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On the road back, Tang You You's heart was in a mess. The man beside her looked calm and composed, showing her anxiousness.

Her beautiful eyes inadvertently glanced at the exquisite and noble diamond ring on the man's ring finger.

Ji Xiao Han did not notice her actions. He only glanced to the side, and his gaze concentrated on her face for a few seconds.

"Auntie Lin, where are the Young Master Mu and Cheng Cheng?" Tang You You realized that something was missing from the house, and it was only then that she realised that Mu Shi Ye and his daughter were no longer making trouble in the living room.

"Young Master Mu brought Miss Mu out. They said that they won't be home for dinner, but will be back for the night!" Auntie Lin, who was cleaning the place, quickly replied.

Tang You You smiled gratefully, then took her bag and walked upstairs.

Uncle Yuan should go pick up the little guy, he could take the chance to take a bath and relax.

After she took a shower and changed into her clothes, she prepared to head downstairs. From afar, she could hear the footsteps of the two kids running into the living room.

"Big Brother, we have to feed Little White and Little Black later okay? I miss them so much." Tang Xiao Nai's voice sounded joyous and happy.

"En!" Tang Xiao Rui clearly missed his pony too, but he purposely wanted to look young and mature.

"Xiao Nai, Xiao Rui, Mummy will accompany you to take a look at the pony." Tang You You walked down the stairs with a smile.

The eyes of the two little fellows instantly lit up as they ran down the stairs and waited for her. "Mummy, why did you come back so early?"

Tang You You said gently, "Mummy will get off work earlier today!"

"Mummy, what are you wearing on your hands?" Tang Xiao Rui suddenly noticed that there was a shiny object on the ring finger of Mummy's left hand. He immediately ran up two steps, and when Mummy wanted to dodge, he grabbed her hand and looked carefully: "Wow, it's a beautiful diamond ring, who gifted it?"

Tang Xiao Nai also anxiously ran over to take a look, and she was filled with curiosity: "Mummy, this thing is so beautiful, so shiny! Who bought it for you? "

Tang You You was extremely vexed. When she was bathing just now, she had clearly wanted to remove the diamond ring, but she had forgotten about it and was discovered by the two little fellows.

When did his son have such sharp eyes?

Tang Xiao Rui started chuckling. "Mummy, I know who bought it for you. It must be Father's place, right?"

Tang Xiao Nai Yi Ting's big eyes were instantly filled with disappointment: "Daddy is so biased, he still didn't buy such a beautiful circle for Xiao Nai."

When Tang Xiao Rui heard his sister describe this diamond ring as a small circle, he immediately patted her head lightly, "What small circle, this is a diamond ring. It's something a boyfriend bought for his girlfriend, you're not his girlfriend."

"I'm Daddy's little lover. Daddy said so himself." Tang Xiao Nai immediately retorted with a pout of dissatisfaction.

Tang Xiao Rui was instantly speechless. That's right, stupid Xiao Nai was indeed his father's little lover, then what about him?

Tang You You was already tugging on the diamond ring on her finger, tugging it while saying, "Alright, you guys shouldn't be so curious about things that you shouldn't be, you shouldn't ask so much, Mummy will accompany you to see the pony."

"Mummy, just tell us, was this diamond ring given to you by your father? If it wasn't for your father, we would be very worried." Tang Xiao Rui was a small-minded person, if he did not clear up this matter, he would be very uneasy.

Tang You You looked at the two pairs of shiny eyes, and finally gave up on the idea of pulling off the diamond ring. He nodded his head and said, "Yes, your father bought it for me."

"Really? Mummy, are you going to follow your father? , you finally thought it through! " Tang Xiao Rui instantly cheered.

Tang You You's forehead was covered in a black line.

What did they mean by following him?

She spoke as if she was really that casual.

She lightly patted her son's shoulder. "Don't think too much about it, okay? I don't have the relationship you think I have with your father. "

Tang Xiao Nai blinked her eyes, "Mummy, you have accepted the gift Father gave you. Brother said that this is something a boyfriend bought for his girlfriend."

"Well... I'm thinking about dating him. " Tang You You wanted to preserve a bit of hope in front of the children.

When they were at school, they secretly discussed it over lunch. Tonight, they would ask Tang Xiao Rui for some advice from Father, and when they were going to go out of the country tomorrow to play, they would be able to have Mummy and Father have a good romance.

Now, Tang You You had said that she could consider going out with his father. Did that mean that his father's Mummy was about to get married?

Tang You You did not know what the two little fellows were scheming, but if she knew, she would probably faint from anger.

Tang You You played with the two pony s on the green grass for more than half an hour.

The two little fellows were sweating profusely as they ran, but a happy smile was dancing on their small faces.

Tang You You sat on the chair beside him alone. Watching the children running around happily, his heart was filled with mixed emotions.

What Ji Xiao Han gave the children was not only fatherly love, but an extreme physical enjoyment as well.

In the past, the children had crowded into a small house with her, with limited space to play and very few toys.

But now, Ji Xiao Han seemed to have given these children a happy kingdom. In this kingdom, they had everything they could think of, and anything they wanted to do was just a thought. This was the charm of money, but their father was shockingly rich.

Tang You You sighed softly, her child being able to have a father's land that was as rich as Ji Xiao Han's and that that that doted on them was truly a very fortunate thing.

What about her?

Wasn't having a boyfriend like him considered a happy thing?

Thinking about the word boyfriend, Tang You You's body started to tremble again.