Mo Feng said with a chuckle.

LAN Yanxi lies beside her. Her beautiful eyes didn't dare to look at the man carefully just now. At this moment, she's too ashamed to be unscrupulous again.

"Don't look!" The man hurriedly uses the big palm to disturb the water mark, forbids her to stare at the water surface to look hard.

LAN Yanxi smiled and blinked at him: "I see it all. You don't let me see it now. I remember it in my mind."

"Then you Satisfied? " Man handsome face don't know is hot water steaming red, or blush, asked this sentence, he felt his dignity is gone.

"What satisfaction?" LAN Yanxi didn't understand for a while. Forgive her for sometimes breaking the brain circuit.

Of course, Ling didn't continue to ask, so he shook his head: "nothing, you are right. We are husband and wife. There will be no secret between them."

"Oh, I see. You mean Size? " LAN Yanxi smiled when he knew it.

Ling Mo Feng managed to recover his normal complexion and burst into red in an instant. He quickly opened his face and didn't want to see the woman's bad expression.

"Satisfied, very satisfied!" Blue words are ready to answer him.

Ling Mo Feng has an impulse to crash into the past. Good point. Why does he want to talk about this topic?

However, maybe this is the fun between husband and wife. Every minute and second with her is the most relaxing time for him to cherish.

Even if she is mischievous, even if she is mischievous, he hopes that this kind of time can be more, more.

Seeing that all men don't want to take care of themselves, blue words, as if he said something wrong.

So I closed my mouth tightly and stood up: "then I'll go out and find your pajamas first, and ask me for something."

"Good!" The man nodded as if he had no face, but from his answer, he was not angry.

LAN Yanxi is in a good mood and happily goes out to help men find pajamas.

In the hotel, it's late at night, but blue fiber is still drinking. One cup after another, she wants to get drunk. She wants to die like this. Her life has been broken and she has lost her face.

Once, like Li Changsheng, she was disgusted at one more look, but one day she was mocked and humiliated by him, which made her ashamed and lose face.

Lanlin swipes the card, pushes the door in and sees that Lanxian has drunk a lot of wine. She immediately runs over and takes the glass in her hand: "what's the matter? Sister, why do you drink so much wine? "

"Xiaolin, here you are, take the wine Give it to me! " Blue fibril saw that she had robbed the wine, and immediately walked unsteadily to retrieve the cup.

Lanlin is surprised. Isn't Lanxian going to see Li Changsheng? Didn't we talk about getting married? Why do you go back to the hotel and get drunk? Is it possible that the marriage has not been completed, or has it been completed, but LAN Xianxian is not happy, because Li Changsheng is not the man she loves.

"Sister, tell me what happened to you. I'm worried about you." Lanlin immediately put on an expression of concern.

Blue fiber suddenly stumbled on the leg of the chair beside him, and the whole person fell in a mess.

Lying on the ground, she cried bitterly and scolded: "Lan Yanxi, the insidious bitch, actually sent the video of my being humiliated to Li Changsheng, so that the bastard could humiliate me. I don't want to live anymore. Xiao Lin, I want to die. What's the point of my life? Even Li Changsheng despises me. I'm so miserable and painful."

Lanlin listened to her crying and despairing words, she looked stunned, and then, in the bottom of her heart, she chuckled happily. Was it naive to help her? What she hoped to happen actually happened. Li Changsheng knew about it. Then, the marriage between LAN Xianxian and him was yellow.

What's more, Li Changsheng's greasy and flowery radish will certainly not let go of the blue fibril. After all, he has always regarded the blue fibril as a goddess. Suddenly, he saw his goddess and other men happily together, as if he splashed the most holy things in his heart with dirty water. Where can he stand it? Once the precious things are broken, they lose all their value. Li Changsheng is sure that he wants to rob the blue fiber and have a relationship with her.

"Sister, did Li Changsheng laugh at you? He's not a thing. He's as fat as a pig. He doesn't even have the chance to lick your feet. He dares to laugh at you. Don't worry. I'll go to him right now "Lanlin immediately scolded angrily.

"Don't go, Xiao Lin, can't go. It's disgraceful enough. He still has my video in his hand. If he gets angry, if he spreads it, then I really don't have the courage to live." LAN Xianxian quickly got up from the ground, shook and grabbed her sister's arm: "Xiaolin, I can't live any longer, I must let LAN Yanxi bury me, I will let her go to hell together, she is too vicious, so I will hurt her."

Lanlin quickly reached out and hugged her, comforted her and said: "elder sister, don't be sad. Look at you, you will be haggard in a few days. Lanyanxi is certainly terrible. She should not destroy your whole life even if she hates you again. But you are so young, don't want to die. Li Changsheng should dare to come here. Our blue family will not let him go."

Blue fibril fell on the sofa, his eyes full of pain, resentment and confusion.

"Xiaolin, what can I do to get back at her and make myself happy?" Blue fiber brain has died like, at this moment, she is full of hate and resentment, and can't think of any good way.

"Elder sister, don't worry. Lanyanxi has been living in Ling Mo Feng's house. Even if you want to avenge her, you can't see her. Wait and see. You should let her compensate you for the same pain." Lanlin hatefully gave her an idea.

"That's right. I want to find the same man, make her life worse than death, let Ling Mo Feng see her debauchery, let people all over the country see how terrible this woman who wants to be the first lady is." Blue fibril seemed to see a glimmer of hope. She clenched her fist. If she could really retaliate against blue Yanxi like this, she would really be considered as revenge.

"Elder sister, take a few days off first. I can't feel anxious about this matter." LAN Lin looks at blue fiber's desperate expression. She's worried that she will die if she can't think of it. Who can deal with LAN Yanxi for her?

What Lanlin wants to see most is that lanyanxi and lanxianxian kill each other. She can easily earn profits. That's the way of smart people. Lanlin always feels that she is the smartest one among the blue family daughters.

"Xiaolin, Li Changsheng said, someone sent the video to him by express. I'll give you an address in a moment. You can investigate for me. Now I can only trust you. You must help me. As long as I get the evidence, I can let lanyanxi admit his crime." Blue fiber said, went to take his mobile phone, on the mobile phone, sent a express address to blue Lin's mobile phone.

LAN Lin's face was startled. "Sister, Li Changsheng even told you that?"

"I forced him. He was scared, so he told me this. Xiao Lin, you must help me to find the evidence as soon as possible." Blue fiber is full of hope and looks at Lanlin.

Lanlin quickly shook her hand and promised: "elder sister, you can rest assured that your business is mine. I will help you. I will check it now."

"Well, Xiao Lin, you are really my good sister." At last, LAN Xianxian breathed a sigh of relief. At the most difficult time, someone was willing to share, help and comfort her.

"Sister, don't you really move home? The family are worried about you. " Lanlin asked her softly.

"I'm not going back. I have no face to see my parents." Blue fibril covered his face and trembled.

"That line, I will continue to answer the lie for you. Grandpa actually cares about it..."

"Don't mention him to me. He only cares about LAN Yanxi. In his eyes, we are not his granddaughters." Blue fiber and hate hate teeth, angrily said.

"Well, sister, you need a rest. I won't mention Grandpa." Lanlin deliberately stimulated her. Seeing that she was out of control, she was kind enough to pacify her.