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Yang Chu Chu was extremely happy, she had never been so valued like today, other than acting like a dog blood story.

The lights in the elevator were very bright. The corner of the girl's mouth was lifted, but all the men were looking at her. She was very happy, and it was obvious that she was happy.

Luo Jin Yu's fatigue from travelling a few steps was instantly gone. At that moment, he felt that as long as he could make her happy, anything he did would be worth it.

Yang Chu Chu raised her small face, the eyes that were embedded on her face shined like gems, she stared at Luo Jin Yu and giggled again.

Luo Jin Yu reached out and caressed her smooth hair: "Don't wait for me at the door next time, don't get sick from the cold."

Yang Chu Chu lowered his head and muttered: "I just wanted to quickly see you, I didn't expect the wind outside to be this strong, it almost made me into a fool!"

After Luo Jin Yu heard her warm heart, his heart trembled. How strange, the love cells in his body seemed to have awakened.

In the past, there were also women who stood in front of him with reddened faces and confessed to him, but he didn't feel anything at all. Just a single glance from Yang Chu Chu, every frown, smile, or casual word from him was able to affect the nerves and cells in his entire body, and even her blood started to boil a little.

When the elevator door opened, Yang Chu Chu immediately extended her small hand and grabbed onto his big palm, then quickly brought him into a room.

After entering the room, Yang Chu Chu closed the door. Inside, there was a two room, one living room, small apartment.

"Was this arranged by your production team?" Luo Jin Yu knew that filming was a tough challenge for a celebrity.

Yang Chu Chu nodded her head: "Yes, this is considered luxurious housing!"

Luo Jin Yu saw that she was being too optimistic and teasing, and immediately felt that she did not seem to be a delicate girl, but when she became angry, it was unbearable for anyone.

"Sit down, I'll get you a glass of water!" Yang Chu Chu immediately pushed him away. Unprepared, Luo Jin Yu sat on the sofa and watched as the girl, like a virtuous wife, blew into the kitchen. After a while, she brought out a cup of water and gently placed it in front of him.

Originally, Luo Jin Yu was unknowingly thirsty, but when he saw her raised up face, he was slightly thirsty.

He reached out and took a sip of water, causing Yang Chu Chu to laugh out loud. Then, she quickly ran over and pulled up all the curtains, the light coming from outside did not escape at all.

Luo Jin Yu who was drinking water felt his blood boiling to yet another high point.

Perhaps another meaning behind pulling the curtains was that something shameful was about to happen.

Of course, maybe he was overthinking it. Yang Chu Chu was still a Female Celebrity, she was afraid that there would be a reporter secretly taking photos.

Luo Jin Yu drank some water and his willpower slightly calmed down. He watched as Yang Chu Chu took out a bottle of fruit juice and leaned against the door of the kitchen as she slowly drank.

"A habit of living here?" Luo Jin Yu started to have nothing to say, because with the current atmosphere, if he did not speak, it would be unbearable for his heart, as though he was going to do something even more intense in the next second.

Yang Chu Chu's heart was actually beating extremely quickly as well. She had yet to calm down from the ecstasy and excitement that Luo Jin Yu felt.

It was like a dream, and the dream was real.

He was right in front of her, giving her a sense of distance.

"It's not bad!" Yang Chu Chu softly replied, then asked him with concern: "Luo Jin Yu, do you need to sleep for a while? With it being so late and you rushing off on your own, you must be tired!"

Upon hearing the word "sleep", Luo Jin Yu's adam's apple involuntarily rolled twice. Dammit, why does this little thing seem to be doing this on purpose?

"I'll sleep on the sofa!" When the man opened his mouth to answer, his voice was obviously much deeper, as if he was pressing down on something.

"Are you sure you want to sleep on my little sofa?" Yang Chu Chu giggled as she pointed at the sofa that was made up because the living room was small.

Luo Jin Yu's gaze also swept across them. Sure enough, they were not suitable for his height.

Even Yang Chu Chu would not be able to sleep well, she was at least 1.6m!

Seeing Luo Jin Yu frown, Yang Chu Chu immediately laughed, and said naughtily.

Luo Jin Yu turned his head to look at her: "What are you thinking?"

"I'm not thinking of anything, I'm just thinking of... "Do you want me to sleep on the floor, or do you want me to? After all, you are a respected guest who came from afar. As the master of this family …"

"I'll sleep on the floor!" The dignified CEO of the Luo Family had already given up all of her image and nobility for her.

Yang Chu Chu knew that he was definitely going to sleep on the floor, so she just shrugged her shoulders: "Alright then, you sleep on the floor, but I can't guarantee that I won't fall off my bed in the middle of the night and crush you!"


Luo Jin Yu felt that he was about to go crazy because of this little thing. At such a young age, how did she know that there were so many things that could seduce a man's heart and soul? She was born, or did he learn from someone else?

Seeing the man's handsome face tensed up, Yang Chu Chu immediately giggled: "Don't worry, I'm very light, I'm only around 90 jin, even if I pressure you, it won't hurt!"

Luo Jin Yu said in a low voice: "Alright, stop thinking, hurry up and go to sleep!"

"Sleep now? "No!" Yang Chu Chu immediately curled her lips: "You just came over, sleep, I'll sit on the side of the bed and watch you sleep!"

Luo Jin Yu was startled again. What exactly was this girl's little brain filled with?

However, he had to admit that it was extremely interesting. It was always able to stir people's minds and put them in a very happy mood.

"You watch me sleep, I can't fall asleep at all!" What Luo Jin Yu said was the truth; he might go all out for an entire night.

Yang Chu Chu's face flashed with confusion: "Then what are we going to do next?"

"Watch TV!" Luo Jin Yu pointed to the television set that was being used as a decoration: "Search for a movie of yours!"

"No, definitely not. I don't want to watch my own silly acting with you. I will break down!" Yang Chu Chu immediately rejected her offer, but Luo Jin Yu had already bent down and grabbed the controls, she quickly rushed over, but she was still one step too late, the controls were in the man's hands, he then raised his head, and saw that Yang Chu Chu was unable to reach her.

Yang Chu Chu could only jump a few times in front of him, but she realised that the man was deliberately teasing her. Without saying anything further, she wrapped her hands around his neck, wrapped her legs around his, and was about to climb up …

Luo Jin Yu, "..."