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For a moment, even the air was stiff and still.

Tang You You suddenly didn't know what to say. Her beautiful eyes were so angry that she didn't dare look into his eyes.

Tang You You grabbed her bag and walked towards the stairs, but Tang Xiao Rui simply chuckled: "Daddy, is Mummy shy?"

Tang Xiao Nai immediately embraced her father's neck. Her small face rubbed against his neck as she pleaded in a very pitiful voice, "Daddy, can you not give birth to a baby with someone else? I don't like it and I don't want my little brother or little sister. "

Ji Xiao Han looked at his daughter who was hugging onto her neck without withdrawing her arms, and could feel the little fellow's worry and unease.

He could only gently caress her head and say, "Don't worry, Daddy will promise you. I definitely won't give birth to a younger brother or sister."

"Daddy, you have to keep your word, otherwise you're just a puppy!" Tang Xiao Nai listened to her father's incomparably gentle reply, and her frightened little heart slowly calmed down.

Ji Xiao Han didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He kissed his daughter's cheeks and hugged her tightly.

"Are you cutting flowers? Daddy will help you! "

"Yes, Daddy, Mummy cut this! It's so ugly!"

Only then did the little guy become happy. As expected of a child, he cried and laughed even faster.

Ji Xiao Han looked at his in disdain. He was really stupid, he could actually cut them into this shape, I really don't know how she taught her child, is this considered a good role model?

Suddenly, Tang Xiao Rui threw his game console to the side and hit his little head, "Daddy, this is something for kids to play with, stop playing around. Give me the scissors, I'll cut it for Xiao Nai, the idiot.

Ji Xiao Han was startled, he looked at the little fellow and immediately blinked twice at it.

"Daddy, you are really stupid. Even though I hinted at it so obviously, you still don't understand what I mean? I wanted you to see if there was anything I could do for you when you were bathing in Mummy. " Tang Xiao Rui immediately replied loudly.

The servants and Uncle Yuan who were preparing the food were stunned.

Ji Xiao Han's beautiful face that had been frozen for a thousand years instantly flushed red.

What was his son talking about?

How could he possibly peek at that woman taking a bath? Who do you think he is?

"Cough …" I did indeed have something to say to your Mummy, but it is definitely not like what you just said. Ji Xiao Han Gan Jin stood up, since he had a son to accompany his daughter, he could finally find some time to leave.

Ji Xiao Han walked up the stairs with his slender legs. As he passed the dining hall, he could still feel the servant and auntie's strange gazes on him.

Ji Xiao Han suddenly felt that his entire face had been thrown away by his son.

Was his aloof image destroyed just like that? Then how would he establish his might at home in the future?

Kid, I'll teach him a lesson later.

Ji Xiao Han quickly walked up the stairs as he suddenly remembered the image of the woman in the bathroom.

Damn it, what was he thinking?

Indeed, Ji Xiao Han had something to tell her.

Thinking back to what he had done to her in the company today, Ji Xiao Han couldn't help but be confused.

She tasted much better than he had imagined, sweet and soft and young.

She really didn't expect that after being the mother of two children, she would actually give him a kind of young and tender feeling.

He must be crazy about women.

He still didn't know if she was a man or not abroad …

Thinking of this, Ji Xiao Han didn't notice that he had not finished walking down the stairs. With one leg down, he stepped on the air, and his huge body pounced forward twice. Luckily his balance was good, so he didn't fall down to the ground and lose his image.

Ji Xiao Han walked to the entrance of Tang You You's bedroom. Just as he was about to open the door, he suddenly heard a voice from the direction of the balcony.

The man's gloomy eyes froze slightly. Instinctively, he approached the balcony.

"Hengcheng-ge, you have to believe me, I really have nothing to do with Ji Yue Ze, I'm just looking for him because I have some business with him. I don't know why I was secretly caught by the reporters and even misunderstood that I'm Ji Yue Ze's mysterious girlfriend, isn't that too laughable?"

There's a Female Celebrity in his company who asked me to be a personal designer. It's that Yang Chu Chu, you know her, right?

"Really, Ji Yue Ze and I are really not the kind of relationship you think we are."

"No, I don't have a boyfriend right now. If I had one, I would definitely tell you."

"What about you? "You don't have a girlfriend, I don't believe it. You're so handsome and you're such a nice person."

"Fine, it's a deal. If you find a girlfriend, remember to show it to me. Let me see who has such a good life. I'll find you as my boyfriend."

"Hengcheng-ge, I never thought that you would still remember my mother's memorial day. Alright, the day after tomorrow you will accompany me to her grave to kowtow. She was the one who watched you grow up."

"En, see you the day after tomorrow!" Tang You You seemed to have made an agreement with the other party, and hung up the phone.

As he turned around, he saw a tall figure leaning against the wall behind him.

Tang You You's entire body trembled, she immediately placed her phone behind her back, and then, unhappily asked: "How long have you been standing there?"

"Who are you talking to?" Ji Xiao Han pretended to look like he had just arrived.

Tang You You was startled: "I'm just a friend."

After saying that, she walked around him and quickly headed in the direction of the bedroom.

Ji Xiao Han suppressed the churning emotions in his heart, and followed her into the bedroom: "I have something to tell you."

"What do you mean?" Tang You You opened the closet, preparing to take out a set of clothes to shower with.

"My brother will hold a press conference tomorrow to clarify your relationship with him." Ji Xiao Han said in a low voice.

"That's too troublesome." Tang You You could not help but feel resentment, if those reporters did not write randomly, then this would not have happened.

Ji Xiao Han stared at her slender figure, lowered his eyes, and continued to speak: "He will announce another matter."

Tang You You turned around, and stared at him in shock: "Is there anything else you need to announce?"

"He will prove to the public that you are my girlfriend!" When Ji Xiao Han said this, he was stunned.