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C1227. She doesn'st seem to mind

Like a piece of white paper, blue Yanxi was kissed so affectionately by a man for the first time. Her heart beat fiercely, but her breath was tight, and her beautiful eyes were even more round. She stared at the man's tiny squinted eyes at a close distance. At last, the man seemed unable to continue the kiss, because the woman stared at a pair of big rabbit like eyes With him, he felt inexplicable guilt. Blue

when Yan Xi reflected, he had instinctively pushed him away. Next second, he raised the back of his hand and put it on his lips. Meimou flashed over, panicked, embarrassed and angry.

"Yan Xi, I'll call you that later!" The man looked at her frightened look, but the tone was very gentle, moreover, he also decided to call her small name, no longer take the surname, because he wanted to let her crown his surname. Blue

Yan Xi had not even breathed, but suddenly heard his bullying words. His pretty face turned red again, and even his ears were hot.

"No way!" She protested angrily and kissed her without her consent. Now she still seduced her with such a gentle tone. Do you really think she has such a good idea?

"Why?" Ling didn't expect that she would object. Jun was shocked. "

there's no reason, Ling Mo Feng. Sometimes you are really annoying!" Lanyanxi has been shameful and incoherent. Although a small mouth always says something bold and reckless, she is a conservative and regular daughter's home. At the moment, she doesn't know what she wants to express.

Then she turned and ran back to her room. Discussion


The man's eyes are slightly stiff, and they follow her figure and stay on the door of her bedroom.

Are you too anxious? Just offended her? Ling

Mo Feng secretly regrets that he is not an impulsive person out of control, but why did he lose his usual sense and composure and become capricious tonight?

Lanyanxi has only moved in for a few days, and he has done this kind of excessive behavior to her. No wonder she wants to be angry. Look at

come on, tomorrow I have to apologize to her and promise that it will not happen again.

LAN Yanxi leaned back against the door wall and covered her face with her hands. She was hot and dizzy. God, what happened to her? Why is your heart short?

"So This is the kiss! " I didn't have a good feeling just now, but I have a bit of aftertaste. As a girl who is naturally curious, LAN Yanxi can't feel that he kissed her. She has read many books, novels, and TV. When the protagonists and heroines kiss together, the beautiful and romantic description is just like the beautiful and beautiful fireworks in the world. Of course, she has been thinking about what kind of taste it will be, but just now , she experienced it.

It turns out that the feeling of heart rate acceleration really exists.

"Too much!" She dropped a murmur, but the corner of her mouth was raised. She didn't even find it.

The next morning, Ling Mo Feng got up early. Last night, he lost sleep for the first time.

Half asleep and half awake, I always think of the feeling of kissing her. The soft and moist lips are like the most q-pop jelly, which makes people want to forget and can't forget, twining in the heart and deep in the dream. Ling

Mo Feng knows that this is the feeling of love. He suddenly understands why Ji Xiaohan has made all kinds of efforts to win his wife's favor. Because love has such charm, which can make a person desperate and give up everything. So the vice president got up early in the morning and decided to make a breakfast for LAN Yanxi to express his apology to her last night.

Lanyanxi didn't have a good rest, but the alarm clock was on time. Thinking that she was not idle now, she immediately refreshed, dressed and walked downstairs.

The man was wearing a long sleeved white shirt, full of abstinence Jin Gui temperament, the sun outside the window came in, he stood by the restaurant against the light, and also looked at her sideways.

This moment's picture, hits Blue Yan Xi's brain directly, causes her to be in a trance for a while. "

early, didn't you sleep well yesterday?" Ling Mo Feng's eyes were sharp, and he saw her sleepiness. He asked with a smile and walked towards her. Blue

Yan Xi's eyes are nowhere to dodge, so he can only look straight at him, because in this room, what attracts her most is this man, and his smile on the corner of his mouth, as if it is the same as the warm sun outside the window, which is irresistible. "

not all because of you!" LAN Yanxi decided not to avoid the topic. She raised her mouth and shouted. "

yesterday, my behavior was a little too much, and you should be angry, but I promise you, such a thing will not happen again!" Ling Mo Feng was a little eager to eliminate her resentment, so he came to assure her of this. "

yes?" LAN Yanxi was surprised. She thought the man would take his behavior for granted. Unexpectedly, he told her this early in the morning. "

Yes, I have decided that I will not offend you again until we are engaged!" Lingmo Feng said something that he didn't even know for sure, so he spoke with a sense of emptiness. LAN

Yan Xi knew that Ling Mo Feng was an upright man, and he absolutely didn't disdain to behave shamelessly towards women. However, when she heard him say this, she felt lost for no reason.

Strange, do you like him to treat yourself like that? Is it? "

actually Yesterday you kissed me. I'm not going to investigate it. " LAN Yanxi managed to straighten her hair nervously, then flashed her eyes uneasily: "if you really like me I feel that some emotions still don't need to be held back. Really, I can accept it! "

Ling Mo Feng: "..." Blue

Yan Xi's two little hands are twisted on his chest again, covering up his confusion and laughing at the corners of his mouth: "Ling Mo Feng, we All of them are adults. As long as they can be responsible for their actions, I don't think it's necessary to say so many rules. What do you think? "

Ling Mo Feng's handsome eyes flashed a flash of consternation. Obviously, he didn't expect that this woman would not be angry. He also said such a rebellious thing to him. "

Yan Xi, do you really mind what happened last night?" Although Ling Mo Feng was surprised, he was also relieved.

"That was my first kiss, and you?" LAN Yanxi suddenly carried his hands behind him and said with a blush. Ling

Mo Feng was stunned, and Jun's face was slightly embarrassed: "yes, but haven't we kissed before?"

"That doesn't count. It was an accident!" LAN Yanxi immediately stressed, but he felt that he said it casually, and he immediately laughed: "forget it, let's not pursue it. In a word, we all don't hold back our emotions. If you like me, I will be very happy." "

really?" Lingmo Feng didn't expect her to be so straightforward, but he was upset. "

well, it's true. If you like it, you should say it. It seems that our current relationship and secret love are not suitable." Lanyanxi always has so many reasons to explain all this.

"Well, since you say so, we'll get along well!" Ling Mo Feng tangled up a night's topic, because the woman's tolerance and understanding disappeared. He gradually liked the frank and straightforward nature of LAN Yanxi. If he had any words, he would make it clear that he would not have a bad heart and cause more misunderstandings. "

did you make breakfast for me?" LAN Yanxi jumped down the last stairs like a small immune child and walked to the dining table.

There is hot milk, toast and fried eggs on the table. "

I'm sorry to let you cook every day!" LAN Yanxi looks back and smiles at him.

"It's OK. I like to cook food for you!" Ling Mo Feng also somewhat embarrassed to bow a smile. Two

people sat at the dining table and ate their breakfast in the sunshine outside the window.

Lingmo Feng can also take the opportunity to clean up a meal, this just stood at the door, watching lanyanxi driving her little sports car out of the garage. "

take the first step!" LAN Yanxi doesn't have the identity of Ling Mo Feng. She is a small staff member and has to go to work on time.

Ling Mo Feng looks at her sports car and runs away like a cigarette. She smiles and shakes her head. This woman thinks everything simply and clearly. She should not be too tired to get along in the future.