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C1727 marriage is on the agenda

The night is thick as wine, with intoxicating atmosphere, standing on the top floor of an office building in the downtown area, with lights on. That's Luo Jinyu's office.

Yang ChuChu sleepily lies on the sofa. In front of her, she uses a special shelf to hold an iPad. While lying down, she watches movies and wears an earplug. From time to time, she reaches for the fruit beside her to eat. She enjoys it immensely.

Luo Jinyu has a very important meeting with foreign partners this evening. Due to the time difference, it may be necessary to wait until very late to go home. Yang ChuChu will be taken by Luo Jinyu wherever he goes, taking care of her like a child.

Since Yang ChuChu was born, she has never lived such a lazy life. It seems that she has nothing to worry about except opening her mouth to eat. She has really lived a pig like life.

Of course, this is because of her special situation. The little guy in her stomach has been more than four months, and her little belly has bulged out in a shape. The little guy will kick when he is unhappy in his stomach.

Yang ChuChu is enjoying this kind of life, suddenly The door of the office opened. She thought it was Luo Jinyu who came in, but when she looked at it, she was shocked and sat up quickly.

"Bo Aunt. "

Yang ChuChu didn't expect that Luo Mu and Tang Qi would come suddenly.

Tang Qi's hand, carrying a heat preservation box, apparently came to send his son the night.

"Why are you still here?"

Tang Qi frowned, and Yang ChuChu stayed in her son's office, which made her feel a little bad.

"I'm waiting for him to get off work."

In the face of Tang Qi, Yang ChuChu is still a little embarrassed. She dare not be presumptuous even if her seniority is poor there.

"You've been for more than four months. The month is not small. How can you stay here with him? Hurry back to have a rest."

Tang Qi wants her to leave.

"I'm not sleepy. I went to bed at noon."

Yang ChuChu replied in a low voice.

"Then you shouldn't come to the office every day. You will affect Jin Yu's work. If you think you can't take care of yourself, I said last time that I wanted to hire a nanny for you, and you refused. Do you need me to take care of you?"

Tang Qi still has some opinions on Yang ChuChu, because she is young. Although she is in her twenties, she is still not married, which makes Tang Qijue a bit embarrassed. After all, the Luo family is not small. If all the children are born, but there is no wedding banquet, what would outsiders think of his son.

"No, auntie, I'm just used to the life of Luo Jinyu and I don't want to be disturbed by outsiders."

Yang ChuChu quickly explained.

"If you don't hire a nanny, you can only have my son take care of you. He is so busy at work every day. When he comes home, he has to cook and clean up the house for you. He is a man. A man can't revolve around his family's short life every day. He and Nuo big company need him to manage. He is very clear. Don't abandon his aunt. He is my son and I love him."

Tang Qi also has her position. She still feels that Yang ChuChu is young and not sensible, and she will not care about her son, which makes her very uneasy.

Yang ChuChu dare not contradict what he was trained to say. In fact, Tang Qi's lesson is also reasonable. As a wife, she can't share her husband's responsibilities. She also follows him to eat and drink every day and runs to the company to disturb his work.

"Auntie, I know I have many shortcomings, I will try my best to get rid of them. I am actually learning to do housework every day..." "Well, I have a headache. You tell me this. I don't want to hear it. Here is my soup. You can drink it. You are pregnant now. You still need to supplement your body."

Tang Qi said, opened the lid, which is the ribs soup, as well as nutritious coarse grain porridge, are very healthy.

"Thank you, aunt."

Yang ChuChu thanked immediately.

Tang Qi looks at her young face. Recently, she has gained a lot. It seems that she didn't go on a diet.

"It's clear that although you are a popular female star, you can't go on a diet for the sake of your children, so they are not nutritious."

Tang Qi saw that she was eating slowly and told her immediately.

"No, I eat a lot every day."

Yang ChuChu quickly explained.

"That's good. I think that if you and Jin Yu do the wedding first and get the marriage certificate, it's OK to go and get it when you are old. Somehow, we should let everyone know about it before your child is born."

Tang Qi offered.

Yang ChuChu was stupefied for a moment, then chuckled, "well, I have to ask Luo Jinyu what he means. If he doesn't have a problem, I don't have one."

"What can he say?

Can't we have a wedding without a license? "

Tang Qi immediately took out his mother Wei and said.

At this time, there was a voice of Luo Jinyu talking with people outside the office door. He walked in while pushing the door. When he saw his mother coming, the people around him stepped back first.

Luo Jin Yu you Mou immediately looks at Yang ChuChu and sees her sitting on the sofa in a proper way. She is pitiful, sad and funny.

"Mom, why are you here so late?"

Luo Jinyu goes to the desk, puts down the document in his hand and asks with a smile.

Tang Qi looked at his son's tired face and was even more distressed: "I see that your light is still on, so I came here specially to deliver it to you at night. I didn't expect that Chu Chu is still here. Please have some, and it's still hot."

Luo Jinyu didn't want to make his mother angry, so he took a bowl and filled it with soup. While drinking, he secretly looked at Yang ChuChu. Yang ChuChu wrinkled his nose and stared at him.

It's an interesting atmosphere for the elders to look around here.

"Jin Yu, you and Chu want a wedding. When are you going to hold it?"

Tang Qi asked directly.

Luo Jinyu immediately put down the bowl: "Mom, do you think we should hold it now?

I and Chu decided to wait until the baby was born and got the certificate. "

"No, we can't wait for the baby to be born. You have a proper name. We can't lose face when we have a wedding to have a baby."

Tang Qi immediately said seriously.

Luo Jin Yu you Mou looks at the little woman sitting in danger on the sofa and wants to ask her meaning with her eyes.

Yang ChuChu nodded her head while drinking soup, with an expression of her disapproval.

Luo Jinyu saw that she didn't mind, so he smiled and nodded: "well, since you think we should do the wedding first, let's start to prepare, do it as soon as possible, don't wait for the big month to do it again, it will make us very tired."

When Tang Qi heard his son's promise, he was relieved: "that's OK. It's up to him. Shall I prepare or do you want to prepare by yourself?"

"Let's do it ourselves. We have to discuss some more details. Mom, it's late. Hurry back."

Luo Jinyu also loves his mother's food.

"That line, you have a good discussion. Besides, don't let Chu come to the company. Let her rest at home. Please take good care of her diet."

Before Tang Qi left, he added another sentence.

Luo Jinyu shook his head and said, "Mom, I will take care of her. Don't worry."

"But you have to work every day. Aren't you tired?"

Tang Qi loves his son.

"I'm not tired, just adjust my time."

Luo Jinyu won't feel tired. Yang ChuChu is the most relaxing time for him.

"Don't think you can make a mess when you are young."

After Tang Qi finished, he left directly.

Close the door of the office, Yang ChuChu quickly put down the bowl and spoon, and took a deep sigh of relief: "finally, I'm gone. God, I can't talk to your mother because I see you tremble."

"Sorry, I didn't adjust, but my mother didn't mean anything. Don't take it to heart."

Luo Jinyu walked over, reached over her shoulder and patted her gently as a sign of comfort.

"I know. She loves you."

How can Yang ChuChu not know Tang Mu's mood.

"But I love you."

Luo Jinyu said softly.

"Your mother thinks it's a shame that we have children when we are unmarried. Let's hurry up with the wedding and don't let her worry about it."

Yang ChuChu doesn't have a problem anyway, so does his mother.

"Well, I'll take me to the wedding company tomorrow. Do you want to go abroad or at home?"

Luo Jinyu also has no opinion. He has already made public relations, and has not taken this aspect into account.

"At home, I don't want to go abroad. All our relatives and friends are at home."

Yang ChuChu is a very lazy woman.

"Well, let's find a wedding company to discuss the specific plan."

Luo Jinyu doesn't want to make her too tired at the moment, because it's really late.