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Fang Yang and Fang Kexin sent Liu Lan to the hospital together. Liu Lan's face was dying and her eyes were red with tears. After supporting her daughter Fang Kexin, she suddenly pulled out the needle tube and jumped out of the bed. Next second, she knelt down in front of Fang Yang, reached out and held Fang Yang's arm tightly, crying loudly: "husband, husband, I am wrong, I know Wrong, you don't want to divorce me, OK? We have children and women. We all live to this age. Don't divorce. Please! " Fang didn't expect Liu Lan to suddenly change his temper. He put down his pride and self-esteem to ask him to be reconciled. Looking at this poor or hateful woman, he couldn't speak for a long time.

"I used to be too strong for you. I'm not good. I didn't treat you as a husband. I'm wrong. I'll change it later. When my daughter gets married, my son is only in junior high school. They need a complete family. Husband, please don't divorce. I still love you!"

"Liu Lan, what's the point of saying these things now? There's no love between us for a long time. Even family ties are all because of the maintenance of children. Please let me go!" Fang Yang is really tired, tired, and even tired. "

are you in love with Cheng Ying? You want to be with her, don't you? " Liu Lan's eyes suddenly became fierce, and he wanted to kill people.

"You look at me too high. In your eyes, I may have something shining, but in Cheng Ying's eyes, I may not even be as good as the mud at her feet. Now she has a successful career and her daughter has grown up. She is still young and beautiful. What kind of man can she find? Will you find me again? " Fang Yang laughed at himself without mercy. "

husband, you are nothing in her eyes, but in my eyes, you are still my husband. We can go to work as before, and I will run the house..."

"Liu Lan, you should be sober. You can't go back." Fang Yang suddenly flings her hand away and looks coldly. Liu

LAN is lying on the ground. She's stupid. She can't figure out why her marriage has come to this stage. "

Fang Yang, are you in love with another woman? You want to marry her after you divorce me? " Liu Lan still doesn't want to believe that she will fail like this. Her husband is so desperate and indifferent to her. "

there are no other women. I'm just tired of our relationship. You can rest assured that after the divorce, I will still take care of the children, and I won't marry again!" With that, Fang Yang turned and left. Liu

LAN lies on the ground with empty eyes and a sad look. Fang

Kexin pushes the door in and sees her mother sitting on the ground with her eyes straight. She jumps over and cries: "Mom, have you quarreled with dad again? Don't quarrel with him any more. If you quarrel any more, you will get divorced! "

"Daughter, does mom really fail? Does mom really have any female charm? " Liu Lan covered her face, cried bitterly and lost her voice.

"Mom, don't say that. I'm scared!" Fang Kexin holds her mother, and her heart is cold to the valley. "I admit I'm not good enough, but if we don't have Cheng Ying's mother and daughter, we won't go to this step. In the end, they are also responsible," Liu Lan said angrily "

mom, what else do you want to do to their mother and daughter?" Fang Kexin looks shocked. "

I want to kill their mother and daughter!" Liu Lan is biting her teeth.

"Mom, don't do stupid things. Killing people is a crime. We can't do it!" Although Fang Kexin is strong, she is calm and sober at the moment. "

I can't swallow this evil spirit in my heart. I must find an opportunity for their mother and daughter to repay my despair!" Liu Lan covered her face and cried bitterly.

"Mom, let's talk about it later. It's not late for a gentleman to revenge for ten years. What's more, we are not gentlemen. We can be villains. Their mother and daughter will wait and see. We won't recognize them like this." Fang Kexin temporarily calmed her mother's mood, and her eyes were burning with hatred. Fang

no one can persuade Liu Lan to divorce. Finally, Liu Lan signed the divorce. The relationship between husband and wife ended. Life changed rapidly. Fang

Kexin can't be proud any more. The smile on her face is becoming less and less. Even her brother's score is also dropping suddenly, and she starts to learn to smoke and fight. Season

the relationship between Yueze and Bai Yiyan has also reached a public level. Season Yueze decided to show his relationship with Bai Yiyan at the company's quarterly party.

Baiyu media is well-known in the entertainment circle, once again dominating the leading position. Ji Yueze retreats behind the scenes, which makes the company's management more strict and orderly, rectifies some unhealthy atmosphere in the entertainment circle, officially cleans the dark rules of the industry, gives a lot of new people a chance to come out, and suppresses the shameless behavior of asking all over the world.

At the same time of applause, it naturally touched the interest chain of many people, so what Ji Yueze bears is not only glory, but also more questions about him. The label of arrogance and self righteousness was put behind him in secret.

At the morning meeting, Ji Yueze fired a senior manager on the spot, because after he changed the rules of asking for money, some of the company's behind the scenes relationship chains also surfaced. Several senior executives had a lot of profits directly cut off by him, which was naturally full of resentment. Ji

Yueze is more and more determined to act with his big brother, Ji Xiaohan. So, taking this opportunity, he also cleaned up his own door, but the birds are for food and the people are for money. Ji Yueze's new official took office and did not grasp this degree at the moment. Some of the senior officials he suppressed were angry and indignant. Several people decided to give Ji Yueze some color after discussion, and the time was chosen On top of the company's quarterly dinner. Bai

Yiyan stands in front of the mirror, turns around a few times, looks at her belly. She is not satisfied with how to try it on. Although she is happy to be a mother for the first time, she also suffers from the trouble of appearance. Yang has recently set herself free. After taking her girlfriend abroad for a visit, when she came back, she heard that Ji Yueze invited her and Chen Jiajia to his company's dinner party. Of course, she was happy and agreed. So she came to Bai Yiyan in the afternoon. "

thinking, I think it's better not to wear tight clothes, which shows my belly!" Bai Yiyan murmured.

"Xiaoyan, you should have confidence in your figure. Look at you. From the back, you are not like a pregnant person. Your waist line is really beautiful. Seriously, I've seen your most beautiful except Jiajia's." Yang Siyu sat beside him, with his legs on his plate, eating, drinking and offering advice.

"Well, anyway, I have to choose a dress to wear tonight, just listen to you!" Bai Yiyan is flattered by her. "

I'm going to call you jijiaer young grandma soon. It's exciting!" Yang Siyu narrowed his eyes and joked.

"Don't make fun of me, I can have today with Ji Yueze. Thank you for your help!" Bai Yiyan looked at her sincerely and said.

"No, you don't look at me like this. It seems that I have received much credit. I said that Ji Yueze and I are using each other. No one owes anyone!" Yang Siyu is not a sentimental person, this kind of emotional scene is not suitable for her.

Bai Yiyan has known her forthright nature for a long time. She bowed her head and chuckled, "well, when this baby is born, I must let him recognize you as a godmother. Only when you and Jiajia love him, can he be really happy!"

"Of course, if you don't let me know, I have to. Anyway, Jiajia and I won't have children!" Yang Siyu was not happy at once. He went to her and crouched down. He tapped her on the belly with his hand. Immediately, the little guy in the belly protested.

"It's so active. It must be a boy!" Yang Siyu is so wonderful that she will interact with him in her stomach. This little guy, she is convinced.

"We didn't take pictures, so we didn't know whether it was a son or a daughter." Bai Yiyan chuckles.

"It's my son, I'm sure!" Yang Siyu smiles but doesn't speak.

Bai Yiyan's beautiful eyes widened slightly, and looked at her in surprise: "Si Yu, did you move any hand or foot last time you accompanied me to the labor examination?"

"No No! " Yang Siyu immediately felt guilty and turned his back: "I didn't sell the doctor, but the doctor is my friend's distant cousin..." "

think!" Bai Yiyan stares at her. "

well, I put a red envelope in it and asked more. It's my son!" Yang Siyu looks aggrieved.