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C1133 stolen time

Yang ChuChu is very flustered. She really doesn't want any bad things to happen to Luo Jinyu. She only hopes that his work will be smooth and profitable, and that he will have a happy life every day. His frustrated appearance really makes her very sad. "

that's not good. Didn't you say that your play was going to be finished last time? You'd better not ask for leave, it will affect your work. " Luo Jinyu suddenly felt that his acting was too much. Although he wanted her to be around for a few days, he could not be so selfish. "

it doesn't matter. I'll call the director now and ask him to approve my holiday." Yang ChuChu said, but also really quickly from the bag to find the mobile phone, took the phone out.

Yang ChuChu walked to the balcony next to her. Luo Jinyu only saw her beautiful figure standing there like a jade Pavilion. In the sun, it was very beautiful. She seems to be trying to persuade the other party. Although Luo Jinyu doesn't hear clearly, she can see that she is trying to take a vacation for herself. For example,

How can this innocent and good girl let go? Yang

when he returned to the living room, he raised a smile: "my director approved my two-day leave. These two days, I'm not going anywhere, I'll stay with you."

"Do you want to tell your mother? Will she worry about you? " Luo Jinyu hears that she is really invited to the fake, and her tight heart strings are loose, inexplicably happy.

"Well, I can't tell her I'm back, or she'll come to trouble you again." Yang ChuChu sighed and decided to hide it from his mother first.

"It's clear that my mother did that to you. I'm not good. I don't have the ability to do all this. Don't you blame me?" Luo Jinyu is still worried, afraid that she feels wronged, and has resentment in her heart. "

I wish I could blame you. In this way, I have a place to vent. Unfortunately, I see all your efforts. Where can I blame you?" Yang ChuChu laughed at himself.

"You are so reasonable. It seems that your mother has a good education. In the future, I will be filial to her with you." Luo Jinyu is very grateful to Cheng Ying at the moment. With a good mother like her, she will have such a reasonable and innocent daughter. "

OK!" After hearing this, Yang ChuChu was very happy.

Yang ChuChu put down his backpack, turned around, and saw several wine pours lying beside the sofa. She reached out and touched them, or they were cold. She could not help frowning: "haven't you had a good meal recently?"

"What? Are you going to make me lunch? " Luo Jinyu asked with a smile.

"I haven't eaten anything. I'd better make something to eat." After Yang ChuChu finished, he went to open the refrigerator.

"There's nothing to eat in the fridge. Let's go out and eat." Luo Jinyu didn't want her to be in such trouble, so he suggested. "

it's very troublesome to go out to eat. Moreover, if I don't want to go out, I want to stay in this house as long as I can." Yang ChuChu sat on the sofa and muttered to himself. Luo

when Jin Yu listened to her words, he was inexplicably distressed and moved. "

then you wait at home, I'll go to the supermarket to buy something and come up." Since she doesn't want to go out, he will stay at home with her. Anyway, the company's affairs have been properly handled. He is trying to give himself half a day off. Unexpectedly, she came back suddenly, which really gave him a surprise. "

OK, now it's not suitable for both of us to go out and get in. Go down and buy something!" Yang ChuChu nodded.

Luo Jinyu took his coat and went straight out of the door. When he reached the door, Yang ChuChu suddenly ran over: "will your mother come here to check the post now?"

"Scared?" Luo Jinyu's heart itched to bully her when he saw her careful expression.

"Last time she came suddenly, I almost had a heart attack. If this time, she came suddenly again, I would only have to jump out of the building." Yang ChuChu replied with an exaggerated expression. Luo

Jin Yu holds her small face in both hands, and thin lips can't help but print on her small mouth: "don't worry, my mother agrees with us." "

really? When did it happen? " Yang ChuChu's face was full of surprises, and some of them were unbelievable.

"Last night, my brother called me and said, but my mother has a request that we can communicate but not live together. Do you accept this condition?" Luo Jinyu couldn't help asking, afraid that she would have an opinion. "

Why did she suddenly agree? What method do you use? If I don't live together, of course, I have no problem. Anyway, my mother won't let me come to live with you. " Yang ChuChu couldn't help laughing.

"I had a quarrel with my mother yesterday. I don't know why my mother suddenly agreed that we were together. Maybe it's the credit of my brother and Mulin. My mother likes Mulin very much recently. She loves to hear what Mulin says." Luo Jinyu smiled bitterly. As for the reason, he didn't ask.

"I'm relieved to hear that. Go shopping. I'll clean up your room for you." Yang ChuChu has a bright smile on his face, which shows that he is really happy. Luo

Jin Yu nodded, turned to leave and closed the door.

Yang ChuChu covered his lips and wrote all his happiness in those big eyes.

I didn't expect that Luo Mu would agree. It's so rare. The surprise came so suddenly.

Luo Jinyu, a big man, went to the supermarket and carried two bags of things. As for what he bought, he couldn't remember very well. He just took all the things that Yang ChuChu liked before.

Back home, Yang ChuChu opened the bag and saw that all the things the man bought were what he wanted, including her favorite snacks and some simple dishes she would make.

"You used to buy them. I don't know what to buy." Luo Jinyu stands beside, Jun's face is a little nervous for fear that he bought something wrong.

"You have a good memory. You still remember what I bought." Yang ChuChu laughed and suddenly felt happy at this moment.

"I will remember everything I did with you. I didn't remember it deliberately. I just used more snacks when I did it." Luo Jinyu said with a light smile.

Yang ChuChu's face was red with shame. With a low response, he took the vegetables and went into the kitchen. Luo

Jin Yu follows in and asks for help. Yang is very clear. They worked together in the kitchen for more than half an hour. They finally fried three dishes and cooked the rice. It's a little strange to have these dishes on the open table, but for Luo Jinyu, it's a happy life. When Luo Jinyu went in to feast Yang ChuChu, his cell phone text jingled.

He reached out and took out his cell phone. It was his assistant who sent him a gossip message.