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C593 decided to face it

Looking at the beautiful little face in front of her, Luo Jinyu's heart was full of guilt and distress.

I don't know what other ways to give her a sense of security.

Just then the sound of a phone call interrupted the sad atmosphere.

The man took out his mobile phone and glanced to answer.

"Brother, have you seen the video on the Internet? Xi Yang actually confessed Yang Chuchu." It was his brother Luo Hening who called.

"Yes, I have already seen it." Luo Jinyu's gaze was deep, and Yang Chuchu stayed like a wooden chicken.

The girl was still in a mood. She snorted softly at his eyes, turned around, and closed the door.

Luo Jinyu Junmei's face flashed, but helpless.

"Brother, why haven't you taken any action yet? If you let him and Xi Yang have a scandal, things between you and her will become more complicated."

"I'm trying to figure this out, but I don't know what to do. Am I becoming slow in terms of feelings?" Luo Jinyu laughed at himself.

"What else can you do? Ask her mother to confess this to her." Lohenen thought that only this way could make their feelings no longer affected by the scandal.

"Do you think there is really only one last solution left?" Luo Jinyu sighed, still not sure whether this method is feasible. "I only know that love can't wait for someone. If you don't quickly pursue her, maybe he will turn to someone else's arms. Just like me, I have been secretly in love for three years, but in fact it was all me I asked myself, if I confess to her earlier, maybe I do n’t need to suffer so much

Tortured with pain, has long been with her. "Big brother finally had a favorite person. As a younger brother, of course, he very much supported him to take the initiative.

"Okay? I invited her mother to dinner tonight to show my heart." Luo Jinyu looked at the closed door and finally made a decision.

And Yang Chuchu, who was hiding in the room overhearing his phone conversation, smiled after hearing his decision.

After he opened the door, he dashed in front of the man.

"Did you really think about it?" She asked with a smile, a flash of joy in her pretty eyes.

The man put the phone down, reached out and hugged her tightly, her thin lips pressed against her forehead, and kissed gently.

"I decided not to escape anymore." Luo Jinyu sighed.

"If my mother knows that the person I like is you, I really don't know what kind of reaction she will be." Yang Chuchu is also not sure what the outcome will be, but he hopes that Heaven will fulfill him and his love.

"I'll call your mother now and ask her if she's free to have a meal together at night." Luo Jinyu released her and prepared to call.

"Okay, you can fight." The girl's eyes shone with a tiny light and smiled.

Luo Jinyu also secretly relieved and dialed Cheng Ying's mobile phone.

The phone was quickly answered, and a pleasant female voice came.

Very gentle with a smile.

"Sister Ying, are you free to eat at night?" Luo Jinyu asked sincerely.

"Why do you suddenly think of asking me to eat? You think that a boss like you who is so busy must have no time to invite me to eat." Cheng Ying's voice couldn't hide a smile, but she also looked forward to it.

"It's nothing, I still need to contact occasionally. I happen to have something to ask you to do me a favor." Luo Jinyu smiled very mildly.

"It's really a pleasure to be invited by you, okay? You sent me a message tonight, and I'll come here in full." Cheng Yingluo generously agreed.

After making this call, the man secretly relieved, turned around and saw the girl's smile on his face. He shrugged helplessly and grinned. "Calling your mother is really nervous, as if it were Did something bad. "

"I never expected that Luo, who had always been bold, would be afraid. This is really new."

"You dare to make fun of me, so brave." The man hugged her like a punishment and ran against the wall.

Instead of not being scared at all, Yang Chuchu laughed.

The man couldn't help kissing her tender little mouth and swallowed all her laughter between her lips and teeth.

Bai Yiyan returned to her apartment, a single room apartment.

She has been living here for 4 years.

She moved out since she went to college.

He used to have a warm family and loved her father and mother, but his father went to heaven because of a car accident and left her and her mother. My mother is very beautiful. Since the day she became educated, she has known that her mother is even more beautiful than those stars. Therefore, the men surrounding her after her father's departure are still endless, and her mother has all sorts of eyes. Finally, she picked one. The man who made her very happy, that man loved her like life,

Gave her the best life.

So when she was eight years old, she followed her mother's scenery and lived in that magnificent new home.

The stepfather was very busy, and the mother was also very busy. They were busy with adult love, flying around to play, leaving her alone in that worry-free home.

Although she lived the life of a princess, she lost her happiness. She found herself lonely and did not like to talk to strangers.

Later, she moved out, studied at a boarding school, and then went to college. She slowly emerged from loneliness.

The mother gave birth to a pair of twin sons to her stepfather, which further established her position in that family.

The mother spends more time caring for her two sons, and she has gradually ignored her eldest daughter. She can't get any care except the increasing money in Carrie.

She felt that she was used to a person's life.

After meeting Ji Yanze, she found out that there are still many lonely people like her in this world.

Not because there are no friends to play with, but from the true feeling of loneliness in the soul.

She was very fortunate that there was still a difference between him and him, at least he now loves someone who will never be possible.

And his own heart is still free.

After finishing at home, she went to the company and resigned, but this time she returned to the company, but caused a lot of sensation.

"I thought she was just a novice. I didn't expect her to be a king. When she went abroad, she became the girlfriend of a big star.

"Isn't it? It's enviable."

"Do you think it is possible that she took the initiative to take her to the door?"

"That's for sure, how could Ji Yueze find her actively?"