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C1643 sweet in the heart

When Mu Weicheng heard her praise, he said with a smile, "if your eldest brother heard this, he would not be happy."

"My eldest brother only cooked for my sister-in-law. I went to him to eat. Every day, he would only cook me noodles, or fry a steak. I didn't eat much of his food." Ling wennuan thinks that her eldest brother is only doting on her sister-in-law now, and her little sister-in-law has to be more sensible.

Mu Weicheng looks at Ling wennuan's disgusted expression and is amused again. At this moment, Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yanxi just got home by car from the general office.

Today is an important day for them to get their certificates. Instead of going home for dinner, they had a meal outside. On the way home, lanyanxi lolled on the side of the man and found the most comfortable position to squint his eyes and recuperate his spirit. However, the man next to him was still looking through the documents. The curtains on both sides of the car were closed and a light was on, which made him feel happy Mo Feng looked at the documents in his hand carefully, with a rigorous manner.

When she got home, lanyanxi had already slept. She was awakened by the thin lips of the man. When she opened her eyes, the enlarged face of the man made her breathe sluggish and blushed for a moment.

"Home!" The man whispered.

"Oh!" LAN Yanxi hurriedly cut some messy long hair and quickly pushed the door to get out of the car.

Chu lie led the team away, Ling Mo Feng looked at the blue Yan Xi who just woke up and said with heartache, "is this too tired? If you are tired, go to take a bath first."

"And you?" Lanyanxi immediately looked at him with concern.

"I have something else to do, maybe I'll go to bed later." Ling Mo Feng answers her with a smile.

"I can't sleep alone." LAN Yanxi took a sip of her lips.

"If you can't sleep, go and tidy up your room. I'm going to ask someone to move things there tomorrow. Put away some important things. Don't leave anything behind." Ling Mo Feng immediately arranged for her to do something again.

"Moving tomorrow?" LAN Yanxi was slightly shocked, then she nodded: "OK, I'll clean up."

Ling Mo Feng looked at her figure upstairs. He couldn't help looking back at the place where they lived. In a trance, he seemed to remember the picture that Lan Yanxi had just moved in. At that time, she drove over alone with a big box in the evening.

Thinking of what happened that day, Ling Mo Feng could not help but smile.

This is how the woman broke into his heart and disturbed him.

In the past, he liked to stay in the office late to go home, but since she moved in, he almost compressed his working hours every day and tried to come back early.

It's really nice to have someone waiting at home.

LAN Yanxi pushed open the bedroom door, and then found that he didn't seem to go back to sleep this time for a long time. He often found various excuses to sleep in Ling Mo Feng's room. He was really a bit too bad.

Fortunately, men have no problem.

LAN Yanxi looks at a room full of her own things. She can't help sighing. When she bought these things, she didn't think how to buy them was enough. Now she has to pack them up and find that it's really too much.

LAN Yanxi took out two big boxes and began to tidy up some of his valuables.

Unconsciously, the time passed two hours. LAN Yanxi was not aware of her tiredness. Instead, she picked up and found some surprises. She thought she couldn't find them, but now she found them all.

Ling Mo Feng finished his work and thought lanyanxi had been sleeping for a long time, but he found that the light in her bedroom was still on. Ling Mo Feng was slightly shocked and walked quickly to her bedroom with long legs.

"Yan Xi, why haven't you slept?" Ling Mo Feng went in and found her sitting on the ground, taking some bags for packing.

Lanyanxi didn't expect that the man would come in suddenly. She got up in a hurry and pulled the skirt which was pulled to her waist.

But it's still late. Ling Mo Feng saw everything. He laughed directly.

LAN Yanxi blushed with shame and embarrassment. "Are you finished with your work? I haven't cleaned up yet. I don't know why. The more I clean up, the better my spirit will be. "

"What else is left to be sorted out? I'll help you. " Ling Mo Feng immediately walked over with a smile. What lingered in her mind was the way she had just sat on the ground, stretching her legs and white legs. Although she didn't intentionally tempt him, it was because of her casual attraction that she had a crazy feeling.

"There's nothing left, just the clothes?" LAN Yanxi reached out his hand.

Ling Mo Feng turns around to see, unable to help but speechless, why can a woman's clothes be too much to fit?

Of course, he didn't realize that she felt like a black sheep. He just felt the difference between men and women. All his clothes were just a cabinet thing. But her clothes were still stacked on the sofa beside her. The whole sofa was.

"If you don't want to clean up, then you Take care of me. " LAN Yanxi did not want to embarrass him at once when he saw his face.

This is what Ling Mo Feng thought. It's so late, and her spirit is so good If you don't do something to make her tired, I'm afraid she won't be able to sleep tonight.

"Well, I'll pick up your things tomorrow, and now I'll pick you up." The man's voice suddenly became hoarse, and his big body came towards her.

"Wait Wait a minute. I'll take a bath. I've been sweating a lot since I packed up. " LAN Yanxi wiped his forehead and had a layer of sweat. It was physical work indeed.

Ling Mo Feng laughed a little bit: "anyway, I didn't take a bath. Why don't we go together? It won't waste water."

LAN Yanxi's face is hot. Does this man waste water or any chance to bully her.

In the bathroom, the mist is misty. It was originally a warm picture, but in the sound of the water, it is unconsciously fierce.

At about twelve o'clock, LAN Yanxi was finally tired to sleep. There was still a layer of red on the white face like a cow.

Ling Mo Feng put his hand around her and had a good dream with her.

Ling wennuan had dinner at Mu Weicheng's house. It was already 9:30, and her cell phone rang immediately.

She took a look and closed her eyes sadly: "it's my grandfather, he is more strict than my parents." Mu Weicheng was a little nervous. He wiped the bowl and hurriedly urged her: "then hurry up."

Ling warm had to answer: "Hello, grandpa!"

"It's warm. What time is it? Why don't you come back?" The old man's voice came over there, very stern.

"Grandpa, I have just finished my meal here. Otherwise, shall I go back before 10:30? I promise to go back. " Ling warms a pair of eyes son to look at the man, the movement on Mu Weicheng's hand also stopped, looking at her in reply.

"It's not safe for a girl like you to come back earlier." The old man said and hung up. Ling warm shrugs his shoulders, some helpless: "my grandfather worries about my insecurity every day."

Mu Weicheng said gently, "your grandfather is right. It's not safe for a young girl to go home too late. Go back now."

"But I don't want to go back so soon." Ling wennuan immediately leaned against the wall next to him, his hands around his chest: "I want to stay with you for a while."

"We still have time. Don't let your grandfather worry. Go back." Mu Weicheng dare not force her to stay.

Ling warm beautiful eyes immediately blinked: "want me to go back also OK, then you have to give me a farewell kiss." Mu Weicheng listened to a Leng, then jokingly said: "only parting kiss, no farewell kiss."

"Don't leave!" Ling Nuan stared at him, knowing that he was deliberately misinterpreting her meaning.

Mu Wei Cheng washed his hands, went to her and pulled out her hair. "I promise you I won't hide from you in the future. Go back."

"If you don't hide from me, you have to hide from others. Zhang Luyao likes you very much. You can't give her a chance." Ling wennuan immediately turned into a bullying little princess and asked him.

Mu Wei Cheng nodded, "don't worry, I have already rejected her."

"Ah? When did she tell you? " Ling wennuan can't believe it. Zhang Luyao looks like an action group. She likes who she is and definitely doesn't want to wait. Unexpectedly, she is so fast.

"She's been bullying you. I warned her not to do it again." When Mu Weicheng thought of the bullying she had suffered at school, he was very distressed.