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"Daddy!" Ji xiaonai, who was still wronged by Baba just now, jumped at Ji Xiaohan when he heard his voice. He had only reached his knee up before, but now he is taller and looks like she has some temperament. Season

the owl cold gentle crouches down, the finger gently took care of the snow on her hair: "brother bullies you again?" "

well, he hit the snow in my face!" With daddy in charge, the little guy filed another complaint immediately. "

go back, daddy will teach him for you!" It's absolutely not allowed to bully his daughter like this, even if that person is his son.

"Daddy, come and see, mommy has made a snowman. She says it's like you!" The little guy immediately and happily grabbed daddy's palm and ran to Tang youyou. Tang

wearing a big red down jacket, standing on the snow, the beautiful appearance makes the cold eyes of the season owl amazing.

Tang youyou is young. She is more and more charming in this red color. Her long hair is fluffy on both sides, showing a small face like a white jade. How do you think it's tender? Ji Xiaohan has an impulse to squeeze her face in the past.

Tang youyou turns his back and puffs his cheeks.

"You, get up early in the morning, just to make a snowman for me?" The man stood beside her, tall and straight body, set off a woman's delicate. "

Where is it? It's not you, it's the way your son grew up! " Tang youyou is embarrassed. He doesn't want to admit it. "

well, isn't that the way my son grew up? So you still pile me up as a reference, don't you? " Someone turns narcissistic every second.

"Mommy, why don't you admit it's daddy? You just said it's him?" Qiao xiaonai told the truth.

Tang youyou stares at his daughter. The little guy's little body shrinks. He turns around and runs away. She has a bad premonition. She seems to disturb mommy's good things.

Ji Xiaohan looks at the little woman against the snow. Her fingers gently trim the long hair that falls on her cheek: "obviously it's me, but I don't admit it. When can you change your awkward nature?" Don

as soon as his cheek was hot, he bowed his head shyly. "

you really don't go out today?" She asked in a low voice.

"Well, I asked Ozawa to bring his girlfriend to dinner in the evening, so I will not go anywhere today and play with you all day!" Season owl cold reaches out to embrace her in the bosom, thin lip kissed in her hair place. "

really? Is Xiaoyan coming? Grandma agreed? " Tang Youmei's eyes brightened up. Since Bai Yiyan became pregnant, the old lady's attitude has been relaxed a lot. What's more, she asked people to send things to her for several times. Even LAN Yue has secretly prepared many baby articles. This family, looking at them, has a good temper, but they are very kind-hearted. "

I was just upstairs talking to my grandparents about this. Of course they agreed!" Season owl cold says with a light smile.

"In this way, Xiaoyan can give birth to a child at ease, or marry your brother earlier and form a warm family to welcome the baby!" Tang youyou also gave them a sigh of relief and sincere blessing. "

Yes, I have missed the infancy of two little boys. I don't want my brother to have such a shock. I will fight for everything I can fight for him!" Season owl cold looks not far away, two little guys don't know what to squat on the ground, play very seriously, his smile at the bottom of his eyes also becomes gentle. Don

blinked his beautiful eyes, and suddenly said, "do you really feel that this is an aftershock?" "

what?" Ji Xiaohan looks at the children and loses his mind. Hearing her suddenly ask, he immediately looks at her in a daze. "

do you really want to feel the life of children at birth?" Tang youyou asked with a smile. "

of course, this is the life that every father wants to feel!" Ji Xiaohan replied quickly. "

then When all this is over, let's have another child! " Said Tang youyou hesitantly. "

really?" The cold and quiet eyes of the season owl suddenly brightened, and her long arm immediately hugged her, and attached it to her ear and asked with rapture, "do you really want to give me another baby?" "

well, as long as you don't have twins or twins!" Tang youyou is really afraid of another two. Then she can't make sure. Even if she has money and material, she doesn't have enough energy to educate children. "

I feel that it's good to have two more!" Season owl cold's vision looks to the children again, the smile is extremely satisfied.

"You think it's so beautiful. Two little guys cry at the same time. Let's see if you can say that!" Tang youyou is from here. She knows that two little guys are not easy.

"Leisurely, it's too hard for you to bear the discomfort of pregnancy again. Sometimes I think, in fact, two children are enough. There are children and women. They grow up together with partners. I don't want you to suffer any more!" Hearing that she seems to have a shadow over the birth and raising of children, Ji Xiaohan changes her mind in a flash and doesn't want her to suffer from this kind of suffering again.

"Why? Do you love me Tang youyou immediately laughed. "

MM!" The man nodded seriously. "

let's talk about it later. In fact, I also want to have more children. These two little guys are growing up, and they don't stick to me. I suddenly miss the feeling that they used to hold me even when they were sleeping, and the way they were when they were learning to talk. As they grow up, they have their own ideas. They will surely be further away from us in the future!" Tang youyou also has some feelings. "

so, would you like to have another one to stick to you?" The season owl can't cry or laugh. "

well, I like being stuck by little guys!" Tang youyou nodded his head and said seriously. "

let's think about it again when all these things have a result?" When Ji Xiaohan sees that she wants to have children, he naturally wants another one. "

well, I have to ask those two opinions. It's not so easy to have a child!" Tang youyou also chuckled.

"If it's just about the two of us, it's easy, but it's about one person!" "Season owl cold is attached to her ear, dumb voice says.

"Not serious!" Tang youyou blushed, pushed him away and ran to the children. Season

Xiao Han laughs after her, very satisfied. Wen

in the warm bedroom, Bai Yiyan is folding her clothes, looking at the man who is drinking coffee leisurely beside her and asking, "does your grandma really agree to let me go to dinner?" "

well, my brother said, I'll talk to grandma later, Xiaoyan, don't worry, my grandma will never object again!" Ji Yueze put down his coffee, walked to her side, folded her clothes, put them in the wardrobe, turned around, looked at the gentle and beautiful eyes of the woman, and couldn't help kissing: "tonight, I'll find an opportunity to talk about our marriage!"

"Ah..." Bai Yiyan is frightened, so she agrees to go to dinner. He just wants to talk about marriage. Isn't it scolding? "

all the children are going to be born. Of course, we should get married as soon as possible. I want to give the children a complete family. There must be no missing!" Ji Yueze knew that her reaction must be great, but he had to take this into account.

"Of course, I don't have a problem, but I'm afraid your family can't accept it. Otherwise, let's not talk about it first, and then talk about it later!" Bai Yiyan said nervously. "

well, I won't mention it tonight, but you're almost five months pregnant. At the end of next spring, our baby will be born. This wedding will be prepared for more than a month, and the time is really not enough!" Ji Yueze looked at her with a chuckle. She used to be a stubborn woman. More and more, she learned to tolerate and think for others. How could she not be heartbroken?

Bai Yiyan looks at him with beautiful eyes. She can't make up her mind for a moment. "

listen to me, and I promise you and your child to be honest, OK?" Ji Yueze coaxed. "

MM!" In addition to nodding, Bai Yiyan doesn't seem to know what to do.

Night comes, winter night, always a long time. Yi Yan is wearing a warm coat and sitting on the car. Ji Yueze drives himself. It's not a sports car he used to like, but a large off-road vehicle with high safety factor. Bai

looking at the night scene outside the window, Yiyan is dazzled by the prosperity, but her heart is calmer and calmer. In this period of time, she has found her own parents, who can bear their distance. She firmly believes that in the future, her heart will become stronger and stronger, and she will cherish all she has.