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C1414 family education is a problem

After sister Mei left, Gao Yue fell into a state of fear and uneasiness. She stumbled into the bedroom from her chair, took out her suitcase, wanted to pack things, and left quickly.

When she threw her clothes into the box, the action stopped again. At last, she sat on the floor in agony and uneasiness, with one hand on her forehead, extremely pessimistic.

"I can't run away. Even if I run to the ends of the earth, I can't escape their palm." Gao Yue is still very clear about her current situation. Mei Jie is more ruthless than Zhang Lu. Since she came to threaten her personally, it means that she is ready for everything and won't let her break away easily.

"Is it just a fight to the death?" Gao Yue looks out of the window at night and mumbles to himself.

Just when Gao Yuemu is dead, Ji Xiaohan has dialed an encrypted phone to Ling Mo Feng to chat with him about his information.

"Gao Yue? Who is she? " Ling Mo Feng is now standing in front of the bedroom window on the second floor of Ling's house, staring out of the window like a cold moon. It's dark in winter night, like a huge net, which will swallow people.

"I don't know. She is quite innocent when I investigate her information, but she is clearly a trap arranged by the old president. You should find someone to stare at her, and maybe you will get something." Replied the season owl in a cold, composed voice.

"Well, I'll find someone to keep an eye on her. Since she is arranged by the old president, you should be very careful yourself. I'm afraid that this woman is a beautiful snake and will bite people. Don't be fooled." Ling Mo Feng's tone has a joke element. After all, it's all men. The saddest thing for men is that the beauty is shut down.

"In terms of women, you don't have to worry about me. It's you. I heard that you are going to be engaged to the big lady of the blue family soon. Let's talk about your ideas. How much do you mean to others?" Ji Xiaohan also teases him.

"Only one idea, marry her!" Ling Mo Feng was serious.

"Is it? Who said that he would find a way to refuse the marriage? It's too loud. " Season owl cold laughs jokingly way.

"Xiao Han, I really want to beg you to be merciful. I didn't expect that I would go to this step. I always thought that my woman was unhappy. But I didn't expect that I fell in when I saw her." Ling Mo Feng laughed at himself at the moment. Of course, he was very happy and happy.

"If you fall into it, don't think about pulling it out. She must be a good girl, otherwise, it's not worth thinking about and thinking about." When Ji Xiaohan said the first sentence, he couldn't help laughing.

"Tut, can we have a good chat? If you say so, I will blush. What does it mean not to pull it out? I seem to be shameless. " Ling Mo Feng's face was speechless.

"Don't men like to chat directly? You still blush? I really want to see it. " Season owl cold smile more complacent.

"I really should ask my sister-in-law to take good care of your mouth, so as not to go out and flirt with other women. I'm sure it's right to flirt with each other." Ling Mo Feng is bigger than Ji Xiao Han, so he claims to be his younger sister to Tang youyou.

"No, no, no, never tell her. She's so small-minded that she'll have to worry about me for a long time." Ji Xiaohan's seven inches were pinched directly by Ling Mo Feng. He dared not joke any more.

"Ah, young master Ji is really a good husband's role model. When I get married, I have to learn more from you about how to be taken care of by my wife!" Ling Mo Feng is finally fighting for victory. He has a chance to tease him.

"Well, when you get married, we'll talk about it." The season owl has a cool smile.

Hang up the phone, Ling Mo Feng made a phone call to the adjutant Chu lie and told him to send someone to keep an eye on Gao Yue.

Ling Mo Feng went downstairs and saw his sister sitting on the sofa with her legs crossed, eating snacks, giggling at the leading actor in the TV series.

"How are your lessons these days? I heard that you are confused about your homework. " Ling Mo Feng is a dutiful elder brother. He started to pay attention to his younger sister's studies since childhood. However, he is also a child of the Ling family. The gap between the two is not so big. The elder brother is excellent. His younger sister, who is in her teens, has a very poor performance.

"No, I passed all the exams this year!" Ling warm immediately said.

"Only to pass the line, you are also proud?" Ling Mo Feng stroked his forehead, speechless.

"You said that it would be nice if I could pass!" Ling warm immediately wronged Du up a small mouth.

Ling Mo Feng sat beside his sister and looked at her seriously and said, "why can't you study hard? Tell me why? "

Ling warm is most afraid of big brother with this serious tone to talk to her. She shrinks her neck, quickly stuffed a potato chip into her mouth, and then closed her mouth.

"Don't tell me, you are in love early?" Ling Mo Feng guessed the reason in a low voice.

"No, no, absolutely not!" Ling warm hurriedly vague mouth, anxiously shake hands to answer.

"Then why are you so poor? You know what? Two days ago, when a minister was chatting, he mentioned his son. I heard that he was in the same class with you. He was one of the top two school bullies. How about you? I'm embarrassed to share your learning problems with others. " Ling Mo Feng's helpless expression.

"Brother, can you lower your requirements for me? I also read books carefully. I fight till midnight every day, but I don't know why. I just can't remember it. I can't help it. " Ling warm a pretty face to cry, she is most afraid to talk about life with the excellent big brother.

"And what does your brain remember every day?" Ling Mo Feng also has a life trouble. It's his younger sister who doesn't make it. He deeply feels that the children of the Ling family are not necessarily born excellent. If he has a daughter in the future, what's the point of headache.

"I'm not to blame. My parents gave birth to me at the age of 35. I was born with malnutrition, only four Jin. I was born before the full term. I was sent to the incubator for half a month. I'm sure my brain didn't develop well at that time. Otherwise, I must be as good as my elder brother." Although Ling wennuan is young, he can't speak any more. He's also a set of people to talk about truth.

Lingmo Feng a pair of handsome eyes open in an instant, is this also a reason?

Ling warm a pair of deer like big eyes and big brother looking at each other, blinking, this is the expression of the final reason.

"Well, big brother can't control you!" Ling Mo Feng had to give up. Who let him spoil this sister since he was a child? If he really wanted to force her hard, he would not give up.

"I have big brother to cover me. I have nothing to worry about in my life, hehe!" Ling warm a small satisfied expression.

"What if you look after an excellent man and they don't think you are good enough?" Ling Mo Feng put the most realistic questions in front of her and asked her to answer them.

"What can I do? Fate is very wonderful, maybe the more excellent men, the more I love such a fool? Just like eldest brother and sister Yan Xi, at the beginning, eldest brother also said that he would not like other people. How about now? I like it so much! " Lingnuan said at the end, but also to Lingmo Feng threw past a pondering smile.

Ling Mo Feng had nothing to say for a moment, so he had to give up education.

"Brother, can I play with my sister-in-law? Last time I saw you in a hurry, Chueh's sister-in-law is very easygoing, very similar to my character, we can definitely play together. " Ling wennuan asked with expectation.

"Not now. When the political situation is stable, you can meet every day." Ling Mo Feng shook his head.

"Brother, although I don't care about politics, I'm worried about you. You and your sister-in-law must love each other well, stay together well, and give me a pair of beautiful and lovely nephews. Mom said that she also wants to have grandchildren." Ling wennuan urged immediately.

Ling Mo Feng's face was slightly hot, and he glared at his younger sister: "children are not allowed to talk!"

"I'll be sixteen soon, no small!" Ling warms up and turns a white eye.

Ling Mo Feng's mind suddenly came up with the picture of that night. The girl was lying on her back in the bed. Suddenly, she felt that there was a stream of heat in her body, which made him turn quickly and go upstairs.