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C1568 fair love of her

The feeling of stepping into the general office again is very good. Moreover, lanyanxi found that the staff who passed by looked at her strangely. She used to cover her mouth and laugh and talk in a low voice. Now it's changed one by one. If you can't get around her, you'll come to say hello to her. If you can get around her, you'll get around.

This feeling of being respected and valued makes lanyanxi laugh and cry. Sure enough, her position in the general office is directly proportional to Ling Mo Feng's feelings for her. A good realistic society makes her feel more sweet.

Finally, she can accept the love openly, and can walk with her head up and chest up without being sneered at.

"Yan Xi, good morning. I heard that you asked for leave. Are you not ill?"

"Yes, we are looking forward to your coming back and sending us happy candy."

"Mr. vice president must be very kind to you. You are so happy. We envy you very much."

LAN Yanxi just walked into the office, a group of colleagues rushed over, surrounded her in the middle, and cared about her, which made her accept incompetence for a while, so she could only return to each other in embarrassment and politeness.

"Well, don't surround yourself like this and do your work well." Wang Xinyi came in time, relieved lanyanxi and called her into the office.

LAN Yanxi breathed a sigh of relief and smiled helplessly: "sister Xinyi, their sudden concern left me at a loss. In the past, they were all indifferent to me."

"Don't you understand? Although Mr. vice president didn't announce his affection for you personally, you can see it clearly. He likes you very much. Now you are officially engaged again. There is no climate for the old president. The next president must be him. What about you? Soon another identity will appear in the eyes of the public. The first lady, Yan Xi, I reflected on you. I haven't felt sorry for you since you came to work for me, so you should take good care of me later. " Wang Xinyi smiled jokingly, half seriously and half jokingly.

"Sister Xinyi, do you want to be so realistic? You are the best boss I have ever met. I sincerely admire you and thank you. I will remember your kindness to my cultivation. I will never forget it in my life." LAN Yanxi said, and her eyes were red. When she was most helpless and uneasy, Wang Xinyi gave her a lot of help and courage. Now she said this from her heart.

"Well, don't cry. Take back your tears. Otherwise, others think I am bullying you." Wang Xinyi came over and patted her on the shoulder. Her eyes were red.

"Sister Xinyi, I don't care what other people think of me. You are my mentor and my friend. The relationship will not change." LAN Yanxi wiped tears from the corner of her eyes with her fingers and said with a smile.

"It's a great honor for me to be a friend of the first lady." Wang Xinyi said with a happy face.

LAN Yanxi came to work today, but there was little work. At noon, she suddenly saw a big figure coming in the office door.

The whole office is boiling, and it's hard for everyone to believe that Ling Mo Feng is coming.

It was not easy to meet him before. Now, because of LAN Yanxi, the chances of them meeting Mr. vice president have increased a lot.

Ling Mo Feng politely accepted the greetings from some people around him, and finally stopped at LAN Yanxi's desk.

LAN Yanxi's breathing is about to stop. I can't believe Ling Mo Feng came to her without saying hello.

Moreover, his expression is no longer the previous cold, but with a smile, gentle extreme.

"Yan Xi, let's have lunch together." When the man came over, he stretched out his hand lazily at her desk, his voice was low, magnetic and full of love.

"Ah Is it convenient? " LAN Yanxi's heart beat faster when he saw the long and beautiful hands on her desk. Unexpectedly, he asked her to have dinner as soon as he opened his mouth. This treatment What a surprise.

"If it's inconvenient, I'll have lunch too. It's normal for you to have lunch with me." The man felt that her question was funny, and her thin lips also aroused a smile.


"Come on, don't refuse me." The man leaned slightly and his voice was lowered a few times. In addition to lanyanxi, the colleague sitting next to him also heard the voice. The voice of doting on the bone made several women around her blush.

Oh, my God, the vice president can also say this kind of overbearing love talk. It's going to stir up the rhythm of the dead.

Who can stand it?

LAN Yanxi sees the whole office staring at them. Her heart is beating up and down. She is going to faint. What is Ling Mo Feng doing? These words can be said on the phone. Why does he come here in person and look so charming.

"Then go." LAN Yanxi quickly put the documents in order, took the bag and quickly grabbed Ling Mo Feng's arm, almost dragging him out of the office door.

"Yan Xi, what's the matter?" Ling Mo Feng's face was inexplicable. Did she get angry when he invited her in person?

But he is sincere.

"Why did you come all of a sudden? Didn't give me a call to prepare me psychologically. " LAN Yanxi complained about him in a low voice, but his heart was sweet.

"You're my fiancee. It's normal for me to come and have a meal with you, isn't it?" The man saw her blushing and lovely, and he was in a good mood. If it wasn't for the corridor, he really wanted to push her to the wall and love her.

"You mean Can we show our love here in the future? " Blue words and beautiful eyes are raised rapidly, and the bottom of the eyes is shiny and full of joy and expectation.

The man shrugs his shoulders lazily: "don't you like being aboveboard? Or Want to keep sneaking around with me? "

"Who wants to be furtive? Of course, I like being aboveboard." LAN Yanxi immediately stared at him.

The man was fascinated by her angry appearance. He reached out and pinched her small chin involuntarily: "well, let's go, I won't hurt you any more. I said that if I want to see you, I will come to you immediately. I won't be restricted by anyone. No one can stop my determination to love you."

LAN Yanxi's face was red and her heart was beating. She was holding her dress nervously. For a long time, she burst into a smile: "OK, that's what you said."

Two people walk to the elevator entrance side by side, and all people's eyes are involuntarily attracted by their figure.

In the past, LAN Yanxi was not worthy of Ling Mo Feng. She was just a rich and willful woman. Now they see Ling Mo Feng talking and laughing with her in a low voice. Only then do they find out how strong the sour and sour taste in their hearts is, they can't hide it.

It's because of jealousy that I unconsciously want to belittle lanyanxi, but in fact, even if there is no lanyanxi, Lingmo Feng's eyes will not stay on them.

Some people are doomed not to get it. Only by balancing their mentality can they make themselves better.

Everyone knows these principles, but some people can understand them, some people are stubborn.

Yang He is the kind of person who doesn't want to let go of others or himself.

In the canteen, people in all directions are talking about the love story of LAN Yanxi and Ling Moheng.

She's totally numb. She doesn't eat the food at hand. She can't eat it. Her heart is like being punched twice by someone. It's not painful.

Before, she had always believed that Ling Mo Feng would not fall in love with lanyanxi. The charm of lanyanxi is entirely because her family has money, but her own charm is very general. If other girls are raised in the money pile, who is not beautiful and who is not outstanding?

Yang He Jue's Ling Mo Feng would never marry LAN Yanxi only because he was forced by his family.

Now, the voices around her seemed to hit her in the face. Everyone said that they saw Ling Mo Feng take the lead of LAN Yanxi, and their eyes were full of doting.

"No, it's impossible." Yang He directly threw the spoon hard, turned around and ran out. She refused to accept the fact. She refused to believe that Lan Yanxi got Ling Mo Feng's heart.