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C1925 the feeling of being spoiled

As soon as the man finished speaking, Xia Xinnian saw his slightly stagnant expression, and she had already bitten her lips and sniggered.

Jimucheng suddenly doesn't want to continue this topic. It's too shocking.

"Well, what's funny is that the hostess is the core of the family. From the old to the small, she needs to be comprehensive. As a man, she has a great bearing and demeanor. I think that a man should respect his wife at home and set up correct values for his children, without shame." Jimucheng is guilty of explaining what he just said.

Xia Xinnian is very naughty and spits out his tongue: "why do you explain? I didn't make you afraid of me?"

"How could I be afraid of you?" Jimucheng Jun's face is red, fighting for it.

"I'm not afraid of you, either." Xia Xinnian is not willing to show weakness.

Jimucheng suddenly felt that the two people were childish and could not help laughing: "yes, as adults, we have to learn to respect each other."

Although Xia Xinnian didn't say it, he was inexplicably happy. The family style is very important. What kind of environment a person grows up in also determines his three views. Since the family style of Ji family is so good, then Mucheng should be a gentleman.

The atmosphere suddenly relaxed a lot, Xia Xinnian lazily hit haha: "I'm a little sleepy, I'll take a bath."

Looking at her like a cat, jimucheng takes off her coat lazily and goes to the bathroom. His heart quivers a little. He really wants to follow her to have a look.

Unfortunately, he was still talking about family style. Now he is a rascal. It seems that he has made a face of himself. He has to take out his iPad and deal with the work piled up today.

Xia Xinnian took a bath and came out wearing only a white bathrobe. His long hair was stained with moisture, and his hair tail was curled up. The whole person had more feminine charm.

She came out and saw that the man was leaning on the sofa, looking at the iPad in his hand attentively. Instead of disturbing him, she took out the drawing tools she had brought, sat on the floating window of the bedroom, looked at the scenery outside the window, and conceived a new design manuscript.

It's over eleven o'clock when the time comes. It's hard for Xia Xinnian to grasp some inspiration. The sleepiness just now has been cleared away, and his writing is more and more flexible and feels more and more.

Jimucheng thought she was asleep, knocked on her bedroom door and came in. He saw her sitting in the floating window. His eyes were slightly shocked.

"Didn't you just say you were sleepy? Why don't you sleep? " Men are half distressed, half have some ideas.

Xia Xinnian was happy to show his drawings: "I have inspiration now, and I want to draw more manuscripts for future use."

"Don't fight too hard. Life is your own." Jimucheng came to her side, and Youmou glanced over her finished manuscript, and he couldn't help laughing: "you and my mother are really predestined. At the beginning, she also worked as a designer. Otherwise, you can ask her for advice some other day to see if she has any good suggestions for you."

"I dare not." Xia Xinnian immediately shook his head and said in fear, "my aunt used to be a leader. I'm not good enough to let her give directions."

"You're too modest. My mother's level is actually a little higher than yours, and she's also very suspicious." They still feel that they have a common language.

"Then I'll find an opportunity to consult her some day." Xia Xinnian was encouraged and couldn't help being happy.

Jimucheng reached out and touched her head: "go to bed early and take you to the lake tomorrow."

"Well, I'll go to sleep after this one." Xia Xinnian's face was hot. He felt warm just now.

"Good night, baby." Obviously, the man was not satisfied. He attached himself to her, and after a kiss on her forehead, he said something that was confusing.

Such intimate address makes Xia Xinnian shake.

The man turns around with a smile, feeling happy.

Xia Xinnian's breathing is getting disordered. Even if he leaves the room, her heart has not slowed down.

"Baby?" Xia Xinnian can't help mumbling. He is as sweet as honey.

This night, Xia Xinnian slept very well. In the evening, she had a dream that she was wearing a white wedding dress. Unfortunately, she was trying on the wedding dress all night to wake her up in the morning. She still wanted to go back to sleep and complete her dream.

Jimucheng woke up very early. He had to deal with his work for more than two hours first. Then he called breakfast and came to knock on Xia Xinnian's door.

When he pushed the door and saw that she was still in bed, he couldn't help teasing her: "didn't you sleep well last night? Would you like to stay in bed? "

Xia Xinnian quickly sat up and pulled his own disordered robe. He laughed and said, "no, I sleep well."

"Change your clothes and come out. Breakfast will be delivered soon."

"Good." Xia Xinnian nodded.

The man closes the door, Xia Xinnian cleans up, looks at herself in the mirror, but there is an unspeakable feeling. In the past, she always worried about her son's three meals a day, and arranged his time for a day. Now, a man worries about all this for her. Is this to treat her as a child?

This kind of feeling is really too good to describe with words.

Xia Xinnian pushes the door out and sees the waiter pushing the dining car in and putting the delicate and delicious breakfast on the table.

Timothy sent warm milk to her: "eat it."

Xia Xinnian's beautiful eyes flickered gently. At this moment, she was really moved. How long has she not been cared so carefully?

If that calculation didn't happen, she still lived a superior life in Xia family. But in these five years abroad, she has grown from a rich lady who doesn't know anything to a single mother who can do everything. She never dared to hope. With a son, she could meet a man who dotes on her like a treasure. She didn't expect it, but now it happened.

Jimucheng saw her eyelashes flashing, like butterfly feathers, moistening her clear eyes.

"What's the matter? No appetite? " Jimucheng thought she didn't want to eat much, and asked her anxiously.

Xia Xinnian chuckled and shook his head: "no, just thought of some things before."

"There will be great changes in the summer family recently. You can see it as a good play." Jimucheng knows how hard she has been living abroad in the past five years. All these things are given by Xia family. He will return the gift, but his method is a kind of desperate revenge.

Xia xinnianmou looks slightly surprised: "are you going to avenge me? I didn't say that last time. I don't want revenge. "

"If people who make mistakes don't let them feel guilty, they will hurt you again." Jimucheng doesn't care. In a word, he has put pressure on Xia family.