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Gong Wen Man's hidden purpose was revealed, but when Tang Xiao Rui's words came out, she only blushed for a short while, before gently looking at Tang Xiao Rui: "Auntie and your Uncle Ji have known each other for a very long time. We've been studying together since we were young, and we understand your Uncle Ji's many habits very well."

Ji Xiao Han's expression was normal, but his gaze was a little surprised as he looked at Gong Wen Man. Although the two of them were old acquaintances, Gong Wen Man never mentioned anything about liking him. He had always treated her as a friend, a professional partner, and treated her with the respect of a few friends.

After all, he was too naive.

Tang You You stuck close to the wall at the side, not being able to interrupt the conversation for a while. This was because she was being addressed by the two little fellows as Big Sister, and was unable to behave in a very intimate manner towards the two little fellows.

Ji Xiao Han, on the other hand, looked calm and collected as he watched the show, so did Mu Shi Ye.

Tang You You's beautiful eyes couldn't help but flash past Ji Xiao Han's handsome face. Seeing the hidden amusement in his eyes, she couldn't help but snort lightly.

He must be very proud of himself right now. There was a woman who showed him good will, and he seemed to be floating in the air.

Gong Wen Man no longer hid the gentleness on her face because she really hated these two bad kids who talked back to her.

"You are all children. The liking you speak of doesn't represent the love between adults, do you understand?" Gong Wen Man must be addicted to speaking English, as she deliberately showed that she was an adult, and furthermore, she looked at Tang You You who was standing at the side in a daze. She felt that she might not even understand English, so she did not understand what topic she was talking about with the children.

Of course Tang You You understood all of this, it was just that she did not want to interrupt.

In any case, there were two little fellows stepping in on her behalf. She felt that this young mistress Palace wouldn't be able to gain anything from them.

Tang Xiao Rui immediately tilted his head and asked curiously: "Auntie, can you tell me what kind of relationship you have with me?"

Gong Wen Man didn't expect that these two kids, who looked so young, would have so many questions thrown at him.

Mu Shi Ye didn't say a word from the side as he watched the two little fellows fighting their Mummy's love rival. This was truly an interesting matter that was hard to come by all year round.

"Well... You guys are too young, it's not convenient for me to say! " Gong Wen Man laughed dryly for a bit, then looked at Ji Xiao Han with a grumbling look: "Xiao Han, please help me talk about these two little fellows. They already know so many things at such a young age, it will not benefit their growth at all."

However, Ji Xiao Han did not feel that his own children's words were wrong. As his children, they knew how to protect their own mothers.

"Wamman, children are more curious, so asking strange questions doesn't count for much." Ji Xiao Han stretched out his hand and caressed his son's head.

Gong Wen Man's heart skipped a beat, and suddenly felt that it was not appropriate for him to sit here.

Xiao Han, to be honest, I really liked children in the past, but now that I look at them, I feel that they are quite troublesome. Of course, it is also possible that I am not familiar with them. Gong Wen Man said with a warm smile.

"Auntie, we don't want to play with you, you're so boring." Tang Xiao Rui immediately curled his lips, indicating that she was not interested in her.

Gong Wen Man's face instantly froze, after that, she glared at Tang You You who was beside her with resentment. This girl actually used her scheming on two little kids, it was simply too shameful, too shameless.

Tang You You also did not like the look of contempt in Gong Wen Man's eyes. At that moment, after receiving her resentful gaze, she was slightly startled, and as expected, all the resentment was directed towards her.

Xiao Han, I don't know who these two children learned these words from, but they have really lost their education. In the future, you can personally teach them. Gong Wen Man immediately changed the topic to Tang You You, openly and secretly accusing her of teaching the children ill.

Ji Xiao Han's expression could be considered normal just now, but after hearing how she dared to accuse her two precious children of having problems with their education, his handsome face did not turn dark at all, and his voice became extremely cold, "Miss Gong, you do not need to worry about the problem of our child's education."

Gong Wen Man didn't expect that his cold tone of voice would frighten her so much that her face paled slightly.

Mu Shi Ye played with her daughter's little face, and said indifferently: "Miss Gong, you must have invited someone here, why not, hurry up and eat with your friend, we have too many children here, and might disturb you."

No matter how foolish Gong Wen Man was, she could tell from her words that she was going to drive him away. She stood up unwillingly, and looked at Ji Xiao Han with eyes full of deep affection: "Xiao Han, I asked to meet you a few times, but you don't have the time. I hope we can meet again in the future."

"I'm sorry, but I may not have the time in the future. Also, please respect my girlfriend and not ask me out in front of her, okay?" Ji Xiao Han had already completely blacklisted this woman, because children were people he valued the most. Whoever dared to point fingers and point fingers at his children was undoubtedly stepping on his taboo. From this moment onwards, he and Gong Wen Man were strangers.

Gong Wen Man's face became even more deathly pale. In the end, she said a dejected goodbye, then turned around and left.