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C1058 is still painful

The fists and kicks in the small garden ended when both of them could not stand stably. Even the last posture was ridiculous. In order to fight for the only sofa there, the two of you went up and down to fight together.

Several men who came to smoke saw this scene, and their expressions were very surprised. If it wasn't for the bruises on their faces, they really thought it was a pair of anxious men who were playing a live battle.

"Go away!" Ji Yueze roars and directly turns Ji Shangqing to the ground. Season

Shang Qing lies on his back and finally has no strength to hit him. They just lie down like this to relieve the pain all over their bodies. Their faces are all grinning and they are not in a mess. "

if you want to go to grandma and tell me, please help!" Ji Shangqing is two years older than Ji Yueze. At this moment, he feels guilty that his brother bullied his brother. Ji Yueze feels that he has the right to report to the old lady.

"Oh, you should dare to let Grandma know today's things. I see you hit you once!" How can Ji Yueze let Grandma know about their own killing? He can't even say a word.

"Ah!" Ji Shangqing also has a weak laugh: "there is backbone, before you complain every day?" "

shut up!" As soon as Ji Yueze spoke, the wound on the corner of his mouth made him gasp with pain. Two

people stopped talking, and suddenly the staff who came running over were also scared to stay in place, shaking their voice and asking: "yes Do you want to call the police? Or call an ambulance? "

"No, let's lie down!" Ji Shangqing shouted with his last strength. Call the police on the phone. Isn't that the news that Ji's two brothers don't agree? The workers had to turn around shivering and leave, afraid to disturb them.

After lying down for half an hour, Ji Yueze's friend came to him and helped him to leave.

Ji Shangqing's friend also came and took him away. "

the more Ze you are, the more serious your injury is. Would you like to send you to the hospital for examination? My God, your face is swollen. Who is that man? It's too cruel to start. Your face is so valuable. If you fight like this, you have to ask him to pay for the expensive medical expenses! " "

that is, who is that pig head? Even you dare to fight. It's too long!"

Ji Yueze raised his hand to stop them from talking nonsense. He said in a painful voice, "take me home!" Yu

Yes, Ji Yueze was carried back to his home by several friends. He was lying on the bed, aching all over, and his bones seemed to have been crushed. He just wanted to sleep like this.

However, it's clear that his dream is still disturbed. Ji Xiaohan receives a phone call from one of them and buys the medicine in a hurry. He has the fingerprint code of jiyueze's gate. He pushes the door directly in and sees his brother lying on the bed. He is so angry that he will turn around and chop jishangqing.

"Brother, let me lie down for a while. It will be OK!" Ji Yueze was pointed and scolded by Ji Xiaohan. His head is hurting now. He just wants to have a quiet sleep, and the elder brother talks about it endlessly. Want to die!

Although Ji Xiaohan is angry, he can't ignore his life and death. He takes out the medicine and wine he bought and directly pulls his coat away. He sees a piece of purple and red swelling on his back. He can't help biting his teeth: "Ji Shangqing is too heavy. Are you still a child? Can fighting solve the problem? " "

brother, he is worse than me!" Ji Yueze smiled feebly, as if he had won.

Ji Xiaohan's fingers are stained with medicine and wine, and he presses on his wound.

"Ah, Ma!" Ji Yueze was so hurt that his soul was about to soar. He shouted. "

do you know the pain? If you don't deal with the injury in time, you will feel more pain tomorrow! " Season owl cold just ignore his dead and alive cry, finger force for him to press and rub all the red and swollen place, directly did not give season Yueze pain dizzy past. "

brother, would you mind? I can't! I'm going to die! " Ji Yueze's tears have all fallen down. He can only plead with others. "

OK, I'll try my best. I'm here for you. I'll bear it again, and it'll be soon!" Of course, it's impossible for Ji Xiaohan to let him go, though more than scolding him, he's in love. Wait for

to rub the place where he was injured all over, and Ji Xiaohan's fingers are sore. Ji Yueze just went to sleep and didn't hum.

Ji Xiaohan sighed, covered the quilt for him, and came out of the living room. When he opened the refrigerator, he saw that there were all drinks in it. He frowned. It seemed that Bai Yiyan's life was not good when he was away.

When a man is used to a woman around him, it's really a painful thing to make him recover his lonely and cold life. Xiao Han once tasted that kind of taste. Now, he can understand his brother's mood.

If you want to solve this problem as soon as possible, you can only let Ji Lin subdue the law as soon as possible, but the current situation has been taken into consideration, and he has to deal with it, which is always limited everywhere. Grandpa and grandma recently told him to help Ji Lin more in front of him. Ji Xiaohan always had an impulse to tell Grandpa and grandma what Ji Lin did, so that they can make a decision Judge whether he should be sentenced to death.

Although had such impulse, season owl cold finally resisted.

This matter is not only about Ji Lin's life and death, but also the trauma of my grandparents' soul in my whole life. As a parent, it's the most painful thing. Shang Qing was sent to the hospital directly for treatment, which was also painful to his death.

When he turns his leg and moves to his home step by step, Ji Lin sits on the sofa, shakes all over and rushes over: "what's the matter? How did it get this way? Was it beaten? " Ji's biggest fear is that something happened to his single seedling. Unexpectedly, something happened.

"By whom? It must be Ji Xiaohan. It must be the man he's looking for! " Ji Lin is walking back and forth in the living room, directly affirming that it's done by Ji Xiaohan.

"Not him!" Ji Shangqing lies on the sofa and breathes: "I met Ji Yueze at the club. We had a fight!" "

is the season better? This guy must have a grudge against Bai Yiyan and Bai Zhenzhen because he knows that I have found someone to expose them. That's why he gives you a heavy hand. No, we have to find an old lady to reason with! " With Ji Lin finished, he will go out. "Don't go to grandma, Dad!" Ji Shangqing immediately stood up and blocked his way.

"You see what you've been beaten up like, and are you still protecting him?"

"He was as badly hurt as I was!" Ji Shanghan smiles.

Ji Lin was stunned. "Didn't he find a thug to beat you?"