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C1424 this is happiness

Tang youyou left two big men to sit in the living room to exchange parenting experience. She walked up the stairs and saw Bai Yiyan in the bedroom. She was struggling to squeeze milk. She thought she would not have enough milk. At last, she found that the milk was too much for the little guy to drink. She had to squeeze some out every day. It was really a waste.

"I'm so touched to see you like this!" Tang youyou sat beside her bed and sighed.

"My sister-in-law is so great. It's not easy to bring up two children by one person. I couldn't understand the pain of being a parent before. Now I've experienced it one by one, and I know it's not easy to have children." Bai Yiyan quickly tore off her clothes and said with a smile.

"The hard work has come. I want to come now, and I also want to thank that time for the training, which made me learn how to be a qualified mother." Tang youyou doesn't think about those things any more. She only knows that God treats her fairly, finds her own father and dotes on her husband. A pair of children are healthy and happy, and gains their own career, relatives and friends. Today's life is what she is most satisfied with.

"That's right. People always have to learn to grow up." Bai Yiyan also laments that she was forced to grow up in a short time. At that time, life was not like death, but now she can only laugh at it.

"I think the future of Ji Yueze must be a pet maniac, and now we can see a little bit of the trend." Tang youyou joked.

"Yes, it's clear that Yuesao is at home to take care of him. He still depends on not going to the company. In these two days, he has to hold his own when he is free. The children are spoiled by him. Before that, he could put them down to let her sleep by herself. Now, they can't stop crying. I can't help him. He likes to hold them." The happiness on Bai Yiyan's face can't be concealed. Although some complain that Ji Yueze dotes on her children too much, she is happy.

"It's OK, let him pet it, let him experience the growth process of the child, he can be a qualified good father." Don youyou comforts her with a smile.

"Well, I'm lucky to meet him." Bai Yiyan is low, and smiles shamefully.

Tang youyou stayed upstairs for more than half an hour before going down. Ji Xiaohan didn't put down his little ink in his arms. Ji Yueze was drinking coffee with his legs crossed. Obviously, he didn't treat him as an outsider.

"My sister-in-law has come down. Give me the baby. Do you want to stay for dinner?" When Ji Yueze saw Tang Youyou, he immediately put down his legs and coffee cup, and quickly reached for his baby daughter.

"No, xiaonai and Xiaorui are still at home. It's said that they have filled in a little sister. They are all shouting to come and have a look." Ji Xiaohan stood up and replied with a smile.

"The situation is not good now. Two little guys should not let them wander around. Let them wait patiently. When Xiaoyan is out of the moon, I will take them home for a few days and let them have a look." Ji Yueze said with a smile.

"Well, I'll go with you first. You take good care of their mother and daughter. Let's put your work aside first. There will be no time when they need you more than now." Season owl cold warm voice advised younger brother.

"Don't worry, I've left my job long ago. At this moment, I'm only thinking about their mother and daughter." Ji Yueze nodded his head and doted on his wife and daughter. He didn't need big brother to teach him any more.

Ji Xiaohan and his wife just left. The little guy in Ji Yueze's arms was hungry and crying. He hurriedly ran upstairs with the little guy in his arms.

Bai Yiyan has become a cow now. She feeds her daughter every day, but also eats and drinks by herself.

"Xiaoyan, my daughter is hungry again. Feed her!" Ji Yueze walked in with her daughter in her arms and carefully put her in Bai Yiyan's arms.

Bai Yiyan holds back her smile, feeds her daughter first, looks up at Ji Yueze and asks, "you let Xiaoxing stop making so many delicious food for me. You see I've gained so much weight, and then eat it. If I become a pig, what can I do?"

Ji Yueze looks at her carefully. Bai Yiyan has gained some weight since she was pregnant. However, she has not gained too much weight. She is just a little fat and has become a lot fuller.

In fact, it's good for a woman to be slightly fat. At least her skin becomes more tender and smooth. Bai Yiyan is a typical example. When she is a little fat, her skin will be as tender as an egg with a shell peeled. She is white, transparent and red, and can be broken by blowing a bullet. Ji Yueze is more and more fond of her. She hates to pinch two hands.

Since Bai Yiyan was pregnant with her child, Ji Yueze has no idea. Although he said that there could be a husband and wife life in the mid-term price range, he was shocked to hold back for the sake of children. Up to now, he dare not have any unclean thoughts that hurt her and her children.

But at the moment, looking at his wife's white and tender face, plus her slight milk smell, Ji Yueze really has an indescribable feeling. He can only squat down and look at the little guy greedily. He really has an impulse to snatch food from her.

"What are you doing?" Bai Yiyan's pretty face suddenly turned red, just like the peach blossom blooming in spring. It's pink and pink. Don't mention how cute it is.

"No What are you doing? Just have a look! " Ji Yueze laughed twice immediately.

Bai Yiyan saw his embarrassment and laughed directly. However, she soon asked him with a serious expression: "I heard that during my pregnancy, there are many people in the company who have confessed to you. How do you deal with this matter?"

"Who did you hear?" Ji Yueze Jun's face was stiff. Unexpectedly, she would suddenly mention this matter, and immediately became nervous.

"Needless to say, I can guess." Bai Yiyan's mouth is small.

"You don't have Eyeliner around me, do you?" Ji Yueze asked with a smile.

"What's the matter? I think those women are too much. I'll deal with you while I'm pregnant!" Bai Yiyan thought about it, but she was very depressed.

Ji Yueze doesn't deny these things. He quickly guarantees in a low voice: "Xiaoyan, do you doubt that I'm unfaithful to you? I admit that there are a lot of women hinting at me, but I have never responded to them. "

Bai Yiyan chuckled: "since I married you, of course, I choose to believe you. There are so many temptations out there that I can't prevent them. The only thing I can do is trust you."

"In a word, Pei Ying did a funny thing." Ji Yueze sneered.

"Pei Ying? What happened to her? " Bai Yiyan hasn't heard the name for a long time, but whenever she hears it, it's like a thorn in her throat, which makes her uncomfortable.

"I've been trying to get closer to her since she was kicked out of the company. One day a few months ago, I didn't know how she got to know that I was having dinner in a restaurant, so she came to me specially." Ji Yueze sneered at it. He was also disgusted with it.

"What did she do to you?" Bai Yiyan suddenly became nervous.

"Of course, she can't do anything to me. She just thinks I'm drunk and runs to me and kneels down to cry about her difficulties and regrets. I didn't expect that she's a person who can bend and stretch, and can even do such things." When Ji Yueze thought of the woman crying and ripping her neckline, he felt ridiculous.

"What she learned was acting and studying abroad. She was going to enter the entertainment circle when she came back home, but now she is driven out of the circle by you. She will not give up." Bai Yiyan sneered.

"If the evildoers in this world can't get what they deserve, is there any justice? What if she tried harder? I think she should learn from the beginning and learn how to behave. " Ji Yueze doesn't think so.

"It's said that after all these blows, she can definitely understand the truth of life." Bai Yiyan chuckles, but only half of her smile is blocked by the man's thin lips.

Ji Yueze can't stand the lovely look when she smiles.

Bai Yiyan's brain was covered, and her hand held the baby could not help but loosen a little. Without breast milk, the little guy immediately cried bitterly.

Ji Yueze can only quickly let go of the woman in her arms and continue to return her rations to her daughter.