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C748 strong revenge

Luo Jinyu and Yang ChuChu didn't find the dark behavior of the woman in the coffee shop. They only live in their leisure and happiness at the moment. How could they think that someone would want to make an article about them.

At this moment, the woman who took this picture of love immediately called out.

The person who answered the phone was Miffy who just woke up from a hangover.

At the moment, she looks very bad. In the last few days, she is in a bad mood. The company's business situation is not very good. Because this time, her credit rating is greatly reduced because she is doing the right thing with Weiyi. She has not only lost a lot of old customers, but also new customers, who have an eye on her company.

Miffy's life is a mess, so she would go to the bar alone to drink, just to avoid all the people who see her jokes.

I didn't expect that things would get worse.

"Hello!" Miffy answered the phone listlessly.

"Phil, it's me. Guess who I saw just now?" The woman immediately asked with a smile.

"Call me in the middle of the night to wake me up, just let me guess this?" Miffee's tone was a little dissatisfied. She looked out of the window. It was still dark.

The other side was immediately embarrassed: "Oh, I forgot that it's early morning on your side, but you must be interested. I saw Luo Jinyu, but there was a girl beside him. They looked very kind."

"What are you telling me about this? I'm not in a bad mood, am I? " As soon as miffee heard about Luo Jinyu, the whole person became gloomy and bad.

"Feier, are you ok? I just took some pictures of them. If you don't want to see them..."

"Who is the woman in that picture? Is that Yang ChuChu? " Asked miffee suddenly, in a tone of resentment.

"I'm not in China all the year round, and I don't know if it's her. Look at it for yourself. I'll send it!" After the other party hung up, he quickly sent her a picture.

Miffee opened the photo, full of sunshine, Luo Jinyu gently put his hand around Yang ChuChu, and their facial features were very clear, as if they were talking with their heads down and smiling.

"Asshole!" As soon as miffee's tears rolled in her eyes, she scolded: "Luo Jinyu, do you really forget me? How can you do this to me? I still love you in vain, think of you, but now you embrace other women happily, I hate you! "

At the moment, mifimi's heart was hurt by 10000 points, watching Yang ChuChu nestle in his arms like a bird, smiling like a little princess, being loved and hurt, can you not be happy?

In the midst of her agony, a bad thought suddenly came up.

Yang ChuChu has always been called a pure girl in the entertainment circle. Because she never dare to spread gossip among men, her popularity has always been high, causing many men to look down on her.

But Luo Jinyu is a business tycoon. The two of them hold hands openly. It seems that they don't want the reputation of Yunv.

When she thought about it, she immediately called her friends in the media.

The man was also very angry when he was woken up. However, when he heard that miffee was going to give her explosive materials, he suddenly woke up.

"Whose? Yang ChuChu has a boyfriend? Which is it? The last time that art school grass Mu Xiyang? This topic has no freshness! "

"It's not muxiyang, it's Luo Jinyu!" Miffee sneered. "Luo Jinyu? You don't mean the man in power of the male god Luo group? Him? He and Yang ChuChu? It's impossible. The age difference between the two is at least ten years. They are together. That's OK! " As soon as the other party heard about Luo Jinyu's name, his blood immediately boiled

and he was full of interest.

"I have evidence!" Miffee knew that everyone didn't believe it, but this time, she didn't just say it without saying it. She sent the photo directly: "can you make the headlines?" "Of course, wow, I can't see that they are actually lovers? By the way, I remember that there was a report that a man went to Yang ChuChu in the middle of the night. It would not be Luo Jinyu. Tut, I can't see it. The abstinent young master Luo would like such a little girl. Sure enough, the more abstinent, the more abnormal it is

"Come on, you will release it to me tomorrow. I want everyone to know that Yang ChuChu is a little bitch. He is shameless. He is only robbing other people's boyfriend. Remember, he must write Yang ChuChu's hateful behavior to me in death. As for Luo Jinyu, you should write as few sentences as possible."

"Don't worry, I know Luo Jinyu is your God. If you hate Yang ChuChu, I will help you scold her." The other side is very happy to agree to this matter.

After hanging up, Miffy snorted coldly, threw her cell phone to one side and went to sleep.

However, she can't sleep, headache or next, she suddenly felt good loneliness, good emptiness.

How cold!

She hugged the quilt tightly. Suddenly, she thought that she was drunk before. With a phone call, Luo Jinyu would come to take care of herself and bring tea and water to her. When she was cold, she asked for warmth.


Yang ChuChu is enjoying all his tenderness and care.

"Little bitch!" Miffee scolded angrily.


An explosive entertainment scandal has exploded on the Internet.

The new girl Xiaohua, who leads the country to hold the man's hand in the street, behaves vulgarity and can't be seen.

The person who released the news also posted a picture of Yang ChuChu taking the initiative to kiss a man with his toes on it.

Once the news came out, many people were greatly disappointed and surprised. Unexpectedly, Yang ChuChu, looking at such a obedient and clever person, even behaved so boldly and dared to kiss a man voluntarily.

And what makes everyone curious is who will be the man to play with her?

Sure enough, the second news blew up again. The other side was not small. It turned out to be Luo Jinyu, the eldest young master of Roche Group. If the previous news came out and the man was disappointed, then after the latter news came out, a woman was also sad. Luo Jinyu is the second God who makes people want to marry after Ji Xiaohan. Unexpectedly, No.1 of the God of man got married and had children, and No.2 of the God of man spread out love one after another. He fell in love with a female entertainment star who was ten years younger than him. How could he see a female star? It's just too hard to accept. If he fell in love with the rich ladies, these ordinary women would not suffer so much, but the problem is that it was not long ago that Yang ChuChu and the school grass of art school were together. A female star with such a bad reputation turned out to be Luo Jinyu's favorite. Who wouldn't suffer?