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The news of Ji Xiao Han's wedding had already spread far and wide in the upper class society. Being able to obtain his name card was a matter of pride and glory, and in this wedding, Ji Xiao Han had invited many people from both the business and government realms. At that time, all the famous people would gather, shining brilliantly.

The location of the wedding had already been decided. Large-scale wedding ceremonies had also been arranged.

Tang You You had no time to think about work these past few days. He was also happy for her and gave her a long vacation.

The happiest ones were the two adorable little fellows.

They had already heard the story of the wedding from the old lady. They happily ran around Tang You You a few times, then grabbed onto one of Tang You You's legs.

Tang You You reached out and pinched her daughter's pink cheeks, replying happily: "That's right, didn't you always want me to quickly get married to your father? Now that your dream has come true, are you happy? "

"I'm happy. In the future, I'll be a happy child." Tang Xiao Nai's two big eyes, were like crescent moons.

Tang Xiao Rui asked coolly at the side: "Mummy, did father formally propose to you? Where is the diamond ring he bought for you? Why didn't I see it? Was it big? We won't be able to dodge it! "

Hearing his son's tone, Tang You You was at a loss of whether to laugh or cry: "Xiao Rui, what you should be concerned about now is our marriage, why are you concerned about the diamond ring?"

"I heard that when a person loves another person, they give them a diamond ring. It's as big as an egg …" Tang Xiao Rui spoke nonsense.

Tang You You laughed so hard that he lost all of his image.

"Who do you think will bring a diamond the size of an egg? Little Rui, go ask your dad if he prepared a diamond the size of an egg for me." Tang You You intentionally directed his son to make things difficult for Ji Xiao Han, because this father and son conversation would definitely be very interesting.

Tang Xiao Rui saw that the Mummy was making fun of him, so he immediately crossed his arms in front of his chest and snorted: "I'm not asking, it's not like I want to marry dad."

Tang You You burst out laughing once again.

However, Tang Xiao Nai said happily: "Mummy, when you and Father got married, what did brother and I want to do? Are we going to watch you get married? Then wouldn't we be bored? "

Tang You You immediately comforted her daughter gently: "Xiao Nai, when I married dad, would you and your brother be our flower boy? The two of you are just right. "

"Alright, I like being a flower boy!" Tang Xiao Nai didn't even know what the flower boy was, and had already fallen for him. This was because it was a good thing to help his father and Mummy.

Being wrapped around by the two little fellows, Tang You You felt that his face had become a little stiff from laughing.

In the afternoon, Ji Xiao Han came back from the company and was called back by the old granny on purpose. This was because, the two of them were going to test the marriage suit and gown they were going to wear.

During the wedding test, Ji Xiao Han had only brought Tang You You out by himself and didn't bring the two little fellows along.

Tang You You had already fixed up her wedding dress a long time ago and had stored it inside the wedding shop. When Tang You You put on the pure white wedding dress, her heart was filled with excitement and joy.

Even in her dreams, she would never have thought that there would be a day she would wear her wedding dress. When she had just given birth to two children, she thought that she would spend her life with them and wouldn't find a man.

But fate was so wonderful that not only had she found the father who loved her children, she had also made herself his most beautiful bride.

Ji Xiao Han crossed his legs lazily like an emperor and sat on the sofa, waiting to see his bride.

When the curtain of the fitting room was opened, a woman dressed in a pure white wedding dress like a dream walked out.

The six meter long tail of her skirt dragged on the ground. Although Tang You You did not make a perfect hairstyle, for her to be able to casually let go of her long hair and reveal her perfect snow-white shoulders and collarbones, was already so beautiful that it was unfathomable.

Ji Xiao Han thought he had seen this woman's most beautiful face before, but the moment Tang You You shyly stepped out of the fitting room, he felt as if his heart was brushed lightly by a feather. The numbness and itchiness was all because this woman was too beautiful, causing him to suddenly have a desire.

She was very beautiful, like a pure fairy. Her eyes were clear and bright, and when she looked at him, it was as if she was bathing in the spring sun. She was very warm and gentle.

Tang You You felt that the man's burning gaze was fixated on her, a trace of brilliance was instantly dyed on her snow-white delicate skin.

"Does it look good?" Tang You You saw that Ji Xiao Han was only looking straight at his, but did not say a word, so she asked for his opinion somewhat embarrassedly.

"En!" Only now did Ji Xiao Han recover his voice from his stupor, and he said in a low and hoarse voice, "Very beautiful, who chose you?"

"I'm talking about myself. Your grandma was right too!" Tang You You said a little proudly.

Buyer, who was at the side, also praised her, "Miss Tang's figure is so good, this wedding dress really suits her. Her skin is also very white, she's so beautiful."

"That's right, that's right. I haven't seen such a beautiful bride in a long time. Miss Tang, you're so blessed."

Tang You You knew that this was the professional accomplishment of the Buyer, and believed that every bride that came to test their wedding dress would receive such professional praise.

Being praised by others, was truly something to be happy about, but what made her the most satisfied was the way Ji Xiao Han looked at her.

Ji Xiao Han curled his lips: "Looks like you and my granny have pretty good eyes, let's do this!"

Tang You You nodded his head: "Ok, do you want to try on your suit?"

Ji Xiao Han shook his head: "No need, as long as it matches my size, I can wear it!"

Tang You You knew that Ji Xiao Han had always been confident in her figure, and she had no choice but to admit that this man's figure was indeed good to the point of being indescribable.

It seemed that managing his own body was a matter worth challenging as well.

After finishing the wedding dress, Tang You You followed Ji Xiao Han back to the carriage. Originally, Tang You You would have felt that he was going to send his back home, but he never expected that Ji Xiao Han would bring her directly to the company.

In his private direct elevator, the moment the elevator door closed, the man's thin lips had already violently attacked. What followed closely was his strong and gentle body.

Tang You You was a little shocked, but very quickly, she learnt to gently respond to him.

Her delicate body was as weak as cotton. She directly leaned on his chest and lightly gasped for air as she asked, "Why did you bring me here?"

Ji Xiao Han whispered into her ear, and asked her in a hoarse voice, "What do you think?"

Tang You You had already guessed his goal and immediately blushed.