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Don't hug me, please.

The woman in his embrace was unconscious. Ji Xiao Han was extremely anxious, but he could not help but size her up.

As he had never been able to look at her seriously before, every time he met her, he would be cold and quarreling.

Upon hearing his mention of injuries, only then did she realize that her forehead was aching. She couldn't help but reach out to touch him.

"Blood …" She was completely dumbfounded. How could it be that she was bleeding from the impact?

Ji Xiao Han took a tissue, and lightly wiped the blood on her finger. With a low voice, he comforted her: "Don't be afraid, it's just a superficial wound.

Tang You You could not help but groan. She did not dare to touch the wound on her forehead and asked angrily, "Why did my front wheel suddenly explode? "What's going on?"

"I've already sent someone to investigate the cause of the accident. If it was just an accident, obediently listen to me and use a better quality car. If it wasn't an accident and someone did something to your tires, then it would attract attention."

Tang You You trembled, her beautiful eyes widened as she looked at him: "You suspect that I got into a car accident, was it an accident?"

Seeing her frightened look, Ji Xiao Han consoled her in a low voice, "Don't worry, after my people finish inspecting the car, they will naturally know the result. Now, let's go to the hospital."

Tang You You felt that what he said was reasonable, so he stopped making wild guesses.

When she finally calmed down, she realized that she was still lying in his embrace. Her pale little face had somehow blushed.

"Let me up, I'm not feeling well like this!" Tang You You struggled, wanting to sit up.

Unfortunately, just at this moment, the car seemed to have passed a hurdle, and Tang You You's body, which she had struggled to lift up, fell powerlessly back into his embrace.

Tang You You, "..."

A trace of laughter flashed across Ji Xiao Han's eyes, and he consoled his in a low voice: "You should just settle down, your head is currently dizzy, can you sit steadily?"

"I'm fine …" Tang You You said stubbornly, but he was not going to continue with the fearless test.

However, lying so close to him in his arms, the masculinity in his body entered her nose, making her feel even more dizzy.

She simply closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep!

Because, she really didn't know how to continue interacting with this man in this kind of warm manner. She only felt that the skin within her body that was tightly pressed against his side was burning.

They arrived at the hospital, and just as they were about to get off, Ji Xiao Han received a call.

"Young Master, we found four nails on the left front wheel of Miss Tang's car. This could be the cause of the tire explosion."

Ji Xiao Han's eyes instantly turned heavy. With a cold and handsome face, he said, "So it seems that someone was purposefully digging a nail into the tires of her car?"

Otherwise, it would be impossible for four nails to be stuck at the same time. These nails will not temporarily leak out of Lun Tai's body, but at high speed, there is a high possibility that Lun Tai will explode.

"Got it, tell this to Lu Qing and have him investigate this matter." Ji Xiao Han hung up the phone, then lowered his head and looked at Tang You You who was in shock.

"Your accident wasn't an accident. Someone wanted to harm you." The man's powerful voice made Tang You You's body involuntarily tremble.

Someone wanted to harm her?

Who is it?

So far, there were only three people that she had offended.

One was Tang Xue Rou, she must hate her to the bones.

One of them was Li Fang Fang. Because she was fired by the company, she must hold a grudge too.

The other was Xia Zi Yan. Her work had been leaked, causing her to be mocked.

Tang You You's mind was in a mess, and for a moment, she couldn't tell if it was the three of them who had framed him or not.

When the car door opened, Tang You You wanted to walk down the stairs as well, but it was a pity that a certain man's strength made her unable to make her own decisions.

She was once again forcefully slapped into the air by him.

Tang You You only felt his breathing being blocked, his entire face was red to the point of almost dripping blood. In front of so many people, Ji Xiao Han actually carried her in like she was a child. How embarrassing.

"Ji Xiao Han, put me down …" Tang You You's face was buried in his embrace, he did not dare look at the people around his, he only felt his heart beating faster.

"Stop messing around, be more obedient!" The man's low and magnetic voice dropped, making Tang You You tense up once again.

This man couldn't have treated her like a child and coaxed her, right? She had only been hit on the forehead with a little blood, and her body wasn't too bad. Was there a need for this man to take care of her to this extent?


Tang You You's mind buzzed, and was somewhat blank.

Why did she feel like this man was taking care of her?

But that was the truth.

His kindness towards her was already considered practical, and she could not deny it.

Tang You You could only hide his face even more firmly. As long as no one could see his appearance, he would not be able to lose face.

Someone was already queuing up for her and arranging for medical attention.

When Ji Xiao Han carried her into the doctor's office, the doctor was completely stunned by this young man with a strong aura.

One of the bodyguards next to her handed over a registration form. "Please help this young lady look at the wound on her head. Do you need help?"

How could the doctor dare to disobey? Who were these people? Why did it feel like a cold-faced bodyguard that would only appear in movies?

As the situation was more urgent, Ji Xiao Han did not plan to bring Tang You You to his private doctor for treatment.

That was why they came to the nearest private hospital.

The doctor fearfully helped Tang You You carry out a very detailed examination, and in the end, he confirmed that she was just a superficial wound.

After giving her some medicine and disinfecting her wounds for a while, Ji Xiao Han planned to take her and leave.

"Stop hugging, please …" Tang You You could not endure his favors any longer, so she could only blush, Ken Qiu Ta.