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Lingmo Feng really sent a car to meet lanyanxi. Lanyanxi dressed herself very differently. When the driver saw her, his eyes doubled.

If Ling Mo Feng wins the presidential election next year, will this rebellious girl be the president's wife? Isn't it going to be chaos?

LAN Yanxi is in a very low mood and very upset because she has a bad feeling that Ling Mo Feng doesn't seem to cancel the marriage. In fact, she is not afraid of this man. She just feels that she is very sad. A man can have sex without love, but a woman is not the same. A woman must be based on love before she can give her soul and body.

If Ling Mo Feng is still determined to marry her, just in exchange for the common interests of the two families, then she really becomes a political victim. Perhaps what we care about is whether Ling Mo Feng can be elected as president, and no one will care about how lonely and helpless she suffers in this marriage. Blue

Yan hoped for the night view outside the window, which was prosperous, but her heart was a dark color. Look at

coming to the man in a moment, she really has to play a trick. For the last time, if Ling Mo Feng hates her appearance, he may not be willing to bear to marry such a woman with no character. Blue

Yan Xi took a deep breath and felt that the car turned into a grand building complex. There were six guards by the tall and rigorous door, holding guns, which gave people a strict and tense feeling. Blue

Yan Xi knew that she would see the man soon. She couldn't help pinching the palm of her hand, only to find that it was all hot sweat.

Although I have seen Ling Mo Feng on TV, I know he is not an ugly man. On the contrary, he has a beautiful and picturesque face. Moreover, I heard that he is gentle in nature, courteous and modest in temper, which has attracted many women's hearts. LAN

Yan Xi also hopes that she is one of his many female fans, so that she doesn't need to make such a painful choice as at the moment. She can take herself off clean and send her to him with her eyes closed, waiting for his favor. In this way, whether he really loves himself or not, she can bear loneliness and treat him wholeheartedly.

Unfortunately, she found that she was an emotional retarded, her heart seemed to be very difficult to beat for a man. Since her mother died, her father took a woman and a woman home and asked her to call her aunt. She lost faith in marriage and men. "

Miss blue, it's here. Please get off!" The driver said politely.

"Oh, thank you!" Lanyanxi takes back her distant thoughts, takes her own handbag, steps on the 9cm hateful height she just bought, and staggers out of the car. Yan Xi used to wear only flat heels, but it's the first time she tried such high heels. So, she's really hard to walk every step. A

assistant came with a smile. When he saw LAN Yanxi's dress, his face was a little spooky.

"You are Miss lanyanxi! " The Deputy didn't know each other for a while.

"Yes, I am!" LAN Yanxi chuckled at him, a look of drag.

The deputy's expression froze again. Well, how can it be different from the blue family miss he investigated? Is that what she is?

It's not too much to describe her as disgusting.

"What about Ling Mo Feng? Didn't he invite me to dinner? Lead the way, I'm hungry! " LAN Yanxi didn't even want to make a good impression on his subordinates, she said impatiently, putting her handbag on her shoulder.

The deputy is still secretly looking at her, turning around and making a gesture of asking: "this way, my husband has prepared dinner for you!" Blue

Yan Xi took a deep breath in her heart. When she came here just now, she was not nervous at all. Even though she felt that she was a victim, she had the right to resist the marriage.

But at this moment, why is the closer he gets to him, the more uneasy he becomes? "

LAN Yanxi, don't advise!" She encouraged herself in the bottom of her heart. Turn

two corridors and come to a gate. The gate is closed and the corridor is very quiet. The light is the same as that of the star, the smoke eye makeup is the same as that of the panda of lanyanxi, and the big red lips she deliberately painted are the same as that of the blood. Her deputy's eyes are pierced, which is a real shock. This miss blue is dressed like this to eat with the vice president. She's worried about the vice president's appetite. "Mr.

is in it. Miss LAN, please come in." The deputy said with a smile. "

OK!" LAN Yanxi gave himself a blow and pushed the door open with his hand. As soon as the door was opened, she heard the man's voice being lowered to make a phone call. Her eyes were raised, and she saw the tall figure standing in front of the floor to floor window, with the man's back facing her.

LAN Yanxi originally wanted to give each other a very rude entrance ceremony, but now, she stood at the door, inexplicably some counseling.

Why is the situation different from what she thought?

Just when she was in a daze, the man seemed to hear the sound of pushing the door. He glanced over her eyes, glanced at her lightly, but only glanced at her, then continued to turn his back, talked about the phone, and totally ignored the existence of blue Yanxi.

LAN Yanxi's eyes are wide open. What should I do next? Blue

Yan Xi's heart is dark. This man sees her coming and doesn't end the call. It can be seen in his eyes that he is a dispensable existence. If he doesn't respect himself so much, why should she be afraid of him?

LAN Yanxi directly picked a chair and sat down. Next second, she reached out and took out a box of special cigarettes for women from her bag. She picked out one of them, sandwiched it between her two fingers, lowered her head and lit it, pretending to take a breath. When she took this cigarette, the man ended the conversation in English and turned around. Blue

Yan Xi slightly spits out the blue and white smoke towards him. Then, the corner of his mouth raises: "Ling Mo Feng, don't mind if I smoke a cigarette." This is the tone of "yanking" and the taboo of the other party, which should make this man angry.

Lanyanxi waits for the other party to call to defend and directly throws her out of the door like garbage. "

When did you learn to smoke?" The man's brow is only slightly twisted. Next second, he goes to the position opposite her and sits down. Blue

Yan Xi is shocked. How does this man know that she didn't smoke before?

"I've been smoking for a long time!" LAN Yanxi finished, but also pretended to spit out a smoke, play ash.

"Is it? What do you usually smoke? " The man is still not angry, only a light inquiry. Blue

Yan Xi: "..."