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C838 defeat by Innocence

The engagement date decided by Ji Xiaohan really made the old lady and the old man happy. As the heroine, Tang youyou has been secretly happy for a long time. She and Ji Xiaohan have come all the way, breaking up, breaking up, breaking up and breaking up. They have been quarreling for more than half a year, and both of them are very sensible.

In fact, this has been a legacy of Tang youjue. She has lived with Ji Xiaohan for so long, although she has lived like a husband and wife, she only owes this wedding.

Although Tang youyou wants to be a noble woman, she can't.

Who doesn't want to be named after a man he likes? She wanted to be Mrs. Ji, really for a long time.

What's more, Ji Xiaohan treats her sincerely, favorably and exclusively. What's the reason why she doesn't marry him and become his wife? "Mommy, are you dreaming? Wake up! " Tang youyou suddenly has a little waving hand in front of her eyes, which instantly brings her back to reality from her reverie. Her beautiful eyes are clear. When she looks around, she sees her daughter, xiaonai, with a small chin on her side, squinting her big eyes and staring at her: "Mommy, who do you miss? Do you miss daddy?"

Tang youyou found that he was sitting at a small table, holding a paintbrush, practicing painting with the little guy.

"Well, no, where did we draw?" Tang youyou tells a serious lie.

"It's the painting of this fairy's clothes. The pink skirt on her looks like a wedding dress. It's so beautiful!" Ji xiaonai said admiringly.

Tang youyou just remembered why he was so dazed just now. Didn't he just see the shining crown on the little fairy and the charming wedding dress she was wearing?

Alas, she is so outrageous. She said that she would practice painting with her daughter, but she was so imaginative.

"Xiaonai, when I married your father, would you and Xiaorui be our flower boy?" Asked Tang youyou with a smile.

"What is a flower boy? My brother and I are so small, can we do it? " Forgive Ji xiaonai for not knowing enough, mainly because Tang youyou didn't take her to anyone's wedding.

"Didn't you see it on TV? It's the two beautiful little flower children walking in front of me with a small flower basket in their hands. " Tang youyou explains gently.

Ji xiaonai is just holding her chin again, thinking about when she will watch this TV program.

Tang youyou made fun of her little face and directly turned her into a little cat.

But Ji xiaonai didn't realize that mommy was making trouble. She looked at her carefully: "Mommy, as long as you and daddy can get married, I will do anything. Later, I can look up in front of my classmates!"

Tang youyou is slightly shocked, and looks a little surprised: "xiaonai, can't you lift your head in school?"

Ji xiaonai's little mouth murmured: "other people's parents and mummies are married, but my brother and I don't have one. When others ask me, I don't know how to answer, so I have to bow my head and not answer!"

Tang youyou listens, only feels the heart and mouth are stuffy. Next second, she holds her daughter tightly and softly Judo: "xiaonai, it's mommy who is not good. Mommy didn't take good care of your mood. I'm sorry, it won't be in the future."

Ji xiaonai didn't know why Mommy suddenly hugged herself. She giggled twice: "Mommy, you put me down. The pen in my hand will touch your clothes!"

Tang youyou let her go, kissed her little forehead, and said in a voice: "xiaonai, you and your brother are the best gift from heaven. I love you!" After Ji xiaonai heard this, she immediately used her little head to imagine. Then, she blinked her eyes seriously and asked, "Mommy, you've been refusing to tell me how my brother and I came here. Do you want to say now that my brother and I were packaged as gifts and sent to you? Where is our

box? "

Tang youyou was defeated by his daughter's innocence.

Very speechless laugh out a voice, reach out to touch her head: "pack your box, here!"

Tang youyou pointed to his smooth belly: "you and your brother were born from Mommy's belly, not in a box."

"Oh, who put us in your stomach? Is that the God you just said? " Ji xiaonai looked at her and asked.

This time, Tang youyou was really baffled by her. She touched her chin and thought seriously: "well, you'll know when you grow up. Now you can't say it!"

She can't say that Ji Xiaohan put them in. She's afraid that her daughter's next question is how Ji Xiaohan put them in. She'll feel that the first two are big. She's dead and doesn't discuss this topic with her daughter.

The old lady came in with the fruit and saw Ji xiaonai, whose face was covered with paint. She immediately laughed, "Oh, when did a little cat come to our house?"

"Great grandmother, where is the little flower cat? Can you hold it for me?" Ji xiaonai is not too happy to hear that there are kittens.

"You are the little cat I said. Look at your little face. What do you look like?" Great grandmother Ji pointed at her and laughed.

Ji xiaonai toots her mouth and runs out quickly. She wants to see what's wrong with her little face.

"And Xiaorui?" Asked the old lady.

"He went to the cinema alone!" Tang youyou replied softly.

"Xiaorui is more and more like his father. When he was a child, he was very independent. No one knows what he was thinking all day. However, he is very smart and has his own ideas." Said the old lady. One of them said with emotion.

"Is it?" Tang youyou's eyes flickered with a gentle smile, imagining the appearance of Ji Xiao when he was a child, and her heart seemed to slip a bit of honey. Did she really love him to this extent? Even think of his childhood appearance, will feel extremely happy.

"Yeah, it's not fun when you grow up!" The old lady sighed.

Tang youyou also frowned bitterly: "I don't know if Xiaorui will grow up like him. Did he rebel when he was a child?"

"He has experienced too much, and his character has been withdrawn for some time. However, the period of rebellion is very short, and most of them are obedient and sensible." Said the old lady with a smile.

Tang youYou can't help but take a breath. Thinking of the blow and pain Ji Xiao suffered when she was young, her heart quivered and hurt together.

"Don't talk about him. I'll send some fruit to Xiaorui!" With that, the old lady turned and left. Tang youyou took the cherry beside him and took a bite. He looked more and more gentle.