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C1523 I want you to accompany me in this life

The night was dark and the atmosphere was strong like wine. On the long mahogany table, two people sat on both sides of the table and enjoyed the dinner in silence.

The breath of spring, originally with a little taste of love, the central air conditioner in the living room, sent warm air, blue Yanxi still felt a little sultry, she reached out, gently pulled down the coat with the smell of men's cold fragrance, put it on the back of the chair beside, lifted the beautiful eyes, and saw the man's action of clamping vegetables, deep eyes light, gently fell on her face.

"I I'm a little hot. " LAN Yanxi was afraid that he would say he wanted to be gentle and not warm. She narrowed her eyes and smiled.

The man lowered his head and chuckled, "don't wear it like this in the future."

"Why? Isn't it nice? " What a girl cares about most is that her image in her sweetheart's mind is not perfect, so when she hears his words, lanyanxi's first reflection is that she is not suitable for this sexy style and has put on an extraordinary effect.

"No, I can't stand it." Man's last voice, mellow as wine.

LAN Yanxi didn't expect that he suddenly drove, and his face was burning with shame: "can't you stand it? I think you're quite normal. "

"Yan Xi, you did it on purpose, didn't you? You want to see my embarrassment?" Ling Mo Feng was dumbfounded.

LAN Yanxi's mind was exposed, and she was immediately ashamed and angry: "no, I just hope to leave a good impression of a lady in your heart."

Ling Mo Feng's gentle eyes, showing all kinds of love for her, he stretched his hand, patted her gently on the back of her hand: "in my eyes, you are good-looking, don't toss."

LAN Yanxi is speechless. Is it wrong to toss about?

Good grievance.

After supper, the two men scrambled to clean up. Finally, they gave Ling Mo Feng the whole power to break a cup with LAN Yanxi.

LAN Yanxi watched the man carefully tidy up the pieces on the table. She was very sorry: "I will buy another one for you tomorrow. I'm sorry. I didn't hold it for a while."

The man got up and said softly, "it's not your fault."

LAN Yanxi looks at the man's housework. She can't even do a good job. She really blames herself.

Ling Mo Feng cleans up the kitchen, takes the towel, wipes his hands and comes out. He sees her leaning against the wall with her face full of worries.

"Well, it's just an episode in life. Forget it." Ling Mo Feng gently smiled to persuade her.

"Ling Mo Feng, how many virtues have I accumulated in my last life? I can only meet you in this life. Then I will also accumulate virtues in this life. I hope to meet you in the next life." Blue Yan Xi a pair of beautiful eyes, bright and crystal looking at him.

"This life is still long. How can I think about the next life? Maybe one day you will be tired of me, tired of me? " Ling Mo Feng is a realist, so his three views are quite realistic.

"No way." Blue words Xili immediately rushed to his arms, lips in his neck kiss two: "I will only like you more, as long as you don't think I'm a trouble."

Ling Mo Feng stretched out his arm, hugged her, and murmured, "no, I'm satisfied when you're with me."

LAN Xianxian hears that sister Mei has other ways. She can't wait for a moment. At noon the next day, she asks sister Mei to have a meal and wants to hear her wonderful plan.

Sister Mei is very happy to come to the appointment, but she is more careful when she goes out. She is afraid that Ling Mo Feng will look at her. She has almost made a circle around half of the city, which makes her arrive at the restaurant blue microfiber said.

Blue fibril took out the look of a rich lady. In the most expensive restaurant, she packed a luxurious box. She asked for a day's leave without any work clothes. She was wearing a big brand. She walked around in the box upset.

During the time when she was upset, she seemed to think of another woman.

Maybe, that woman is just like herself now. She is heartbroken and full of resentment.

Blue fiber decides to use Yang He once, but she hasn't found a way to let her play and let her hurt LAN Yanxi?

She dare not to seduce Ling Mo Feng? She would like to go, but blue fibril was not comfortable. Although Ling didn't show her anything, she was disgusted at the thought of another woman approaching him.

Mei Jie pushes the door in, and LAN Xianxian immediately steps forward: "Mei Jie, I've been waiting for you for more than two hours. What's the matter with you? Please have a meal. You still play a big card."

Up to now, LAN Xianxian doesn't know Mei Jie's real identity. She only knows that she is a past politician, and now she doesn't have much right of speech. It's not worth her fawning on her work.

"Young people just can't hold their breath. They are easy to be anxious. It can't be a big deal." Sister Mei didn't like blue fiber very much, so she taught her a lesson.

"But now it's time to burn my eyebrows. How can you let me down? It's none of your business. Of course you don't worry. Sister Mei, I'll tell you the truth. If your method works, I'll give you 50% off the land you want. This is the lowest price I can offer. " LAN Xianxian thought that Mei wanted the land, so he took this as a chip to talk to her.

"I'm not going to ask for that land for the moment, but I will help you. After all, I don't like the dead girl Lan Yanxi." Sister Mei immediately sneered.

"What's the matter? Do you have a feud with her? " Asked blue cilia in surprise.

"No, she looks like the woman my ex boyfriend likes. I hate her look." Mei is too lazy to make up excuses. She rambles about a reason.

"Ha, there's something else like this. It's blue Yanxi's going to be unlucky. I want to say that she's very ordinary. She's not worthy of such an elegant man as Shangling Mo Feng." Blue fiber mood is inexplicably good, feel Mei elder sister this words said her heart up.

Sister Mei sneers in her heart. LAN Yanxi is not good-looking anymore. She doesn't smell of copper.

Blue fiber hurriedly called the waiter to serve the order she had just ordered.

Mei elder sister looked at the blue fiber wearing a set of romantic wide leg pants and a colorless corset on her upper body. Her figure was better than that of lie. She was young and beautiful, which stimulated her inner restlessness.

"Sister Mei, tell me quickly. What else can I do to make Ling Mo Feng not marry LAN Yanxi?" Asked the blue fibril in a hurry.

"That's what I mentioned last time. Didn't you think about it carefully later?" Sister Mei reached for a cup of tea and took a sip.

"My grandfather? No, this can't be done. Sister Mei, you are so smart. Think of another way for me. I can't harm my grandfather. " Although blue fibril was cruel, she thought that grandpa was good to her from childhood, and she immediately denied this method.

"Well, the most effective way is that you dare not do it. I really don't know what else to do. Unless you can make lanyanxi lose his reputation, make Ling Mo Feng dislike her, and make her the laughingstock of the whole nation. In this way, Ling Mo Feng will never marry her again in order to take care of his reputation." Sister Mei used this tone to remind her.

"Let LAN Yanxi lose his reputation?" Blue fiber is smart, and it immediately catches the point.

"You are also a member of the blue family. You can get in touch with blue Yanxi every day. You should be able to find opportunities." Sister Mei sneered and looked at the blue fiber suspiciously.

"Tonight, the Lings will come to discuss the dowry. I I don't know how to make her look bad. " The blue face is white. Time is too urgent.

"Do you know that Lan Yanxi had any good male friends before? If yes, and you know him, you invite him to the house to be a guest, pretending to lead the other party to say hello, and you casually say a few words about their past ambiguous relationship, which man can stand it? Don't look at Ling Mo Feng's gentleness and gentleness. If you know that his fiancee has been intimate with other men before, he will be suspicious even if he doesn't get angry on the spot. " As expected, sister Mei has exquisite mind and various means.

"So Is that all right? " To sum up, LAN Xianxian really knows several male friends LAN Yanxi used to communicate with, but this method seems to have no effect.

"Can the great wall be built in a day? As long as LAN Yanxi's evil deeds accumulate in Ling Mo Feng's heart, sooner or later, he will break out. If you want to get Ling Mo Feng, you can't do anything extraordinary in front of him. Everything you have to pretend is an accident. " Sister Mei sneers at her.