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Tong Xiaohui's pupils trembled and watched Ji Tingyan walk out with the man's hand. She panicked. She quickly rushed out of the garden and stood in front of Ji Tingyan and confessed, "don't be angry, Ting Yan. I know it's wrong. I dare not joke about your next time. You know, I like playing. Forgive me this time."

"You can't forgive." Ji Tingyan stares at her angrily: "it's more painful for you to make fun of my favorite person than to hurt me."

Ji Tingyan sees many people attacking tieting on the Internet, saying that he has a soft meal, a small white face, and the words he scolds are worse than the words he scolds. For Ji Tingyan, it's a thousand arrows stabbing her heart. She can't stand it.

"I'm sorry, but I didn't expect it to be like this. What can I do to make you forgive me?" Tong Xiaohui finally knows that she is afraid. She used to be jealous of Ji Tingyan's birth. Now, she finds that her birth is nobler than her own. She can easily suppress herself.

"You and your playful sisters have a press conference to clarify this matter. Besides, you have revealed my boyfriend's identity as a fitness coach, but I want to tell you that it's just a joke. He's not a fitness coach. He has his own career, which is far better than you think." Ji Tingyan stares at Tong Xiaohui angrily and reminds her coldly.

Tong Xiaohui's brain is empty and her back is numb. She looks at tie Zheng and her momentum makes her tremble bravely. Then she finds that she is short-sighted, ignorant and funny, and can match the man of last season Tingyan. How can she be anonymous?

"Well, I'll call them in and have a press conference to clarify this." Tong Xiaohui dare not gamble, because Ji Tingyan is really angry.

Ji Tingyan doesn't want to say anything to her anymore. She turns around holding the man's hand and leaves.

Sitting in the car, Ji Tingyan is still angry. She looks at the man with a guilty face and says, "tie Ting, I'm sorry, you've been scolded together."

Tie Ting took out his mobile phone and said with interest, "I have to see how they scold me. I haven't looked carefully."

"Don't look..." Ji Tingyan's face turned white with fright, and she wanted to rob his cell phone. Unfortunately, the man grabbed her wrist and still looked at her calmly: "the little white face with soft food?"

"Don't look at it. They are all talking nonsense." Ji Tingyan's pretty face is red. How can I feel that tie Ting is not angry at all, but fun? It's about his reputation. How can he reflect that?

Tie Ting gently patted her back and put down her mobile phone: "I'm not angry, but I'm very happy. Through this matter, I can see that you really care about me."

Ji Tingyan's face is even more shy. She is as gorgeous as Xia. She holds the steering wheel and bites her lips. "Who said that? I don't care about you so much. I just don't like to be disturbed by others."

"You said you hurt your favorite person just now, am I?" Tie Ting can't be mistaken. She said that.

Ji Tingyan's beautiful eyes were stunned for a moment, and then shyly turned away: "I just want Tong Xiaohui to know the seriousness of the matter."

"Is that a confession to me?" But tie Ting got up.

Ji Tingyan's beautiful eyes meet his eyes. His eyes are dark and warm. Ji Tingyan's breathing becomes fast. Then, she forces her enthusiasm and whispers, "let's go back to the hotel. After a day's walking, I'm tired."

"OK, let me drive." Tie Ting finished, push the door down.

Ji Tingyan is a fool again. Doesn't he say he doesn't like driving her fancy car?

Tie Ting opens the door for her. Ji Tingyan has to get out of the car and chuckles. Is tie Ting ready to let go of his male self-esteem?

How hard it is.

Back to the hotel, as soon as they entered the door, they could not help holding together. Maybe the atmosphere in the car just now infected their hearts. At this moment, they were reckless and just wanted to show their love hidden in their hearts with actions.

"Tie Ting, how long do you want me to wait? If so, I don't want to wait now... " Ji Tingyan's breath is panting. Mei Mou looks at the man's near handsome face. Her fingers are caressing and her voice is pressing.

As a man, tie Ting reflects more strongly than her. He looks at her to hook him so actively, but he can't help it. He gently caresses her long hair with big hands. Next second, he presses her head, and then thin lips attack her crazily.

Ji Tingyan's breathing is disordered again, and she doesn't know why she looks forward to it. But obviously, her heart is still trembling.

The warm flame is burning in the two people's bodies. Ji Tingyan is confused and delivers herself. The taste is better than she imagined It hurt. It's dead. She doesn't want it. She wants to push him away.

However, with the beginning, how can there be no good ending?

I don't know how long it took, Ji Tingyan finally had a breathing space. Her beautiful eyes were intoxicated, as if she had drunk wine, her pretty face was red and moist, her long hair was scattered, lazy and charming.

Tie Ting has been holding back and restraining, but when he really gets the taste, he directly lets those things go to hell, just want to hold her and become a wild horse.

"How are you, Nani?" In the man's voice, there is also contentment and hoarseness.

"Well, it's OK." Ji Tingyan is forced to bear the pain of breaking bones and nodding against her heart. She can be sure that this is not the feeling she wants. She wants to cry No tears, is not just the beginning, so it will be like this, the heroine in the novel is not so told her.

Tie Ting hugged her heartily and kissed her with thin lips between her hair: "sorry, I didn't control myself just now."

"There's nothing to apologize for. I'm willing." Ji Tingyan's mouth is in the air. Well, even if it hurts, it's worth it. This man belongs to her completely.

Wait, how could she think that? Does she have womanism?

Ji Tingyan feels absurd for her idea, but this is her most real idea. She hopes that from this moment on, men will not change their minds and betray. This is not womanism. This is the most ardent expectation of every woman.

The sky outside the window, I don't know when it will be dark. At this moment, the lights of thousands of homes are on, and the whole city is full of lights and more prosperous.

"Take a bath, change clothes, and we'll have dinner." Tie Ting also in aftertaste, however, see her vitality, just want to quickly give her back a little nutrition.

"Well." Ji Tingyan nodded and agreed. When she got out of bed, she was trembling. Although she tried to pretend that she was ok, in fact, she felt that her legs were not her own, nor her waist.

Tie Ting looked at her like this, inexplicably wanted to laugh. He promised that he would be more gentle in the future.

After Ji Tingyan took a bath, she felt much better. She also took a bath, changed her clothes and went out.