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C1825 the alliance of the strong and the strong

LAN Yanxi went home to test the two bars in the evening. She won the prize again. But, I hope this baby can get what she wants and give them a lovely daughter. Ling has been reading about this for a long time. Of course, both her son and daughter are palms. They will treat each other equally.

The relationship between nangongyao and Muyun has been speeding up. They also decided to prepare for the wedding after attending the big brother's wedding. They chose to hold it at the end of the year.

Ling wennuan saw that her sister-in-law was pregnant with a second child again, and she was actually worried. She also wanted to give birth to a child for mu Jia as soon as possible, because she could see that Mu Weicheng really liked children.

Time flies, it's the third day. The wedding ceremony of Mu Weicheng and Ling wennuan is set in the church. They have invited 50 tables, all of them are relatives and friends. There are not many relatives from Mu's side, but some of them have figured it out, and they start to want to make friends with Mu Weicheng again. Therefore, they come here on this happy day to have a relationship. Mu Weicheng, of course, welcomes his side My family has come to witness the great events of my life.

Mu Weicheng's cousin pushed the whole family to return home to give them blessings. Mu's father and stepmother also came to help Zhang Luo, maintaining the apparent harmony.

Ling wennuan is finally going to be the bride of Mu Weicheng. She has been looking forward to this day for a long time.

She felt that she had been in love with Prime Minister Mu Wei for a century, but when she opened her eyes, she found that their marriage had just begun, which showed that they had a longer time to be together.

LAN Yanxi and Mu Yun sit in the dressing room with her. Ling wennuan also invites some of her classmates and friends to come and be bridesmaids. Ling's little son, Ling Sinan, wears a suit and sits quietly and cleverly beside Mommy.

"Warm, you and my brother have finally finished the love long run. They are going to become husband and wife. Congratulations."

Murun takes the lead in sending blessings. Although she didn't look forward to the couple before, because the relationship between the two families was too tight, now she admires big brother's choice and courage. Big brother is not afraid of any rumor from anyone and loves Ling Nuan wholeheartedly. This is the happy tie of today.

"Thank you. Today is what I've been looking forward to. I'm afraid I'm too happy. My parents will beat me up, so I'd better smile quietly."

Ling warm naughty tongue.

LAN Yanxi was amused by her: "it's OK. You'd better be happy. You can laugh loudly if you want to."

Ling Nuan sighed and lowered his head to tidy up his wedding dress: "murun, take more photos for me, I want to take a souvenir."

Mu Yun nods, takes his cell phone to Ling wennuan, and LAN Yanxi and his son Ling Sinan are forced into the mirror.

Ling wennuan is holding the face of small Sinan, and the little guy is a little unhappy with his mouth: "aunt is too bad."

Ling warm immediately went to rub his little face: "Sinan, is aunt beautiful today?"

"If I say no, it's up to my uncle."

The little guy blinked cleverly and laughed.

Ling warms his eyes: "when you grow up, do you want to find a girlfriend as beautiful as your aunt?"

"Shh, be quiet. Let daddy hear you. He's going to beat my ass."

Ling Sinan immediately put up his little finger to make Ling warm and don't talk disorderly.

Ling wennuan immediately hugged him to her arms and wanted to kiss him, but she put on lipstick again, so she had to rub her forehead against him: "Sinan grow up quickly, so that my aunt can introduce you to her girlfriend."

"Don't rub, aunt. You have a lot of powder on your face."

The little guy ran back to mommy to hide.

The whole room laughed.

When he went downstairs, Ling Sinan pulled mommy's finger. Suddenly, he stopped, stared at mommy's stomach for a while with a pair of black eyes, and then reached out to touch her.

LAN Yanxi looked at his son strangely: "what's the matter?

What's on your mind today? "

"Grandma said," is it true that mommy has a baby in her stomach? "

This morning, lingsinan's children became melancholy.

LAN Yanxi listened and was stunned. Then she crouched down and touched her son's shoulder: "did grandma tell you?"

"Why does Mommy have a baby?

Is it not enough to have a baby like me?

Am I not cute? "

Ling Sinan is only three years old. He doesn't know why Mommy wants to have another brother or sister.

"Of course not. Mommy wants to have a sister to play for you, just like your father and aunt. They grow up together and have a partner."

LAN Yanxi gently explained to his son.

At this time, the elevator door opened and a tall figure came over. It was Ling Mo Feng, the most famous young president today. His black suit made him look dignified, elegant and powerful.

Today is his sister's wedding. He put down his body and kept greeting guests for his sister's husband at the door. At this moment, he was almost busy. He thought of looking at his wife and son upstairs. When he got out of the elevator, he saw his son and his wife talking.

He went over with a gentle face, reached for his wife and gently pulled her up, then bent over to pick up his son: "what are you talking about?

Talk to Daddy. "

The little guy immediately asked, "Daddy, let mommy give me another sister. I will protect her like you protect my aunt in the future."


The man's thin lips are light and smiling: "do you really think so?

Then let mommy have a sister and make you a little man. "

"Stop talking nonsense. No one knows whether to have a son or a daughter."

LAN Yanxi gave his father and son a look. It's not appropriate to discuss this topic at this time.

"If it's a brother, we three will protect Mommy together."

Lingsinan said quickly, reflecting the potential of xiaonuan man.

"That's about it."

LAN Yanxi's expression immediately relaxed, and he took a look at the man proudly: "I think it's good to have a son, and you won't dare to bully me later. If you have a little lover for you, you will certainly ignore me."

Ling Mo Feng was speechless for a moment. He put his long arm around her and said in a low, dumb voice: "I don't know what you mean by bullying."

LAN Yanxi once heard that the man was not serious again, he ran away quickly, but he was still ashamed and blushed.

In the main church on the first floor, the VIP is sitting here. The long red carpet has paved a happy avenue.

Nangong Yao, as Mu Weicheng's prospective brother-in-law, is not idle at the moment. He is busy greeting the guests. When those who know his identity see him, they are very surprised. As expected, they are all strong and strong. Mu Jialing's family has another strong help. Who else is fighting with him?

Mu Weicheng, as the happiest new Langguan today, can't hide his excitement at the moment. He sighs in the bottom of his heart that he can finally marry the girl who has been secretly in love for many years.