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Bai Yiyan leaves LAN Yue in a panic. When she goes to Ji Yueze's room, she secretly bites her lips. After that, she has no face to see LAN Yue. The panic rising from the bottom of her heart cannot be restrained.

LAN Yue looks at the pieces of glass on the ground and falls into a trance. I know it's not her illusion. It seems that Bai Yiyan broke her glass just now because she was afraid to see her. Her eyes are afraid to look at herself. Difficult

is it true that I have been guessing?

LAN Yue's face turned pale in an instant.

"Grandma, grandma, what's the matter with you?" Ji xiaonai and Ji Xiaorui come here and hold her hand gently.

Seeing the two little guys, LAN Yue put up the sadness in her heart, squatted down, picked up her granddaughter, buried her face gently on her little shoulder, and said softly, "grandma is OK, let's go. Here is a broken cup. Let's go find someone to deal with it." The little guy felt that grandma was still unhappy, so he kissed her on the face.

Little people, will care about others, LAN Yue smiled, warm heart.

Bai Yiyan pushes the door and goes in. Ji Yueze leans on the sofa and sees her. He says, "I've been pouring out a glass of water for so long. I thought you left directly." "

I met your mother!" Bai Yiyan sighed and said to herself, "I still broke a cup in front of her face. Am I useless?"

Ji Yueze wakes up half in fear, and walks up quickly with a big body. He gently holds one of her wrists, takes the water glass in her hand, and anxiously asks, "isn't her hand hurt?" Bai

when she heard that he cared about herself at the first time, she blushed a little bit and shook her head: "I'm ok, but I'm more and more afraid to face your mother." "

my mother doesn't know yet. She doesn't need to be so afraid!" Ji Yueze loves her panic. "

but my heart is weak!" Bai Yiyan forcefully bites the lip piece, which is about to bleed. Ji Yueze reached out and rubbed her long hair, pressed her gently into his arms, and then he kissed her on the forehead: "OK, wait another three days, I'll be frank with her." "

in case your mother doesn't forgive me and your family doesn't accept me, what should we do?" This is Bai Yiyan's most afraid and helpless thing.

"No, my brother knows your relationship with Bai Zhenzhen. He has no objection to us being together." Ji Yueze is comforting in a low voice.

"Really? Your brother doesn't care. Doesn't your mother and grandma mind? " Bai Yiyan looks at the front in confusion and loses focus.

Ji Yueze is suddenly silent. He doesn't dare to promise her the attitude of grandma and mom.

Bai Yiyan's heart, like a fire, burns all her hopes and wishes.

After the bridegroom was drunk, Mu shiye and others ate and left.

Mu shiye and Pei Anxin are driving towards the city. They are going to Pei Anxin's parents' home to pick up the orange. "

Anxin, actually, I think it's interesting that we are so noisy." When the night thick cheeky smile said.

"Is it? But I remember you didn't like my noise before. When did you change? " Pei Anxin's mouth is gently raised. Her relationship with Mu shiye now belongs to the most relaxed state, and those who love each other are not so tired. In the past, the deeper the love, the more suffocating it will be, and the hearts of each other will not be free. In fact, to love a person also needs to relax and have a certain degree, which is enough.

"It's when you want to break up with me. I've learned that I have a tendency to be abused. You treat me well and love me so much that I can't extricate myself. I even dislike you. Now that you are not good to me, the cheap gene in my bones appears, and I want to stick to you." Mu shiye has now become an emotional expert. He has discovered the way of managing each other's love, put down his self righteous dignity and completely become a slave of love. Pei

Anxin chuckled. This man has become more and more interesting recently, and he is more and more able to say sweet words. "

What are you laughing at? I'm serious about talking to you. " When Mu night thick skin again, by the beloved person such ridicule, the handsome face or bloated red. "

Mu shiye, please keep your optimistic attitude, we will definitely fall in love with you forever." Pei Anxin reached out and patted the back of his hand in a rewarding way, expressing his approval of this sentiment.

When Mu night get reward, handsome eyes slightly open: "when am I not optimistic? Since I had my daughter, I've been healthy every day "

I know you are a good father!" When it comes to her daughter, Pei Anxin's face is gentle. Before, she threw her daughter's ruthlessness to him with a negative personality for a while, thinking that he would be bored and tired. But later, she found that the man was very patient with his daughter and was a good father. "

don't give me a good person card, I don't need it!" Mu shiye's body shakes for a while. He feels that he will become a fool after being labeled as a good man. Pei

Anxin laughed again, then pointed to the side: "our high school, do you want to go for a walk?" "

really? Are you in a hurry today? " When night really did not expect, Pei Anxin also want to go with him to recall campus life.

Pei Anxin shook his head: "no, it's rare to have a day of leisure and let time go."

When I am admiring, I am very happy at night. I feel that I am loved by the God of love.

"Well, let's go in and have a look!" Mu shiye hurriedly drove the car to the gate of the campus.

Stopped the car, two people walked into the campus from the side door. At this time, all the students in the school are in the classroom. It's very quiet. Occasionally, the sound of reading comes. Some gardeners are cleaning the leaves. It's a thriving and busy scene.

Mu shiye pointed to the direction of the playground: "did you often peep at me playing there before?"

Pei Anxin gave him a white look: "if I really want to peek, you will find me? I see you in the right light. " When mu

laughed, some small complacency: "do you remember my handsome demeanor when I was playing? Do you want me to restore it to you now? " "

now? In a suit and tie, go and restore to me the way you play? Are you sure? " Pei Anxin pointed to his ascetic dress. He thought of something inexplicably and burst out laughing. "What's so funny?" She laughs at me for a long time.

"No, I think you're going to play in a suit. I'm afraid your trousers will be torn!"

"I'm afraid you're going to talk about me?" The man suddenly asked. Pei

Anxin stares at him directly and turns to run away.