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C1005 being pinched by her

The assistant handed the information to Lu xuanchen. Lu xuanchen took it and looked at it. A pair of handsome eyes opened slightly. Rong Rong is actually one of the partners of a famous law firm, and she has only lost three times in more than 300 lawsuits. She is said to be a just female general. Netizens have a very high evaluation of her, and she even gains a group of fans. "

I'll go!" Lu xuanchen suddenly felt his head grow up. He never scolded swearing. At the moment, he also uttered two words from the bottom of his heart. "

it seems that Mao Rongrong is a little competent. No wonder she was dragged..." The agent took a look at it and immediately cried and laughed: "xuanchen, when dealing with this kind of woman, I don't think we have a good chance. She even has a tough hand on your face, which proves that she is a woman who has no idea about men. She's not interested and wants to use a beautiful man's plan. I'm afraid it won't work."

Lu xuanchen quickly drank two mouthfuls of water again, gnashing his teeth and teeth: "I don't believe in this evil, this land, I will make it!"

"My little ancestor, you won't have to carry it with her. Don't do it. She is a famous iron lady in the law circle. Don't fall for her when you fight with her." The agent looked worried and urged. "

I promised you, you must do it, I can't give up easily!" Lu xuanchen's eyes were dazed. Looking out of the window at the empty land, his heart became more and more anxious.

"It's not that I said you, you are really a stubborn temper. Tang youYou're the youngest grandmother of Ji's family now. What do you want? Will she thank you for doing so much for her? Xuanchen, let's not be stupid, shall we? It's not worth it. " When the agent heard that he mentioned Tang youyou's name again, he really wanted to kneel for him. Why did this young man think so? Now infatuation is worth a few money. Who will remember your infatuation, and it has finally become a delusion?

"Whether it's worth it or not, at least, I won't leave any regrets in my mind. I think it's worth it." Lu xuanchen's face recognized the dead reason's expression, wanted the gas to faint directly to the broker.

"Well, I can't persuade you, but it's not easy to deal with Mao Rongrong." The agent is quite sure. "

never tried. How can I die? I came to this day with the belief that I didn't give up. You can call me stupid or crazy, but this is the basic principle of my life. Tang youyou was my persistent person, because she, I became my own today. Isn't that good? " Lu xuanchen bowed his head and smiled bitterly, but the smile was painful. After

Ji Ren and assistant looked at each other, but Lu xuanchen's words made sense.

It's really terrible for a person to work hard for an obsession, because they have the best chance to succeed.

Lu xuanchen low smile: "you don't advise me, if I don't persist, this is not me!"

Lu xuanchen's car has gone out, and he is lying on the back of the chair. Suddenly

however, the broker found something wrong. On weekdays, there must be a lot of SMS sounds at this time, but why is today's car so quiet?

"Xuanchen, where's your mobile phone?" Asked the agent in a hurry.

Lu xuanchen fiercely opened his eyes, then sat up straight and reached out to the place where he put his cell phone: "right, where is my cell phone?" "

I just seemed to see you take your mobile phone to find Mao Rongrong, but when you come out Is there no cell phone in your hand? " The agent suddenly remembered. "

damn it, it's her!" Lu xuanchen immediately regretted the low incantation, then hurriedly told the driver to drive back to get the mobile phone.

But when their car drove back to the Mao family, the Mao family just turned on the lights, but now it was dark, and the door was closed.

The Maos have not lived in this small building for a long time.

"Do you have Mao Rongrong's cell phone number? I want to make a phone call with her. " Lu xuanchen's handsome face is a little white.

Agent quickly pulled out the phone of Mao Rongrong, and then handed it to Lu xuanchen. Mao's faint voice said: "is it for mobile phone? I'm in a hurry to make a home visit now. Maybe I don't have time. Otherwise, you can come to my company tomorrow to get it! "

"No, I can't. I'll take it back now. Where are you? I'll see you! " Lu xuanchen is absolutely not assured that his mobile phone is held by an outsider, because he has a lot of work information on it, as well as a lot of personal chat information. If someone saw this, it would be amazing.

"How can you blame me for your own carelessness? Are you mistaken?" Maybe Lu xuanchen's voice was cold and radical, which led to Mao Rongrong's temper rising all of a sudden. "

well, I just had a bad attitude, elder sister, where are you? Can I come and see you now? " Lu xuanchen had to lower his posture. After all, he is now in need of others.

"If you dare to ask me to try again, I will throw your cell phone out of the window." Mao Rongrong's anger was ignited by him again.

"Don't don't don't don't, I don't want to call. Just give me an address, and I'll come right now." Lu xuanchen has never talked to people in such a low voice. At this moment, he can only be aggrieved. After Mao said an address, Rong Rong hung up the phone. Lu

xuanchen hurriedly asks the driver to go to that address.

Mao Rongrong is going to talk about the case with a client, so when Lu xuanchen arrives, Mao Rongrong is already taking a pen to make a record. After receiving his call, she directly asks Lu xuanchen to come upstairs to get it, because she doesn't want to waste precious time to serve him. "

I want my agent to come up..." "

No, you can come in person. This is your mobile phone!" Mao asked directly and hung up.

Lu xuanchen felt that he was not in ordinary bad luck tonight. He was pinched twice by this woman. This feeling is really not very good.

"Xuanchen, she really asked you to go up? This woman is ridiculous. "

"Forget it, they are lawyers. What she said is what she said. She must be afraid that you will plot against my mobile phone. She will be relieved if I take it myself." Lu xuanchen said as he picked up his mouth and put on his sunglasses. "

is it silly to wear sunglasses in the evening? Otherwise, no more! " Lu xuanchen thought for a moment. Finally, he took only one mask and walked towards the community.

When he entered, he needed to register. When he finished registering, he walked quickly towards the owner.