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Ji Xiaorui has nothing to do with Ji xiaonai. Even if she is capricious and vexatious occasionally, in Ji Xiaorui's opinion, she is willing. Who let him be her brother? At the first time when he is sensible, he secretly vowed that his younger sister and mother should be the first in his life.

Ji xiaonai pounced and didn't bite Ji Xiaorui's finger, so she held him directly and smiled.

"Daddy, I don't want to send my brother away. I want him to look after my brother and sister."

Ji xiaonai's mood suddenly improved, turning to Ji Xiaohan.

Ji Xiaohan is speechless. Her daughter's IQ seems to be getting more and more online. That's a good thing.

The sunshine outside the door shines in. In the afternoon of Ji's house, it's quiet and lazy, full of happiness.

As night fell, Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan were in the bedroom looking after the two newly born children.

Ji Xiaohan has started his father's career. He holds the little son who can't sleep gently in his hands. The little guy has big eyes to look at in the East and the West. Then suddenly, he grins with his little mouth open. The little pink mouth looks like a heart star.

"My son smiled. See? He likes me."

Season owl cold handsome face, is full of warm love, son's smile, let him feel extremely satisfied.

Tang youyou leaned over to see him. His son was really happy.

"He is so small that he doesn't know what to like at all. You are too narcissistic."

Tang youYou can't help striking him.

"Kinship is wonderful. I'm his father, and he'll love my breath."

Ji Xiaohan is still narcissistic.

"Maybe, when they grow up, our family will be really busy."

Tang youYou can't help being happy. Heaven cares for her so much. He sent four such lovely children to her.

"Let's grow up slowly. Time will be slower."

Ji Xiaohan looks at the woman around him tenderly. He really doesn't want time to pass too fast. He hasn't loved her well.

Tang youyou listened to the man's low voice and couldn't help laughing: "it seems that Ji is always afraid of growing old."

Season owl cold immediately curled a thin lip, conceited say: "even if I grow old, certainly also very handsome, temperament is outstanding."

"Yes, you are going to grow old. There are still beautiful women who like you. Women can't do it. If women are old, I'm afraid not many people will like them."

Tang youyou is also a sensitive woman, because she has a second child now, even if she is young, she is afraid of the rush of time and old face.

"Long, shall we be realistic?

Just after the baby was born, he was thinking about the old things. Isn't it nothing to look for and increase his worries? "

Ji Xiaohan turns his head and kisses her on the forehead.

Tang youyou also felt that he was a little far away from thinking, and his face was ashamed: "well, I don't want so much, I'm a little tired, go to sleep first."

"Well, sleep."

Season owl cold gentle concern way.

Ji's family has ushered in the happiest time, and all this, for Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yanxi, is still waiting.

LAN Yanxi is getting worse and worse recently. It's very difficult to turn over. She didn't expect that pregnancy was such a headache.

Ling Mo Feng didn't dare to sleep at night. A little action of the women around him could make him open his eyes quickly to care about her situation.

LAN Yanxi breathed hard for two times. Then, she suddenly felt the dull pain coming from her abdomen. She was shocked and quickly reached out to push Ling Mo Feng: "I seem to have a little stomachache."

Ling Mo Feng immediately turned on the light, full of bright room, blue Yan Xi forced to breathe twice, but still feel very uncomfortable.

"Yan Xi, is it going to be born? I'll take you to the hospital now."

Ling Mo Feng Jun's face was worried, so he called quickly.

When LAN Yanxi got dressed and went downstairs, there were already three cars waiting downstairs.

Lanyanxi didn't dare to walk hard. Ling Mo Feng hugged her gently on one side. When she got in the car, she felt the heat on her body. Her brain boomed: "can I see the red?"

Ling Mo Feng became more eager. Although he understood some details about women giving birth to children, he was a man after all, unable to feel it personally. Hearing LAN Yanxi's words, he immediately urged the driver to speed up and rush to the hospital.

The hospital has been prepared for a long time. The obstetrician has been waiting at the gate. As soon as Ling Mo Feng's motorcade arrives, someone will come to help.

Lanyanxi knew that the day she had been waiting for was coming. She thought she would be scared to death, but she saw people around her were nervous and preparing for her own production. Her mind suddenly changed. She was not so afraid of death. She would change her life for life in a big deal. Death is not terrible. Anyway, she knew that her children would love him in the future.

LAN Yanxi's brain was thinking, and he heard Ling Mo Feng's voice ringing on her head: "Yanxi, it's OK, don't worry, doctors are very experienced."

LAN Yanxi then found that Ling Mo Feng had been following the side of her cart, holding her hand tightly, but she was thinking about life and death just now, ignoring him.

"I'm not afraid. I'll cheer."

Blue Yan greets him with a reassuring smile.

"Mr. President, it's the delivery room. You can't go in. Please wait outside."

A female doctor immediately stopped Ling Mo Feng. Although he knew that he loved his wife, she still had to remind him.

Ling Mo Feng stopped and watched the doctors go in. His brain was blank. All along, he was able to control his emotions, try not to lose control, not lose his temper, and make himself calm every moment. But at the moment, he found that his brain was empty, leaving only the women and the children to be born.

When lanyanxi was pushed into the delivery room, her amniotic fluid had broken and a lot of water flowed out. The situation was quite dangerous. Fortunately, the doctors who delivered the baby were of a very high standard, and they unhurriedly directed all the people on the scene to come and help.

Lanyanxi knew something was wrong with her condition. When the doctor asked her to work hard, she really used all her milk strength.

Fortunately, after an hour of painstaking efforts, a loud cry struck her faint consciousness.

"It's a lovely little boy."

A doctor's voice rang in her ear.


LAN Yanxi closed her eyes and murmured. After a while, a nurse came to her with the baby.

"Come on, baby kiss Mommy, Mommy is too hard."

LAN Yanxi tried to open her eyes and saw a red face close to her. Then, she felt that the little guy's face gently pasted on her forehead and was carried out by the nurse first.