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Tang You You walked through the company's main hall. Suddenly, a middle-aged man walked over to her in a hurry.

"Miss Tang …" The other person quickly blocked her path and looked at her pleadingly, "Miss Tang, can I talk to you for a bit?"

"What's the matter?" Tang You You didn't have a good impression of him, so his expression was cold.

Tang You You circled around him and walked forward.

"Tang You You, can you talk about conscience? Do you know how much pain I feel after you were fired from the company?" Lam Tung was filled with resentment towards her.

Tang You You turned around and replied expressionlessly: "I know how to speak my conscience, but not to a self-righteous person like you!"

After that, Tang You You ignored him and walked into the elevator.

Lam Tung seemed to have used up all of his strength, as his eyes revealed a look of hatred.

He just didn't want to be fired by the company because of his personal feelings. He believed that there was no problem with his ability to work.

Tang You You's current job was Liu Xi's special assistant, so she now had her own private office.

From here, he could see the main street of the city which stretched far out into the distance. And at the intersection of all the main roads of the city, there were two big buildings that reached into the clouds.

There was an indescribable feeling in her heart. This morning, Ji Xiao Han gave her a good morning hug, and there was also the warmth left on her cheeks from his thin lips.

Tang You You suddenly felt that the dried up grass that was frozen in the mountains was finally going to blossom.

No one could stop the footsteps of spring. Under the gentle breeze and drizzling rain, the flowers in her heart began to bloom.

This feeling was very wonderful and strange. It was as if even the monotony of life had become vivid.

No one would not wish for a better life. Tang You You could no longer deceive herself and said that she could live well by herself. She did not need men, she did not need love, she only needed children.

But now, love came so ferociously, making her unable to resist. She could only let her already satisfied heart be filled with flowers.

Love it!

If one lived freely, it would always be a reward for one's own life.

Liu Xi suddenly knocked on her office door. In her hand, there was actually a cup of warm tea, "Sou Sou, here is the ginger tea I brought you, I drink it to warm my body, I like this taste better, you should try it too."

Tang You You immediately received it, and said gratefully: "Mother, you're so nice to me!"

"Alright, you're still being polite with me. I'm actually going to talk about proper business with you, it's time for New product launch to start the show, do you have any objections?" Liu Xi asked her softly.

"Godmother, you shouldn't have asked me this. I'm still a rookie, so I didn't have the chance to participate in this kind of New product launch before. I don't have any concept of holding this kind of press conference." Tang You You did not dare to show off in front of her godmother, so she replied humbly.

You know, right now, all the women in the entire company are very unconvinced of your strength. They must be thinking that even though they are clearly not worse than you, why did you become Quarterly's girlfriend? You are now my assistant, and this position is very eye-catching, Mother Qian wants to give you a chance to show off. This time, in the early winter, I will hand over the entire New product launch to you to take care of. Liu Xi only gave such an important task to her because he was thinking for her sake.

"Godmother, are you going to let me do it?" Tang You You felt that the mission was very difficult, and was a little nervous and helpless.

"Yes, Wandering, don't worry, Mom will do her best to help you. I want you to prove to others that your ability is definitely not bad, and that's the only way to establish your prestige in the company. Also, no one will dare to look at you with contempt anymore." Liu Xi had helped her, so she should have been able to help her out of her predicament.

Seeing the encouragement and support in her godmother's eyes, Tang You You pondered for two seconds before she nodded: "Okay, godmother, I'm willing to accept this winter's exhibition, but I'm afraid I'll screw it up, it's laughable."

"Wanlu, mother will definitely trust you. Moreover, with your current contacts, this early winter New product launch will definitely be the most ambitious." Liu Xi said while beaming.

Tang You You was even more surprised, and felt that his mother had looked down on her too much.

"Motherf * cker, what kind of contacts do I have!" Tang You You was at a loss.

Liu Xi lightly patted her shoulder: "Wandering, you have to take advantage of a Big Star like Ji Yue Ze, don't bury your good connections. In this early winter exhibition, if you could invite half of the entertainment circle's celebrities to the scene, you would have already succeeded by half. Moreover, you are now Quarterly's real girlfriend, who would dare not buy your face at your invitation?"

Liu Xi was truly worthy of her reputation as a veteran, her mind was well-trained, and he was also very good at discovering business opportunities and making use of them.