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C1482 lack of confidence

Tang youyou opens the car door and sits in. As soon as meimou lifts, she looks at a pair of gloomy eyes. They are deep and unpredictable. She has a pretty face. What's wrong with this man?

Did anyone provoke him?

"When did you buy the dress? Why didn't I see you through? " The man reached out and touched her shoulder gently. The voice line was unclear.

"Didn't you buy it for me? Just last month, you asked someone to deliver it to me, saying it's new! " Tang youyou didn't expect that he would ask. After a while, he replied.

"Yes?" Season owl cold picked eyebrow, mood is a little good, she wears so beautiful, prove he chooses the eye is good.

Tang youyou covered his lips and chuckled, "well, if you don't want to accompany me, I'll go alone and come back after dinner. I promise not to cause trouble!"

"I don't want to. I've seen Lu xuanchen, too. If I go, I'm afraid to rob his groom." Someone said shamelessly, narcissistic.

Tang youyou looks at the man tenderly. He is young, handsome and noble. He really has the qualification to steal the limelight of others. However, as long as she stands beside him, he is a married man. No matter how much the limelight is, he will not cause any pressure on Lu xuanchen.

Car in two people's chat, toward landing xuanchen wedding hotel.

In the dressing room on the eighth floor of the hotel, Mao Rongrong is wearing a pure white wedding dress. Today, she is wearing contact lenses. Her eyes are bright and moving. Her facial features are beautiful and atmospheric. After dressing up, she has more charming feelings. At the moment, she is still nervous.

The law lady who used to be fearless, but she was so nervous that she shivered at her wedding that she wanted to pass it on. She was really afraid of being laughed at by her peers.

Fortunately, Mao Rongrong is accompanied by her family and friends. It's OK to be embarrassed.

Lu xuanchen is standing at the door of the dining hall to welcome the relatives and friends who come to congratulate him.

Ji Yueze and Yang ChuChu and other people all agreed to come at the appointed time. Yang ChuChu was originally going to come with Luo Jinyu. But Luo Jinyu had something urgent to deal with temporarily, so she didn't come. She followed her peers.

Lu xuanchen looks at his company's colleagues to congratulate him. Naturally, he is very happy and grateful.

By its is season Yue Ze, sealed a big gift to Lu Xuan Chen, Lu Xuan Chen is a little embarrassed.

Among the waves of guests, Lu xuanchen saw a familiar face. She was still as clean and fresh as she remembered. Lu xuanchen's eyes were a little dazed. The next second, he went over with a smile: "you are very happy, Mr. Ji. I'm glad that you can take time out of your busy schedule. I'm really happy!"

"Brother xuanchen, bless you, and finally find the other half!" Tang youyou is also happy for him. He hopes that the woman who will accompany him in the future will be his good companion.

At the moment, Ji Xiaohan reaches out his hand and holds Tang youyou's small hand tightly. When he hears her saying this, he still pinches some evil spirits in her palm, as if to remind her of something.

"Thank you, yo, and I wish you all the best!" Lu xuanchen completely put down his mind. Seeing that Ji Xiaohan loved her so much, her eyes were full of calm and happiness, which made him completely calm down. Someone took care of her, which was the result he always wanted to see.

"Congratulations, having a baby early and a happy one in a hundred years!" Between Ji Xiaohan's words, a big red envelope has been delivered.

"Thank you!" Lu xuanchen's eyes were peaceful when he saw Ji Xiaohan. He was even grateful that he had condescended to attend his wedding. If it wasn't for Tang Youyou, he would have invited Ji Xiaohan to attend.

Season owl cold thin lips hang professional smile, reach out to embrace Tang long slender waist, go inside.

"Brother, sister-in-law!" Suddenly, he heard someone calling his name. He looked sideways and saw that his brother was there.

"Sister youyou!" Yang ChuChu is bored alone. Suddenly he sees Tang Youyou, and Mei Mou immediately brightens up. He runs over and drags Tang youyou to her side and sits down.

Tang youyou is happy to see Yang ChuChu. She has not seen her for a long time. She is still young and lovely.

Ji Xiaohan sits down beside Ji Yueze, and the eyes of others look at their brothers all the time. I have to admit that gene is really a good thing. Two equally beautiful faces have different temperament and aura. But when they sit together, they give people a wonderful feeling.

It's very rare to see Ji's two brothers appear at the same time on this occasion. It can be seen that although Lu xuanchen is only a male star, his face is not small. It's enough to invite these two people to see his future prospects.

"Elder brother, don't deny that you are not sure that your sister-in-law will come alone, so you have the cheek to follow, don't you?" Ji Yueze attached to big brother's ear and made fun of him with a smile.

Season owl cold white younger brother one eye: "if this matter discovers in your body, you absolutely want the practice with me!"

"I don't know. I'm very relieved about Xiaoyan. Besides, she only loves me!" Ji Yueze has to fight for a victory in this matter.

Ji Xiaohan has an impulse to beat his brother. It's brother, anyway. Is it necessary to beat him in the face like this?

"You only love me!" Season owl cold not to be outdone of low voice between return a sentence.

"Is it? You see, my sister-in-law has been staring at Lu xuanchen for five seconds! " Ji Yueze doesn't think it's too big. He wants to make brother jealous if he has nothing to do with it.

"This woman!" Ji Xiaohan also found out. Tang youyou and Yang ChuChu don't know what they are talking about. It should be Lu xuanchen who is talking. They both stare at the groom's official and keep looking at him. They laugh while talking. They are very happy.

"Don't worry, sister-in-law is not that kind of person!" Ji Yueze finds that he seems to be in trouble. He quickly brings a glass of red wine to elder brother, which makes him scared.

Ji Xiaohan's eyes are fixed on his wife. Fortunately, Tang youyou lowers his head and moves his eyes away from Lu xuanchen. Otherwise, he has to stop her eyes.

Ji Xiaohan takes a sip of wine casually, and Youmou looks at Lu xuanchen, who is very happy outside the door. It has to be said that as the bridegroom today, he really has a kind of high spirited, handsome and proud attitude.

"Is he your actor?" Season owl cold squints Mou to ask younger brother.

"Yes, what's the matter?" Ji Yueze heard something wrong in big brother's voice and asked curiously.

Ji Xiaohan immediately attached to his ear: "help big brother to keep an eye on him. Don't let him fool around!"

"Elder brother, you think too much. People love their wives very much, which will not affect the happy life of you and your sister-in-law!" Ji Yueze almost laughed out loud. The eldest brother is married and has children. How can he feel no sense of security?

However, as long as she doesn't like things, even if Jinshan and Yinshan are piled in front of her, she doesn't care to take a look. She is such an alternative woman who looks at money like dirt. She doesn't want to be rich, but only wants to be treated with sincerity.

But in this world, money is easy to get and sincerity is hard to ask. It's not because he is rich that big brother moves her. It's because he really gives a piece of sincerity that he moves her. Sometimes sincerity doesn't necessarily change sincerity. That's why big brother has no sense of security up to now. Although he is excellent, he is still afraid that Tang youyou's heart will be lost to other men On his body, it was like the agony and torment of destroying the sky and destroying the earth.

"Don't think about the feelings too simply, even if I have children with your sister-in-law, I'm still afraid of her changing heart every day!" Season owl cold is still pressing the voice in younger brother ear self mockery.

"No, if even the eldest brother loses his confidence, can't I be blind and confident any more?" Ji Yueze changes color slightly.

"The rest of my life is so long. Who knows how many variables there will be? The only thing I can do is to seize all these things in front of me and not let them disappear!" Ji Xiaohan sighed.

"It's quite reasonable to listen to brother's words and win ten years of reading. Feelings are not for sale, not for fairness, but for sincerity!" Ji Yueze immediately understood the essence of it.

Ji Xiaohan is stunned. When can my brother have this feeling? Is it because he was a father for the first time?