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A new news caused a stir in the entertainment industry. Ji Yueze, the young head of Tianyu group, is about to get married soon. Once the news is released, it makes countless people marvel and envy.

When Bai Yiyan entered the entertainment circle, she was exposed about her affair with Ji Yueze, a former superstar. I don't know how many girls she envied. People attacked her with verbal violence on the Internet. Later, Bai Yiyan withdrew from the circle and rarely reported about her. Until recently, someone photographed her holding a child in her arms at the door of the hospital, We found out that she had a baby. However, people in the media didn't dare to report it. There were people behind her who controlled all the rumors about Bai Yiyan.

Now, Ji Yueze is going to get married. This matter has aroused everyone's concern. Everyone is curious. Who will he marry?

At the time of uncertainty, a grand ceremony of the music circle by mistake revealed the inside story of this matter.

When Ji Yueze came out, he attracted the attention of all media reporters. When he got off, he was carrying a five or six month old baby in his arms. Ji Yueze made a blue suit. The little girl in his arms was wearing a happy little red plaid skirt, a head ring of the same color on his forehead, and big eyes, which surprised everyone on the scene. Although it was very small, but that The delicate little face really inherits the fine gene of jiyueze.

Ji Yueze came out with her baby in his arms. Everyone was surprised and suspicious. At this time, a bright woman in a white dress, who came down from the business car, let everyone fall to the chin. It was Bai Yiyan.

Bai Yiyan expected that there would be many reporters at the door, but at the moment, she was still a little uncomfortable with the glare of the light. Suddenly, a pair of big hands gently dragged her behind him. He used his tall body to block some of the light for her and held her daughter tightly in his arms.

It's obvious that the little guy has never experienced such a big scene of so many people. At the beginning, she was very calm. Soon, she was scared. Her small mouth flattened, and tears began to condense in her big eyes. Her two small hands tightly grabbed daddy's shirt. She wanted to cry at any time. Ji Yueze has been paying attention to her daughter's expression. Suddenly, she looks like she is going to cry. The bottom of her eyes is gently opened. She reaches out and presses her small head into her arms. The thin lips are gently pressed on her forehead. It seems that she feels the familiar breath of daddy. The little guy immediately relaxes a little, but his hands are still pulling daddy's clothes tightly, which is very insecure.

A family of three, bypassing the red carpet in front of the reporter, walked into the VIP channel nearby.

Ji Yueze looks at the woman around him and finds her face a little nervous. He can't help chuckling: "you were also a person who had mixed the entertainment circle, how could you be so afraid?"

"Maybe it's because my name is not right and I'm not right. I'm always discouraged." Bai Yiyan laughed at herself. Ji Yueze's eyes brightened. Next second, he held her directly in his arms and gave her a steady kiss: "no, you will be the rightful Ji's second wife right away."

"Don't do that. The child is watching." Bai Yiyan didn't expect Ji Yueze to stand in the aisle and kiss her so warmly. Even if there are no staff in and out at the moment, Ji Yueze still has a cute little girl in her arms. She is blinking her big eyes at her father and mother strangely, and she doesn't know what they are doing. Ji Yueze chuckled and reached out to block his daughter's big eyes.

"Ah ah!" The little guy was not happy immediately. He held out his little hand to grab daddy's finger. When he caught it, he was ready to bite it into his mouth.

"My daughter is really like you. She's fierce enough." Ji Yueze watched the little guy's teeth didn't grow together, and then he started to bite. It was really cute and funny.

"You are fierce." Bai Yiyan doesn't like the way he describes herself, as if she were fat and strong.

"Well, let's not talk about you, let's go." Ji Yueze immediately soft, he can not easily provoke this woman now, but fight.

The three members of Ji Yueze's family came to the first row and sat down. There was an uproar behind them. However, the girl star was still thinking about Ji Yueze's idea. Because he had no gossip recently, he thought he was back single, and many people had sent him a dark autumn wave, but now, he was really hit.

Bai Yiyan saw many familiar faces, but she didn't want to say hello, and there was no need.

Although she turned her back to them, Bai Yiyan could still feel how angry those eyes were staring at her. Yes, everyone thought that she had robbed Ji Yueze, but did two people's mutual love count as robbery?

"Is my daughter hungry?" Ji Yueze finds out that the little guy doesn't eat his hand now, but looks for something on his chest. For a while, he can't find it. The little guy's forehead is sweating. At last, she doesn't care. She just chews on Ji Yueze's shirt.

Ji Yueze didn't expect his daughter to bite down in such a hurry. Moreover, the bite was extremely accurate. However, he didn't have the milk to relieve her hunger. However, he was teased and laughed.

Bai Yiyan turns her head and looks at her daughter, who is lying on her stomach in Ji Yueze's arms, making a move to eat milk. She also laughs happily.

"Give her to me." Bai Yiyan said with a low smile.

Ji Yueze gave her the baby, but he attached himself to her and told her, "don't feed here, follow me."

Bai Yiyan is shocked and embarrassed. How could she be here? What kind of person is she? Bai Yiyan holds her daughter and follows Ji Yueze to the side door. She comes to the backstage and finds a rest room. Ji Yueze pushes the door directly into it.

The little guy can't wait. He starts to cry impatiently. As soon as Bai Yiyan goes in, he feeds her immediately. The little guy's tears are still hanging on his face. As soon as he drinks sweet milk, he eats it vigorously. He grabs Bai Yiyan's long hair while eating.

Ji Yueze sat lazily and looked at it. He was very serious.

Bai Yiyan is so stared at by him. She is very embarrassed. She immediately turns her back and doesn't let him watch.

Someone is not happy for a moment: "what does it mean to turn your back on me? Don't you want to see it?"

"I'm sorry you look at me." Bai Yiyan whispered.

"You've been ignoring me for nearly a year and a half, and even my eyesight is not enough. Xiaoyan, you've become more and more overweight recently." Ji Yueze's face is more dissatisfied.

"Who said that we should have another baby? A year and a half is nothing. You have to endure it for three years. " Bai Yiyan said angrily.

Ji Yueze's face is stiff. Three years? Does he have to die of thirst?