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Luo He Ning felt that he had already lost all face, so he no longer held back and directly answered: "Yes, the first time I saw you, I felt that you were very beautiful, and had secretly fallen in love with you until today!"

When Mu Lin heard his words, she was extremely surprised. She never thought that a man who was two years younger than her would actually have a crush on her for such a long time.

"Did my words scare you?" Seeing that she did not react for a long time, Luo He Ning felt that this love of his was like a torrent of ferocious beasts, scary.

Mu Lin shook her head, then laughed at herself: "No, I am not that easily scared. Luo He Ning, why didn't you tell me earlier?"

Luo He Ning's handsome eyes slightly widened.

"If you had told me earlier, I would have directly rejected that man and wouldn't have considered being his girlfriend. But now that you're saying it, you're really making things difficult for me!" Mu Lin laughed bitterly.

Luo He Ning's body stiffened, his handsome face also tensed up at once. "You … You have a boyfriend? "

Mu Lin shook her head: "Fortunately I haven't, I'm only thinking about the other party. Now it seems that there's no need for me to consider any further, Luo He Ning, listen, I like you, you know?"

Luo He Ning's handsome face blanked again. He realized that it was very easy for him to show this kind of worried and fearful expression when talking to Mu Lin.

"You like me?" His handsome face flashed with a smile of excitement.

Mu Lin nodded his head: "Yes, I am not sure if I like that feeling either, but just now, when you said that you liked me the first time you laid eyes on me, I realized, that actually, I have been paying attention to you for a long time."

Although it was a pleasant surprise, Luo He Ning was also very curious when he heard her paying attention to him. "But I never realized that you were paying attention to me."

Mu Lin's face immediately reddened, and she spoke a little unnaturally: "Women focus their attention on a man with utmost caution. Before they are certain that the other party also likes them, she would definitely hide that degree of concern, so of course you wouldn't notice it."

"So that's how it is! It's the same for men! " Luo He Ning felt his blood boiling. His goddess actually liked him too, what could be more worth being happy about than this?

The atmosphere quieted down immediately. Their gazes locked once again, then both of them moved away shyly.

Mu Lin's two hands lightly clasped together as she courageously asked: "I'm drunk, you didn't drink, right?!"

Luo He Ning immediately replied: "I don't!"

"Then, tell me, who took the initiative?" As a woman, she truly cared about this matter.

Luo He Ning was slightly stunned.

"Tell me the truth!" Mu Lin immediately stared at him with her beautiful eyes.

Luo He Ning could only smile embarrassedly: "It's me!"

"Are you sure?" Mu Lin was a little happy.

"I'm sure it's me!" Luo He Ning knew that Mu Lin cared about the matter that he was asked, so how could he let his goddess feel awkward about it? So he had to be sure it was him.

Mu Lin's anxious face finally relaxed a bit.

"Well, what else do you want?" Mu Lin suddenly asked a little unnaturally.

"No!" Even if something huge happened, at this moment, it wouldn't be comparable to the time he had with his goddess.

"Take the initiative then. I was drunk just now, so I didn't feel anything!" Mu Lin suddenly stood up and walked towards his bedroom.

Luo He Ning, "..."

Luo He Ning felt that, although he was half dead from exhaustion just now, now, because of the words of his goddess, he had been fully revived.

Continue to fight!

After the old lady finished her dinner, she rushed home to bring Liang Ge Xiao Bao Bei back.

She stepped into the living room and swept her gaze around. When she didn't see her cute granddaughter, she immediately went upstairs to look for her.

After asking the servant, he found out that Tang Xiao Nai was in Tang You You's bedroom.

The old lady pushed the door open with a happy expression. Just as she entered, she saw that Tang Xiao Nai had found something, opened up many drawers of the bedside table, and covered herself with all kinds of jewelry, disguised herself as a shiny little princess.

Not only that, the little guy had also imitated the way adults drew eyebrows and applied lipstick. Now, it was carefully using lipstick to color its own little fingernails.

"Aiya, my little ancestor, what are you doing?" When the old lady saw this smelly and beautiful little thing, she was at a loss whether to laugh or to cry.

When Tang Xiao Nai saw his great-grandmother come in, he immediately pointed at her face happily. She also pointed at the thing on her neck, "Grandmother, look at me, quick, look at me, am I pretty? I'm wearing the Mummy's lipstick, isn't it beautiful? "

The old lady was laughing so hard that she couldn't even straighten her back. This little guy had smeared his mouth all over her little face, making her look like a little kitten. He was so adorable.

"Grandmother, don't laugh. Is it really that good to watch? Tell me quickly." The little fellow was confused by the old lady's smile, and his little mouth was puckered in grievance. He felt that if the old lady said anything bad, she would immediately cry.

The old granny leaned on the bed at the side, one hand on her waist, continuing to laugh: "You're going to laugh to death at an old granny like me, Xiao Nai, who taught you to do this."

Tang Xiao Nai said righteously, "Even the children on TV would learn to do this from the Mummy, don't they look good?"

The little mouth pouted as it asked pitifully.

The old lady hurriedly walked over and squatted down, then gently took off the diamond necklace around her neck one by one. "Looks like your father is really willing to buy jewelry for your Mummy. Why are you all hanging from your neck? "

"I like this shiny thing. It's so beautiful. When I grow up, I want dad to give it to me. It's so much more!" Tang Xiao Nai said loudly.

In order to coax her, the old lady took off the things on her hands and nodded her head, "Okay okay okay, when you grow up and can wear these things, you can get your dad to give you as much as he wants. Your dad will definitely be willing to spend money on you."

"Really? Have you ever given jewelry to your great-grandmother? " Tang Xiao Nai asked curiously.

The old lady paused for a moment, then angrily scolded, "Don't ask, he really didn't give it to me. This damn brat, not only did he give it to a woman, even an old woman like me forgot to honor him. I will scold him later on."

"great-grandmother, don't be angry. When my dad comes back, I'll definitely get him to send you off. I'll send you off a lot!" Tang Xiao Nai immediately imitated the tone of an adult to comfort the old lady.

The old lady was moved, she caressed her little head and said happily: "Xiao Nai is such a good child. She already knows how to love me at such a young age, I am satisfied!"