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C1855 investigated her

She hopes her son can grow up healthy and sunny, and become her little warm man.

"Mommy, do you like Daddy?"

Now the most urgent thing for the little guy is to know about it.

Xia Xinnian squats in front of his son helplessly, straightens out his wrinkled collar when he sleeps, and seriously says, "son, I just know your father. You have to ask me if I like him or not. I can't answer. For his father's sake, I can only say that I try my best not to hate him."

The little guy was stupefied, half understood but not understood.

"Well, Mommy, don't worry. It doesn't matter if you don't like Daddy. I'll let daddy like you!"

The little guy suddenly laughed. What he said made Xia feel speechless.

"You don't have to. Your father won't like me!"

Xia Xinnian breathed a sigh, then murmured: "the feelings between adults are very complex, you are a child, can't understand!"

"But I don't want daddy to like women other than Mommy, so Daddy is not my own daddy."

The little fellow replied seriously.

Xia Xinnian was so distressed that his son's expression seemed to be a little pity afraid of being abandoned.

She reached out, hugged her son tightly, chin against his little shoulder, whispered, "your daddy will always like you. Don't worry."

"And Mommy?"

"Kiss mommy's face," he whispered.

"Mommy loves you, and the one she loves most is you!"

Xia Xinnian felt that she didn't like her son's feelings. She loved him more than her life.

The little guy laughed contentedly, like a pistachio.

Night! The little guy sleeps very sweet, holding Xia Xinnian's arm and rubbing his face twice from time to time, like a kitten.

Xia Xinnian couldn't sleep, and his mind was filled with some messy things.

If jimucheng doesn't know he Jiaxuan and Xia shuran, then they shouldn't know that they were sleeping by jimucheng.

All they wanted was the fact that she was defiled by men.

Oh, this scum man and woman is so inhumane. She will definitely pay them a heavy price if she has a chance in the future.

Si Jia manor villa.

On the balcony on the second floor, the man was lying on his back. It was more than two o'clock in the morning, but he was not sleepy at all.

Suddenly, a son came out of his own. This joy made him very excited. He had to investigate the woman first to take the child back to his parents. I'm sure they were also surprised.

Jimucheng reached for the wine and took a sip of the sexy thin lips. Suddenly, he thought of something. He took the phone next to him.

At two o'clock in the middle of the night, Li Cheng, who received a phone call from his boss, was forced to stay sleepy and wrote down the order of the young master.

"Remember, tomorrow at ten o'clock, I want to see all her information!"

Jimucheng stressed again.

Li Cheng is smart and wakes up at ten o'clock. He won't want to sleep tonight.

However, Li Cheng is very understanding. After all, Xia Xinnian is his son's mother, but he knows nothing about her.

But, listen to the young master's voice so sober, only afraid tonight, is also a sleepless night.

Morning! It took Li Cheng a lot of effort to sort out Xia Xinnian's personal data.

At 9:30, Ji Mucheng, who was not always late, was late. The morning regular meeting had been handed over to Li Cheng, who sat on the office chair and used his long fingers to open the information bag.

This feeling excited him inexplicably.

Jimucheng feels that she is really bored. Obviously, she is upset with that woman. At this moment, it is very exciting to peek at each other's secrets.

I thought the data of Xia Xinnian would be a thick step.

But when jimucheng took out a piece of paper from it, he even doubted whether Li Cheng was perfunctory.

Jimucheng squints her eyes, looking down from the first word.

"The granddaughter of the Xia family?"

After seeing the introduction of the first row, Ji Mucheng's eyes flashed a trace of surprise.

Then, there are some pictures attached, which are pictures of women of different ages.

When Ji Mucheng saw a picture of her being smaller, he was shocked and his eyes were wide. Why is this little girl so familiar with her eyes?

It seems that he saw it a long time ago.

A man's memory is pretty good. He thought carefully. Well, he did see it. Only when he was very young, an old lady asked her to read it. Now, her name is Xia Xinnian. Is it really the same person?

Is there such a coincidence in the world?

He is not a stranger to the Xia family. Once, the Xia family was a famous family. But since his second son was killed in a car accident, the foundation industry of the Xia family has been declining like a tragic blow. Now, the Xia family's father died. The group leader of the Xia family is Xia Dongning.

The above is Li Cheng's investigation about Xia Xinnian's appearance in other people's impression. She said that when she was at Xia's house, she was a quiet and smart girl with a gentle personality. She was obedient and sensible and liked the old man very much.

These adjectives make jimucheng tighten his eyebrows again, which is not close to the shrewd woman who grabbed his collar and scolded him for being an asshole last night.

Will the investigation be wrong?

Looking down, jimucheng saw a famous son, he Jiaxuan! If he remembers correctly, Xia Xinnian mentioned the name yesterday. At that time, he asked her what was the relationship.

Xia Xinnian didn't answer him, but now there are two relationships. One is Xia Xinnian's fiance, who was inexplicably turned into Xia Xinnian's brother-in-law five years ago.

It's not hard to guess that five years ago, Xia Xinnian broke up with him and turned to marry her cousin.

Is this an accident or a conspiracy designed by someone?

Jimucheng's cold hook lips, he would like to thank he Jiaxuan for not marrying, otherwise, how could this woman be willing to give birth to his son?

However, this is not the other way to thank him. If jimucheng doesn't kill him, it will be his most merciful way.

Thinking of Xia Xinnian's transformation from a quiet and lovely girl to a rose with thorns all over her body, jimucheng felt sad for what she had experienced.

Next, Xia Xinnian was driven abroad by Xia Laozi five years ago because he cheated before his engagement.

Five years ago?

The man's eyes are heavy. Is that the night he asked for her?

Or, this woman has been involved with other men.

In a word, Xia Xinnian had a bad reputation five years ago. When he was caught at the door of the hotel, he was covered with ambiguous kisses and bites.

How many men has this woman had?

How crazy are you playing?

However, jimucheng's bolder guess is that five years ago, Xia Xinnian was sleeping once by himself, so he would let Xia's family get hold of it.