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Ji Yueze knew Bai Yiyan's whereabouts only after he found the monitoring probe outside the airport. A black business car came, Ji Yueze put his finger on his thin lip and stared out of the window. Although he found it, how could he find it when country D is so big? What's more, Bai Yiyan intends to avoid him, for fear that it will be more difficult to find him. "

damned woman, are you driving me crazy?" Ji Yueze murmured. She felt that her heart would be broken by her. She didn't even say hello. No, she just escaped secretly. Is there no courage at all? Just don't believe he can handle it? "

boss, where are we going?" The assistant asked carefully, not too loudly. "

don't know!" Ji Yueze really doesn't know where to go. He looks confused.

The expressions of all the people in the car are in a circle state. For example,

if even the boss doesn't know where the next destination is, are they going to walk on the street till night?

"Go down this road! You guys, look out of the window for me. You have to do this first! " After Ji Yueze finished, he was very tired. He leaned back in his chair and said, "I'll sleep for a while and wake me up half an hour later!"

Everyone thinks his boss must be crazy. At this time, he needs to deal with a lot of things in the company, but he goes abroad to find someone? Bai Yiyan's brain is full of water. She left her good boss alone and ran away. Alas, I don't know what she thought.

For those who don't know, Bai Yiyan feels that she is making a demon. Sooner or later, she is going to kill herself completely. The black

colored business car has been driving down the road. Four staff members, with their eyes wide open, stare at the road outside the windows on both sides, intend to use the most stupid way to solve the problem for the boss. In the season of

sleep is not stable.

His beautiful eyebrows were tight, and his full forehead was covered with cold sweat.

"Bai Yiyan..." All of a sudden, he woke up with a cry. To him, several pairs of surprised looked at his face.

"Do you have a nightmare, boss?" The assistant asked with great concern. Season

Yueze takes the paper towel handed over by him, wipes off the cold sweat on his forehead, and his eyes flash with uneasy light.

"How long did I sleep?" Of course, he could not tell these subordinates that Bai Yiyan had been taken away by several men in his dream just now, but he was unable to save her. "

er, I've been sleeping for nearly an hour!" The assistant quickly whispered. "

didn't I ask you to wake me up half an hour ago? How do you do it? " Ji Yueze's temper soon came up.

"We see that you are too tired, so we want to let you sleep a little longer." The assistant looked aggrieved.

Ji Yueze lost his temper all of a sudden. Sleeping in the car was not something to enjoy. He reached out and rubbed his neck. He didn't sleep well. Jun's face was a little pale.

"Boss, have a drink of water!" The assistant quickly unscrewed a bottle of water and handed it over.

"Still don't see her?" Ji Yueze looks out of the window and feels that he is really crazy. He looks for people in this ridiculous way. "

not yet, but if she is really in this country, we can still find her. She must stay in a hotel, and she will definitely register. As long as the boss uses your relationship with Ji's family to make a point, she may know her whereabouts right away!" The assistant gave him a quick idea. "

if so, then my brother will know the truth of the matter." Ji Yueze tightened his eyebrows. He didn't want to let big brother know. He wanted to find a circle first and then see the situation. He couldn't help but ask big brother for help. Li suddenly dare not say anything more. If the boss wants to hide it, he has his reasons.

"Keep your eyes on me!" Ji Yueze sits back in his chair and looks out of the window. Suddenly,

however, there is a pedestrian street in front of it, with a lot of people. Ji Yueze suddenly thinks: "pull over!" The driver stopped the car, and Ji Yueze said to his two assistants, "come down and have a look with me." "

boss, do you want to shop?" The assistant asked curiously. Season

Yueze put on his mask and glared at him: "am I still in the mood to shop at this time? Open your eyes to me and have a good look at the passers-by! "

The two assistants immediately understood what he meant. Indeed, women love shopping and shopping. Maybe the chance to find Bai Yiyan here is even greater.

Three people, follow the flow of people, go ahead.

Suddenly, an assistant pointed to the front: "boss, it's a bit like looking at the back!" Ji Zawa didn't hear what he said. He walked quickly and put his hand on the shoulder of the woman.

The woman looked back in amazement, but it wasn't Bai Yiyan's face. "

sorry, wrong person!" Ji Yueze said a sentence in fluent English, but the woman looked at him in surprise. Although

in foreign countries, Ji Yueze's figure is still very tall and slender, and it's hard to cover his shining eyes with a mask. On the contrary, it gives people more imagination space. It's no wonder that the woman who is patted on the shoulder by her looks at him so amazingly.

Ji Yueze hurriedly left with two assistants. This

engrave! Bai

Yiyan has come to a beautiful town on a bus. She came here because when she was in high school, Bai Zhenzhen brought her here.

There is a beautiful natural lake, reflecting the beautiful scenery of snow mountain. The town is quiet and peaceful, with a small population, but the people here live a leisurely life, and the time here seems to be slower. Bai

after getting off the bus, Yiyan walked towards a beautiful building with her suitcase.

Her English is OK, so it's not difficult to communicate. She asked an old lady, found a hotel, checked in, took a bag and walked along the stream towards the natural lake. I don't know if she has escaped here. Her heart has become quiet. Even if she is hungry at the moment, her legs are very tired. However, she just feels relaxed. Step on the steps and come to the lake. Look at the lake. It's almost the same as what I remember. It was winter at that time, and now it's spring.

The lake is surrounded by unknown flowers. The lake water reflects the snow mountain in the setting sun. Bai

Yiyan finds a place to sit down and feels sad for no reason.

She thought that if she fled far away, her heartache would be reduced. However, the scenery was picturesque in front of her, and she still felt that her heartache was unbearable. No one wanted to share it, and there would be no more. Is she destined to follow her mother's previous path? There is no place to live, no place to settle.