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C1091 legal couple

After Ji Bihan's successful bidding, he decided to host a celebratory banquet in a seven-star hotel. Although he wanted to keep a low profile, a commercial banquet like this still had to be organized to expand his network. This

The celebration party has been prepared for a few days, and the invitation letter has been issued long ago, just waiting for the opening of the dinner party tonight. Don

As a wife of Ji Hanhan, you are of course an absolute heroine for such a large banquet. No one has the limelight to cover her. Her existence is enviable.

Therefore, Tang Youyou did not go to the company in the afternoon, and spent the entire afternoon dressing herself. She wore a private evening dress, which was rose red, which represented joy, and the necklace worn on her neck was also a master. Her tailor-made, unique, all-head-to-toe dress is absolutely extraordinary.

Tang Youyou really did not expect Ji Jihan to have prepared all this for her without notifying her. season

Han Han was still working on the company's affairs. After getting Tang You dressed up, he went directly to his company and went to the banquet hall together in the evening. Don

Youyou wore such an exquisite dress and walked in the lobby of the Emperor International Building. On the top of the lobby, the light falling from the sky like a sky, and the diamond jewellery on her body, made her luxurious and daunting. Don

Every step of the long walk is a little embarrassing. This feeling of being stared at by everyone, without a strong heart, will really tremble when walking. Enter

After entering the elevator, Tang Youyou sighed in secret. To

At the office floor of Ji Yanhan, an assistant rushed to the office to help the office: "Grandma Ji, general manager Ji said, you come, just go in and wait."

Tang Youyou was not quite used to such a title, politely smiled at the other party, and quickly walked away. do

The public room was quiet, comfortable air-conditioning was blowing the heating, and it was still late spring, a little cool.

Tang Youyou put down her clutch and walked involuntarily to the black chair Ji Jihan sat in office on weekdays.

Tang Youyou took a deep breath and learned Ji Jihan's usual sitting position and sat down. "

Wow, I feel so good! "Tang Youyou couldn't help laughing, although she didn't act like a queen, but it was good to sit here and feel the atmosphere. Tang

Youyou saw the pen Ji Jihan brought next to her, and she couldn't help it. Follow

He took another piece of paper from the side and used the pen to sketch a portrait of Ji Yanhan on it.

When she finished painting the portrait, the office door was pushed open by the man. Don

Youyou was startled, and instinctively hid the piece of paper behind him, looking at Ji Hanhan with a look of confusion. male

Her eyes fixed on her body, and her thin lips slightly raised, "What's hidden in my hand?"

No ... nothing! "Tang Youyou didn't know how to feel guilty, as if she had done something bad.

"Sit on my office chair, what's it like?" Ji Yanhan stepped towards her step by step, the momentum was overwhelming. black

The colored black clothes made him look noble and elegant, and charming.

Only then did Tang Yuyou find out that she was still occupying the position of others, and quickly stood up and smiled: "I feel pretty good, there is a sense of being able to be a queen."

Oh? is it? The man's tone sank suddenly, his tall body was already standing in front of her. Tang

Seeing him speaking in this tone, Yoo frowned immediately: "Why, isn't your position sitting?"

Of course not. You can sit at any time if you want to sit. I am yours. Of course, everything for me is for your enjoyment! "The man suddenly attached himself, spitting a heat wave in her ear. Tang

Youyou Qiao blushed, her mouth rising involuntarily. "

Well, I'm not angry because you speak so nicely! "Tang Youyou froze his mouth with a generous expression."

Yoyo, do you know, what you look like now makes me want to commit crime! "Ji Yanhan continued to smirk."

You will not commit crimes. We are legal couples. However, my makeup and clothes are made after one afternoon. Otherwise, you can commit crimes later. Not now! Tang Youyou immediately persuaded him seriously. Ji

Han Han: "..."

"Ah, don't grab it!" Tang Youyou saw him smile without saying a word. The next second, the paper in her hand was taken away by the man, and she immediately wanted to grab it back.

It is a pity that after the man's purpose is achieved, will he let her take it again?

"Let me see, what is it?" Ji Yanhan's purpose is this, dare to hide from him, either good or bad, he must figure it out.

Tang Youyou had no choice but to stare at him.

"Is this the painting?" Ji Minhan asked her with a surprised expression when he saw the sketched portrait of the man on the paper.

"Who else can you not be? Why, isn't the painting good-looking?" Tang Youyou froze in an instant when he saw his questioning tone.

"My eyes don't seem to be well painted, and I don't have any charm!" Ji Yanhan said with a serious expression on his face.

"I know, but it is much better than before." Tang Youyou immediately retorted.

"Yes, but isn't my shoulder too narrow? How can I protect you like this?" Ji Yanhan looked with a wary expression again.

Tang Youyou immediately walked over to grab the painting back: "If you think it's not good enough to give up, then give it back to me, and I can keep watching it slowly."

No, this painting, I want it, how much is the price! "Ji Yanhan immediately raised his hand again, and did not let her take it away, and asked with a domineering look.

"Did you say that?" Tang Youyou immediately cooperated with him in acting. "

It is true, no matter how much money or conditions, this painting must belong to me! "Ji Xunhan said with full vigor."

Well then, if you agree, I will give it to you! "Tang Youyou deliberately teased him."

Okay, maybe forever! Ji Yanhan's thin lips rose and he smiled proudly.

"It's too long in my life, I'm afraid I'll get tired!" Tang Youyou also intentionally angered him. season

As Han Han's face changed, his eyes were in danger: "What did you say?"

Tang Youyou saw the man stepping towards him step by step, with a bit of gnashing his teeth, and immediately yelled in a bad voice. "

I do n’t mean that, of course I wo n’t get bored. You are so handsome, so rich, and so gentle to me, so I am willing to give you a baby again, really, do n’t lie "Tang Youyou has lost his dignity in order to protect himself.

"That's what you said, let's have a baby again!" Ji Minhan nodded with satisfaction and stopped the persecution. Don

Youyou stared at him immediately: "Ji Yanhan, you bully me like this, I will sue my son!" "

OK, you go and see what your son says! Ji Yanhan smiled charmingly and was not afraid at all.

Tang Youyu is crying without tears, will the son be on her side?