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C518 bullying means liking

Tang youyou was puzzled by Yang ChuChu's question. She looked down and thought. She said with a wry smile, "my situation is different from yours. It's more serious than yours!"

"Oh!" Yang ChuChu did not dare to ask further. Seeing Tang youyou's desperate expression, he knew that it was really serious.

They didn't talk about these sad topics any more. They began to talk about some things in the entertainment circle. After a meal, they finished it easily.

After eating, Yang ChuChu and Tang youyou drove away respectively.

Yang ChuChu has finished making that film and was sent to an art college for a year by her mother. Therefore, Yang ChuChu is going through the enrollment process.

She just came out of school, with some books in her hands and a mask, very low-key.

However, it was recognized by some people.

"Is that Yang ChuChu? How did she come to our school? Didn't she say that she studied abroad before? "

"I don't know. A star student like her, who is filming all year round, just came to the school to put on a name. I don't believe she can really read it."

Yang ChuChu could hear them talking about her, but she didn't care.

"Yang ChuChu..." Suddenly, a slightly cold voice stopped her.

Yang ChuChu turned his head and saw a boy about eighteen or nine years old coming towards her. When she saw each other, her expression froze for a moment.

How can I meet him here?

"Wow, it's our school grass, muxiyang!"

When Yang ChuChu saw each other, he immediately turned around and wanted to run. This mu Xiyang is her childhood sweetheart. Moreover, what makes her headache is that Mu Xiyang belongs to the kind of bad boy who bullied her since childhood.

Of course, this is not the reason why Yang ChuChu wants to escape. The real reason is that Mu Xiyang and Luo Jinyu are also related. He is the son of Luo Jinyu's aunt and the little cousin of Luo family.

As a child, Yang ChuChu was forced to play with Mu Xiyang at every party because of his similar age. Mu Xiyang often used to bully her, either to scare her or to provoke her. In short, she was the object of her respect.

"Yang ChuChu, if you want to hide from me again, I will tell you that you are my girlfriend!" Muxiyang's long figure quickly blocked her way.

Yang ChuChu stopped at once, and stared at him angrily: "Mu Xiyang, we are all grown up, you still have to bully me, be careful I will tell your parents again."

When he was a child, Yang ChuChu would complain every time he bullied him, and Mu Xiyang's fate was also very miserable, and he would often be beaten to the bottom to blossom.

Hearing what she said, Mu Xiyang's handsome face froze for a moment. Then he turned his thin lips and said, "apart from the interest of this mouth, you are really ordinary everywhere." "Yes, I just entered school, and I heard about your many erotic histories. It seems that all the beautiful girls in the school have something to do with you. Muxiyang, you are really a philanderer. Be careful to let your parents know and scold you again." Yang ChuChu knew that Mu Xiyang was named as a school grass character and was famous in the school. But she felt that such a villain like him really made her not flatter.

"What? Are you fooling me too? " Muxiyang immediately raised a smile, a face of self righteous.

"You are very handsome, unfortunately, you are not handsome enough to impress me. I hated you when I was a child. Now, I hate you even more."

"Yang ChuChu, I heard that you have a boyfriend before. Tell me, who is that man?" Muxiyang suddenly approached her and asked earnestly.

"What do you want to do? I can warn you, this is the school, you can't bully me

Muxiyang saw that she was so awed by herself. He shrugged helplessly: "I will not bully you in the future. Really, I promise!"

"Are you sure?" Yang ChuChu frowned and doubted.

"Yes, I am sure!" Mu Xiyang's tone was low: "Yang ChuChu, let's be friends."

"You Why is it so nice to me all of a sudden? " Seeing that he was not joking, Yang ChuChu couldn't help believing him.

Muxiyang shrugged his shoulders and said to himself, "because I don't like to see you afraid of me."

Yang ChuChu said angrily, "I'm afraid of you, but it's not because you are fond of teasing me since you were a child?" "I'm sorry, I was too bad when I was a child, but I won't do that to you in the future." Muxiyang's eyes flickered with brilliance. When he was a child, he would tease Yang ChuChu and always make her cry because he liked her. If he didn't like the little girl, muxiyang would not play with her at all.

"It's almost like that!" Yang ChuChu also believes that they can be friends when they grow up.

"In the evening, come to my house for dinner. My parents also said they haven't seen you for a long time, and they know that we have become alumni, so they said they would invite you to dinner." Muxiyang said sincerely.

Yang ChuChu thought for a moment and nodded: "OK, I'll go there at night!"

"You are sure to come!" Moxian didn't expect that she would agree.

"Yes, your mother sent me a message the other day to let me go. I promised her." Yang ChuChu is really like a relative to the muxiyang family, and she doesn't think about it anywhere else.

Mu Xiyang's expression flashed with excitement and joy. He thought that Yang ChuChu would directly refuse.

It was getting dark. Yang ChuChu drove to Mu's house and bought a lot of gifts.

As soon as she entered, the elders of Mu's family greeted her with a very welcome smile and asked Mu Xiyang to treat her well.

Mu Xiyang leads Yang ChuChu directly to the balcony on the second floor.

There is a piano on the balcony, and Mu Xiyang points out: "play a piece of music for me, I know you play the piano very well."

Yang ChuChu also did not refuse, sitting in front of the piano, the light on the balcony is very soft, shining on her delicate figure, giving a very dreamy feeling.

Muxiyang is sitting on the sofa like a young master, watching Yang ChuChu playing the piano seriously. Suddenly, there is a feeling that he can't speak out, as if all the stars in the sky are bright.

Yang ChuChu played the piano very seriously, and didn't realize that at the moment, downstairs, a black car stopped, and the very handsome and mature man who came down from the car was Luo Jinyu.

"Jin Yu, here you are. Xiyang and ChuChu are playing upstairs. You can sit on the sofa for a while! We'll have dinner soon! " Mu Mu is Luo Jinyu's aunt. Seeing him, she is very kind. Hearing the two words, Luo Jinyu's face suddenly sank. How could she be here?